15 secrets for those who often fly by plane


FlightBoard and Flight Departures Apps

These are options for an electronic scoreboard on a smartphone, which help to significantly save time and nerves. By installing applications on your phone, you can easily track the arrivals and departures of planes from the terminals.

Choose morning flights

If the word “turbulence” makes you shiver and you are ready to do anything to avoid it, we recommend booking flights in the morning. In addition, according to statistics, morning flights are cheaper due to a smaller flow of passengers.

Use cases

To avoid looking for gadget wires and headphones in your bag, put them in your glasses case. This way you will not only find the item you want quickly, but also avoid tangled wires on the go.

Zip-Lock packages

Zip bags are an indispensable item on the road. You can put bottles with liquids in them and not worry that something will leak, and you can also pack dirty things at the end of the rest.

Global Entry

If a Global Entry machine is installed at the airport, then you can go through passport control bypassing the queue. Do not be afraid to ask the staff – airport workers will never refuse help.


Antibacterial liquid is a trifle essential when traveling. According to statistics, regular hand cleaning while traveling reduces the risk of intestinal disorders by 87%, which means that the rest will not be spoiled.

Unique suitcase

The more colorful and memorable your luggage is, the faster you will find it and reduce the chance of losing it. Even if the suitcase is lost, it is much easier to orient the airport staff, indicating some distinctive features.

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More details

This is in addition to the previous tip. Put your name, phone number, and full address on your suitcase. So the suitcase will be found faster and delivered to you.

Special meals

You can ask for a special meal on the plane when you book your ticket. If the airline serves, for example, vegan or kosher dishes, the agent will tell you. In some cases, you will need to pay extra for this, but as a rule, if you say about your wish in advance, you will not have to pay.

Say no to coffee

It is better to refuse coffee on the plane – it dehydrates and provokes nausea. It is better to ask for juice, as sour drinks help to cope with seasickness.

Blanket is the best friend

If you have a long flight, do not be too lazy to take a thin light blanket in your hand luggage. A simple blanket will not only improve your sleep quality, but it will help you stay hydrated.

Fold your suitcases correctly

If you have two pieces of large luggage, place them back to back and secure. In this position, they can be rolled on flat surfaces even without tilting with one hand.

Inflatable pillow

A horseshoe-shaped inflatable pillow is an indispensable item during long flights. It takes up little space, puts on quickly, does not raise questions during inspection. But most importantly, it helps to relax the neck while sleeping.

Contact directly

If you want to know something, call the airline directly. Your agent is just an intermediary, and you are the paying customer. Therefore, an employee of the company is much more willing to answer your questions and fulfill your wishes than questions and wishes on your behalf.

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Accuracy – the politeness of kings

The sooner you are at the airport, the better. Situations are different and it is better to be there a little earlier so as not to miss the check-in time. If a person does not show up on time, then the money for the ticket is not refunded in 99% of cases.

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