World Tourism Organization UNWTO presented a report on the trends in world tourism. We analyzed it and identified ten countries in which the interest of tourists is growing rapidly. As long as there are no queues for museums here, as in the Vatican or Paris, as long as natural attractions have still retained their original form, you have the opportunity to go there and see them before others.

1. Iceland

Iceland is an amazing country where the doors are not locked, the waiters take tips as an insult, and the employees leave work early if the national football team is playing on that day. People come here to look at the unique nature: volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, geothermal springs, lakes, waterfalls, fjords, beaches with black volcanic sand. The warmest months are July and August, and you can go around the entire island in a week. If you want freedom – rent a car, and if not, sightseeing buses leave from Reykjavik every day, which will take you along the ring road to the main attractions of the island.

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2. Japan

Photo: Japan

Two years ago, Japan made it much easier for Russians to obtain a visa, and the number of tourists has increased markedly. Skyscrapers and the most crowded crossroads here side by side with ancient palaces and quiet gardens. Japan teaches the value of space and time: hot food, vegetables, fruits, eggs and children’s toys can be bought here from a vending machine on the street on the way home. The Japanese unimaginably combine love of beauty with watching wild TV shows. The most beautiful seasons here are spring, when the whole country is covered with delicate cherry blossoms, and autumn at the end of November, which is also called “the time of red maples”, when trees turn gardens and parks into a blazing glow of red, orange and yellow flowers.

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3. Oman

Photo: Oman

Tourism in Oman develops mainly through beach holidays, since the country has gorgeous sandy coasts washed by the gentle waters of the Arabian Sea, Persian and Oman Gulfs. The beaches here are clean and fresh, not yet spoiled by tourists, like in Thailand or Turkey. In the depths of the peninsula, there are also many treasures: mountain landscapes, oases in dry river beds, ancient fortresses, and most importantly, centuries-old traditions that have survived to this day. Ancient Oman was famous as a haven for pirates and smugglers, so weapons have always been held in high esteem. Modern Omanis are benevolent, and sabers and swords are masterly demonstrated during traditional male dances. Also worth seeing are the camel racing and bullfighting. And be sure to go on a tour of the fjords.

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4. Seychelles

Photo: Seychelles

In the Seychelles, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, the holiday season lasts all year. Coral reefs and rare species of marine animals such as giant turtles live in the ocean waters near the islands. In the national reserves of the islands, you can see a black parrot, tiny frogs the size of a fingernail, a tiger chameleon, bats and a carnivorous carnivorous plant – nepentes. Another natural wonder that can be found only in two Seychelles is called sea coconut. This nut is similar to two common coconuts that have grown together, weighing up to 40 kg.

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5. Armenia

Photo: Armenia

Armenia is loved for its originality. In the villages, bread is still baked in tonir – a pit one and a half meters deep – which then does not spoil for six months. The old city of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is built of pink tuff, which is why it is often called the “pink city”. The main attractions are located outside the city: the high-mountainous Lake Sevan, where the locals escape from the heat in summer days, the Khor Virap monastery at the foot of the sacred Mount Ararat, on the top of which, according to the scriptures, Noah landed after the Flood. The longest cable car in the world stretches to the monastery. It passes over the picturesque Vorotan Gorge, and during the trip, passengers have breathtaking views.

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Photo: Azerbaijan
Photo: Borka Kiss /

The inhabitants of Azerbaijan are hospitable and cordial, and the capital of the country amazes with its modernity. Flaming towers, the center of Heydar Aliyev, the town of “Little Venice”, which you can walk along by boats, a well-equipped seaside boulevard stretching for 25 km along the Caspian Sea – it is a pleasure to walk here. Handmade carpets, nuts, famous local tea, all kinds of spices and amazing oriental sweets are brought from Azerbaijan.

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7. Mongolia

Photo: Mongolia
Photo: @nickbondarev /

Most tourists come to Mongolia in the summer for the annual Naadam festival, the name of which translates as “the games of three husbands.” The holiday is celebrated on a large scale and throughout the country – there are up to 40 thousand artists, athletes and event organizers. The aim of the festival is to popularize the traditions of steppe nomads in Mongolia and beyond. During Naadam, participants compete in national sports: wrestling, archery and horse racing.

In addition to cultural events, the country has many natural attractions: glaciers with clean lakes, taiga, which is home to deer, mountains and deep rivers for rafting and fishing. But the plains and steppes are also not boring at all – Mongolia has a real expanse for horse riding and eagle hunting. At the same time, nature is absolutely untouched by civilization, and ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across the country create the impression that you have traveled not only in space, but also in time.

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8. Uruguay

Photo: Uruguay

One of the smallest countries in Latin America, where the individual regions contrast with each other so much that each becomes a separate journey with a lot of impressions. The most popular resort in Uruguay is José Ignacio. The cult of beauty and leisurely enjoyment of life reigns here. It reminds Americans of Miami, and tourists from Europe compare it to early Saint-Tropez. In Punta del Este, one of the country’s most fashionable districts, snow-white yachts glitter in the harbor, and millionaires are investing in casinos and skyscrapers. And, for example, Cabo Polonio is isolated from civilization by the lack of paved roads, mobile communications and even electricity, but here there is an incredible starry sky and the sound of the ocean is heard around the clock.

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9. Paraguay

Photo: Iguazu Falls

Ornate deep rivers and numerous lakes flow through the territory of Paraguay, so the nature here is bright, a lot of greenery, eco-tourism is developed: natural parks and hiking trails. On the border of three countries – Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay – there is one of the natural wonders of the world – the Iguazu Falls. For three kilometers, 275 waterfalls form a cascade, which travelers from all over the world come to see.
Two hundred kilometers upstream of the Iguazu River is the second largest hydroelectric power plant in the world – the Itaipu Dam. This is a huge structure, where excursions are organized according to the schedule and where they demonstrate a light show.

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10. Bhutan

Photo: Bhutan

The trip to Bhutan is bright and amazing, because the country seems to exist in a parallel world, where the way of life obeys completely different, not immediately clear rules. The Buddhist kingdom considers the mysterious “Gross National Happiness” rather than GDP as the highest standard of living. The country takes care of traditions and nature, and they are saved from tourist influence by high duties for each day of stay in the country, so there are not many travelers there. However, this fee includes accommodation, meals, transport and a personal guide, and in general, the trip may even turn out to be profitable – all-inclusive of a new level. The guide, on the one hand, looks after you, which may not really appeal to fans of independent travel, but he will tell you much more about the country, people and traditions than can be read in a guidebook.