You can learn more about the Chechen Republic at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Many have heard scary stories about Chechens and the Chechen Republic. Unfortunately, such stereotypes make it difficult to understand the essence of the Chechen people, their way of life, ancient traditions, family foundations. In this article, we want to dispel a number of national stereotypes and emphasize that Chechnya is great place to stay your tourists. How to get there, where to stay, you can find out here

You can learn more about the Chechen Republic at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Reason # 1. This is a safe region

Contrary to the stereotype that Chechnya is “the most dangerous region of Russia,” this is not the case. It’s safe here. For example, the same number of people use weapons in the Chechen Republic as in other regions. And it needs a license.

Even if your tourists don’t believe in the stories that girls are still forcibly given in marriage or stolen. Старин Such an old custom really once existed, but this practice (in addition to the legal basis) was banned in 2010 at the congress of the Chechen people. ⠀ Send here their tourists, and they will personally be convinced not only of the phantom of outdated ideas, but also of the real beauty of this region and the amazing hospitality of the local people.

Reason # 2. Visit Heart of Chechnya

The Heart of Chechnya Mosque is the eighth wonder of the world in the Muslim world. It was built not so long ago, but it is already considered one of the best architectural monuments in the country. The building stands in the very center of Grozny and is of great religious and cultural importance. It is one of the largest mosques in the world.

The majestic interior and exterior walls of the mosque will amaze tourists with luxurious travertine marble decoration. The builders did not skimp on materials for the interior, which is richly decorated with white marble. And the texts-verses from the Koran on the walls of the mosque in its inner premises not only have religious significance, but are also an example of calligraphic art. They are naturally woven into the overall decoration of the building. There are many fountains on the territory adjacent to the mosque, here you can walk and relax after a busy day of sightseeing in the capital of the republic.

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Reason number 3. Visit one of the most inaccessible places in Russia

In the upper reaches of the Malkhistinsky gorge, not far from the border with Georgia, there is one of the largest pre-Islamic burial structures in the North Caucasus – Choi-Pede. Translated from Chechen, this name means “the sanctuary of God.” Historians date the necropolis to the XIV-XVI centuries. Two watchtowers, several altars and more than forty “sun” crypts have survived here, inside which the remains of people from the Middle Ages still lie. Symbols of pre-Islamic cults are visible on the crypts and towers. This unique place is included in the list of cultural heritage sites in Russia – an excellent reason to send tourists here.

Reason # 4. To enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the largest mosque in Europe

The dazzling Shali Mosque is another test even for the most keen eyes. This is because it is made of snow-white marble specially brought from the Greek island of Thassos. The building was built for almost 7 years. White marble was not chosen by chance: it is he who, reflecting direct sunlight, best of all gives coolness in the heat. The domes of the mosque are decorated with fanciful ornaments of different colors, as if a rich carpet with intricate patterns was spread on the ceiling. And the territory of the mosque is decorated with a unique park – 12 fountains, 2 thousand trees of twenty varieties, 145 thousand shrubs and flowers, of which 18 thousand are roses. Tourists will definitely remember such a walk.

Reason number 5. Get acquainted with ancient Chechen architecture

The ancient architecture of the Chechen Republic – military and residential towers, necropolises and places of worship – is a unique phenomenon in world culture. Due to the fact that it was here that the shortest routes of communication between the agricultural civilizations of antiquity and the nomadic world of Eastern Europe passed, the Caucasus became a place where the cultural influences of various civilizations intersect. Of great interest to scientists are petroglyphs, magic signs on stone towers and necropolises of the Chechen Republic, which often have a more ancient origin than the towers themselves. In terms of architectural significance, of course, the priority is given to the towers. It is difficult to imagine the Chechen mountain landscape without these structures. The Chechen people even have a legend: “A man needs a tower during his life, after death – a crypt.”

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Reason number 6. Meet the sunrise at the Kezenoy-Am lake

The vicinity of Lake Kezenoy-Am is the pearl of the Chechen mountains. Here tourists will find incredibly beautiful landscapes, crystal clear air, as well as myths and legends associated with this place: for example, the lake is full of mysteries. Curious tourists will be interested in hearing the story of the mysterious origin of the lake.

You shouldn’t worry about where to stay and how to spend your leisure time. Here your travelers will find a modern hotel, a restaurant-museum, horseback riding, gazebos for barbecue. And to the most extreme, tell us about the opportunity to fly over the lake at a speed of 50 – 100 km / h on a ZipLine with a length of 850 m.

Reason number 7. To try the Chechen national cuisine

National dishes are part of the culture of the people, as well as a popular “attraction” for any tourist, especially a lover of gastronomic tours. The cuisine of the Chechen Republic dates back to ancient times, when the inhabitants of these places ate only what they could produce or get themselves. The variety of products did not differ, but the Chechens prepared dishes that were unique in their nutritional and taste properties. Having come for lunch at a Chechen restaurant, tourists will enjoy not only the peculiar national cuisine, but also the legendary Chechen hospitality.

Reason # 8. Go snowboarding in the summer

This information will appeal to your active tourists: the young all-season resort “Veduchi” gives you the opportunity to ride the world’s longest ski slope with artificial turf, even in summer. Its new ski slope is suitable for both beginners and experienced winter lovers. In the absence of real snow, a covering made of synthetic material (plastic) helps out, which recreates the properties and sliding of real snow. It is thanks to this technology that you can ride even in summer. And in winter, this coating keeps the snow cover, allowing you to get on skis earlier, as well as save sports equipment from damage. The length of the route is about 1 kilometer.

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Reason number 9. Walk along the streets of the ancient village of Khoi

Translated from Chechen, the name means “guard, patrol” or “settlement of guards”. Today, every tourist can visit the ancient village of guards, having driven only two kilometers from Lake Kezenoy-Am. Khoy village will amaze guests with stone architectural structures created by ancient masters. At the same time, the amazing town is surrounded by the beauty of mountain landscapes and leaves those who have been here under a pleasant impression of the mountain beauty untouched by civilization and the stone town harmoniously arranged in it.

Reason number 10. Active rest at the highest level

If your tourists cannot live without thrills, then Chechnya is what they need! Those who love to tickle their nerves, no doubt, will find leisure to their liking in the Chechen Republic. There is the necessary infrastructure for shooting sports, airborne and flight training. Guests of the republic can try their hand at climbing walls and in a wind tunnel. Send your clients on a buggy tour with overcoming water obstacles, steep ascents and descents, offer them an unforgettable adventure – rafting on the Argun mountain river or conquering the mountains in jeeps and ATVs. In the republic, you can also go hiking in picturesque places.

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