10 iconic chairs in cinema history

10 iconic chairs in cinema history

10 iconic chairs in cinema history


  • 1. Egg Chair

  • 2. Ovalia Egg Chair

  • 3. Swan Chair

  • 4. The Ball Chair

  • 5. Tulip Chair

  • 6. Barcelona Chair

  • 7. Wassily Chair

  • 8. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

  • 9. OX Chair

  • 10. Navy Chair

When the traditional “cast” appears on the screen, you clearly do not expect to see the names of the iconic interior items that took part in the filming. And this, I must admit, would sometimes be very useful. After all, some inventions that are stars from the design world deserve a mention under the heading starring.

1. Egg Chair

Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, the legendary Egg Chair by Fritz Hansen is as if it was invented for large screens and everyone’s admiration. The shape and dimensions easily allow the seated person to feel comfortable and secluded, even if there are many people around. Unsurprisingly, the Egg Chair has been used a lot in the HoReCa space, for example, in McDonald’s restaurants in Copenhagen and London, as well as in the boarding area of ​​San Francisco International Airport.

You may have seen this chair in films such as Men in Black 2 and Men in Black 3, The Exemplary Male, How to Lose Friends and Make Everybody Hate You. In addition, the Egg Chair was used as an interior accent in the series “The Bridge”, “Sherlock” and “Gossip Girl”.

2. Ovalia Egg Chair

The second egg-like creation from the world of design to make its way into cinema is the Ovalia Egg Chair by Danish designer Henrik Thor-Larsen. Interestingly, we are talking about “Men in Black” again, only this time – about the first part of the series. Apparently, science fiction needed a convincing visual accompaniment in the form of futuristic furniture and non-standard volumes.

3. Swan Chair

Arne Jacobsen’s line of creations, caught in the camera lens, would be incomplete without the Swan Chair. It was originally designed for the interiors of the Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen. The Swan Chair is believed to have blurred the line between residential and commercial furniture.

Look for this star in the series “Government”, as well as in the second and third parts of “Men in Black”. It seems that the creators of the franchise knew a lot about good design!

4. The Ball Chair

Another extravagant chair from the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio with the telling name The Ball Chair, Vitra, won interior roles in the films “Mars Attacks!” Tim Burton, Funny People and Luna 02. The episodic roles went to the Ball Chair in the TV series Prisoner and the video clip Waiting by the Taxi Doll group.

It is curious that the Ball Chair prototype was invented for the designer himself as a place where you can retire: the chair has elaborate soundproofing. Although, of course, he was taken to the cinema for other talents.

5. Tulip Chair

If you are already familiar with such a design legend as the Tulip Table by Knoll (the designer is already known to us Eero Aarnio), let me introduce you to the Tulip Chair. This chair was used as a set in the legendary Star Trek TV series. The show featured a lot of avant-garde design from the 60s, and the Tulip Chair with a swivel base was no exception.

6. Barcelona Chair

Continuing the theme of Knoll products, it is difficult to ignore the Barcelona Chair. It is rightfully considered one of the most recognizable, used and expensive armchairs of the last century. Not only is it a design icon; the chair is a tribute to the Bauhaus philosophy. The creation of the modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe has received confirmation of its uniqueness in the film equivalent, appearing in the films “Casino Royale”, “Tron: Legacy”, “The Skin I Live in”, “Die But Not Now”, ” Iron Man ”,“ Mad Men ”,“ Doctor House ”and“ Fuck Love ”.

7. Wassily Chair

Another iconic chair was created in the Bauhaus workshop – the Wassily Chair. Marcel Breuer named his work after the famous Russian avant-garde artist Wassily Kandinsky. The Wassily Chair, like several other masterpieces of 20th century design, has been featured on the TV series House and Sherlock. It can also be found in the films 9½ Weeks and X-Men.

8. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Of course, this list would be incomplete without the duo Lounge Chair and Ottoman, created by the equally famous duo in the person of Charles and Ray Eames. Eames furniture has often been used in films and TV shows, adding charm and a sense of timeless style to interiors. The Lounge Chair has been used for the backdrop of many films and TV series: Sunday in New York, Intimacy, Iron Man, The Handmaid, The Ghost, Tron: Legacy, Spring Hopes.

9. OX Chair

A lesser known interior character (but no less luxurious) is the OX Chair by Erik Jørgensen. The OX Chair was chosen as the character of Doctor Evil in the Austin Powers movie. It is worth noting that the brainchild of designer Hans Wegner played its role extremely convincingly.

10. Navy Chair

Our last hero seems unprepossessing, but this is only at first. The aluminum Navy chair, Emeco, was originally invented for the United States Navy in 1944. Apparently, this (coupled with the eloquent design) influenced the harsh role in which Navy appears on the screens. However, all films with his participation are world blockbusters (Avatar, Me, Robot, The Matrix, Mr. and Mrs. Smith), and this argument speaks for itself (as does the appearance of Navy).

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