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20 Apr 2021

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Amusement parks are a must for any traveler in the Emirates. The largest in the world, the most equipped, the most beautiful, with the fastest rides – that’s all about them.


The main parks of the UAE are concentrated in Dubai, in the “entertainment district” Dubai Parks and Resorts, and on the artificial island of Yas in Abu Dhabi. They usually get there by public transport or by taxi from the hotel.

1. Ferrari Park (Abu Dhabi)

The world’s largest indoor theme park is more suitable for adults and teenagers. Here are collected extreme adrenaline rides, which are not allowed for children up to 150 cm in height.

There are three main features of the park: the highest loop with the steepest descent Flying Aces, the vertical roller coaster Turbo Track and the world’s fastest pneumatic roller coaster Formula Rossa. To assess the degree of extreme of the latter, find on YouTube a video of the descent from this roller coaster of the world champion of the Formula 1 series Fernando Alonso and look at his face.

Visit Abu Dhabi - ferrari world.jpg


There are many racing simulators in the park, which are included in the ticket price, and there is an opportunity for a surcharge to ride a real red Ferrari on a special F1 track. In addition, there is a Ferrari Museum, which displays real F1 cars and supercars belonging to private collectors.

2. Legoland (Dubai)

Dubai Legoland is the seventh Lego park in the world and one of the most popular destinations for travelers with primary school children. It is divided into 6 zones with 40 attractions, playgrounds and even a mini-factory for the production of Lego parts, where you can get a personalized brick as a keepsake.

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Almost everything is built here from Lego: huge compositions, entire cities, slides. In the center of the park is Miniland – the main attractions of Dubai in miniature, built from 20 million pieces. Everything moves, shines, makes sounds.


The Adventure Zone offers a submarine dive into a pool with live fish, rays, sharks and lego treasure chests. And in Lego City, the most popular attraction is extinguishing a fire with real water.

And, of course, there are construction sites where you can assemble anything from Lego. For kids, there is a DUPLO play area with large details and animal figures.

3. Warner Bros. World (Abu Dhabi)

A huge indoor park based on the cult films and cartoons of the Warner Bros. studio, on which the generation of millennials grew up. The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny and other characters, as well as the heroes of the DC Universe (a fictional universe from DC Comics with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker and others) are located in 8 thematic zones.


The park has 29 attractions for every taste and age. You can sail the Flintstones’ boat in the Bedrock prehistoric area. Take a ride with the little ones on the Tom and Jerry cheese-shaped train or climb the climbing wall in Metropolis. Hits of the park – 4D-attraction “Green Lantern” and flight on the flying machine “Batman”.
Lay at least 4 hours on this park and note that most of the rides are designed for children over 110 cm in height.

4. Miracle Garden and Butterfly Park (Dubai)

Dubai Miracle Garden & Dubai Butterfly Garden unites two parks on one territory: the garden of miracles, which is more often called the park of flowers, and the butterfly park. Each park requires a separate entrance ticket.

The Flower Park is a very beautiful space, the largest flower garden in the world: 150 million flowers and plants. This is not a botanical garden, so you will not find a wide variety of species here, but you will see incredibly beautiful figures and structures: an 800-meter green wall, a 10-meter flower pyramid, giant flower figures of fairy-tale characters, a flower castle. It is very beautiful inside the park, the full feeling that you are in a fairy tale, especially in the evening, when the lights turn on.

The world’s largest indoor butterfly park has 9 pavilions and 15 thousand butterflies. Here you can find 50 species of these insects, including rare and giant specimens. In one of the pavilions there is a “butterfly nursery” where you can see different stages of development of a future butterfly: an egg, a larva, a caterpillar, a pupa.


There are a lot of butterflies in the pavilion with adults. They fearlessly sit on the hands, feet, heads of visitors. If you are afraid of insects, even those beautiful and harmless, it can be uncomfortable there.

5. Bollywood Park (Dubai)

If you are a fan of “Zita and Gita”, “Disco Dancer” or Indian cinema in general – Bollywood park is for you. This is the only park in the world dedicated to “Indian Hollywood”.

In a relatively small area, you can plunge headlong into the romantic world of Indian cinema thanks to attractions based on cult films, songs, dances, performances, cuisine, the atmosphere of old Mumbai and chic decorations.

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Most of the rides are 3D simulations. There is an area with a film set where everyone can try themselves as a Bollywood actor, an arena with master classes in Indian dances and stunt shows.


Bollywood Park starts working quite late compared to other Dubai parks, from 3 pm. But it closes later than the others, at 23:00. Before closing, the Raj Mahal Theater shows a half-hour musical on the history of Bollywood.

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