10 indispensable pieces of furniture for a small space

Маленькая квартира: Действительно новые идеи ее «увеличения»

When there is not much space in the apartment, it depends on the choice of the right furniture whether your home will seem cramped or cozy. These 10 different types – from almost invisible acrylic chairs to shelves that are adapted to the size of your apartment – are a must have for every small home owner.

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1. Table on one leg
A round table with one thin leg fits easily in a small space. The round shape of the tabletop means that there are no sharp corners that can be touched, and thanks to a single leg, more friends can be seated at the table.

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2. Universal shelving
Instead of a large cabinet with shelves that takes up all of your space, choose some cute and versatile shelving that can be placed vertically or horizontally.

They can be placed side by side against a large wall, used in different ways in different rooms, or put a sofa between them, as in this photo. A sturdy rack placed horizontally can even act as a bench.

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3. A set of chairs
Even if your apartment does not have room for an armchair or a large sofa, this does not mean that you do not need enough seating. One possible solution is to stack the chairs on top of each other, folding them in the corner: when guests arrive, the stack of chairs will only have to be reached.

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Low stools like the one in this photo are even better than high bar stools because they can be used both as a side table and as a seat.


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4. Large mirror
If you are only going to buy a few pieces of furniture to optimize the space, then a beautiful large mirror is one of them. Thanks to the large mirror, the small room immediately looks much larger. Hang it in front of a window for maximum effect.

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Advice: You don’t have to spend a fortune to see what a large mirror will look like on your wall: choose two or three human-sized mirrors and hang them side by side. Christmas sales are a great time to buy a large discounted mirror!

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5. Small armchairs
The bulky chairs are very comfortable but take up a lot of space. In a small living room, you can arrange more seating by choosing chairs without armrests or barrel chairs with a low back, as in this photo. And if you move into a larger apartment, then a few large armchairs can be used to complement the ensemble, or they can be placed next to the coffee table in the spacious living room.

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6. Canapes
A small sofa for two is a cozy piece of furniture that replaces a bulky sofa if you want to lie back and enjoy the solitude. In a more spacious apartment, it can be placed at the base of the bed, next to the entrance or at the dining table.

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7. Small rectangular table
It can serve not only as a desktop, but also become an impromptu bedside table. In fact, this table can serve almost any function. Due to its convenient shape, it is especially useful in a studio apartment, where furniture is needed that can perform several functions at once.

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8. Bench
A backless bench is a very smart choice for a small dining room as it can be placed under the table when not in use. In addition, the low bench can serve as a coffee table. It can also be used as an extra seating area if guests take all the chairs.

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9. Transparent chairs
Clear plastic is a great choice for small spaces. An armchair made of such material is especially practical, since it can be placed anywhere: in the living room and at the desktop.

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10. Ottomans
Ottomans made of any material – be it Moroccan-style leather or rustic rough fabric – a must-have piece of furniture in a small apartment. Use them as a footrest, extra seating, or a table by simply placing them on the tray.

Do you live in a small apartment? What furniture do you think is irreplaceable?


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