10 useful things for the kitchen from Ikea: the choice of Hodeys

10 useful things for the kitchen from Ikea: the choice of Hodeys

10 useful things for the kitchen from Ikea: the choice of Hodeys


  • Tasteful storage

  • Separate collection

  • Table textiles

  • Freshness of products

  • Favorite avocado

  • Homemade ice cream

  • Household scissors

  • Shall we order pizza?

  • homemade baking

  • Let there be light

We have selected 10 non-obvious kitchen products that will make life more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. When walking around Ikea, pay attention to them!

Tasteful storage

Stylish storage of fruits and vegetables is a new trend. Firstly, plastic bags are not environmentally friendly, and secondly, they are unaesthetic and can spoil any design idea.

Ikea offers great alternatives to packages – for example, baskets RISATORP, shopping bags KUNGSFORSas well as numerous glass or plastic containers.

Source: ikea.com

Separate collection

Do not throw plastic, paper, glass and metal into shared trash cans. It is a useful recyclable material that is recyclable and should not end up in landfills. That is why it is considered good practice to collect garbage separately today. You can organize a corner for storing recyclable materials even in a one-room apartment, where there is not very much space. Ikea offers modular HALLBAR waste bin system, which can be equipped for specific eco-needs, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of your home.

Source: ikea.com

Table textiles

One of the rules of table etiquette is to put dishes not on a bare table, but on a tablecloth or a special napkin under the cutlery. Try setting the table in this way at least a couple of times, and you will not want to go back to the previous option. You can collect a set of table textiles in Ikea: pay attention to new collection SOMMARLIVas well as tablecloths, tea towels, cutlery rugs and paper napkins from other collections. The price for such goods will be low, and the aesthetics of the premises will immediately reach a new level.

Source: ikea.com

Freshness of products

For convenient storage of products, Ikea designers came up with OMTENKSAM bowl with lid made of stainless steel. The secret of this bowl is that its lid can be used in two ways: while you are cooking, it serves as a stand that fixes the bowl; and at the end of all preparations, it will hermetically close the container so that the food inside does not dry out and oxidize in the refrigerator.

Source: ikea.com

Favorite avocado

The trend towards proper nutrition has propelled some foods into a cult following. For example, the avocado has become so popular over the past ten years that special kitchen utensils have been invented for it. So, with the help avocado knife LETTSKALAD you can split the fruit into two halves, remove the pit, chop or separate the flesh from the skin. A separate pleasure is the color of the knife: it was the juicy fruits of avocado that inspired the designers to create an appetizing green shade.

Source: ikea.com

Homemade ice cream

A great way to please children in hot summer is to master several homemade ice cream recipes. To pack it beautifully, bright molds CHOSIGT in the form of a popsicle. They are easy to use – just fill them with fruit juice, freeze them and rinse them at the end.

Source: ikea.com

Household scissors

An underestimated subject by many – kitchen scissors… But it is much more convenient with them to open various packages or cut greens than with a knife. Ikea presents a universal kit with a name recognizable for a Russian person TROIKA

Source: ikea.com

Shall we order pizza?

There are more and more pizza delivery services, and the choice of forms and fillings is becoming more and more diverse. You can order home a compact Neapolitan pizza from the oven of an Italian restaurant, and a “package offer” of several pizzas for a home party, and exotic dessert varieties. It is useful for all fans of pizza to have a special pizza cutter on the farm – Ikea’s assortment includes round knife STEM

By the way, in 2019 the company, together with PizzaHut, presented a special pizza table, but this piece of furniture has not yet gone on sale in Russia.

Source: ikea.com

homemade baking

Paper molds for muffins DROMMAR – a great option for a party or family celebration. The set contains 65 pieces – definitely enough for a large company, and there will still be dessert for the afterparty. Striped décor looks elegant and neutral at the same time. You can decorate the muffin tops to your liking: bright icing, colorful sprinkles, or lush white meringue.

Source: ikea.com

Let there be light

Wicker TORARED seaweed lampshade Is a fun way to light up your dining table. Equipped with a warm light bulb, your kitchen becomes a cozy and private space for intimate conversation.

Source: ikea.com

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