15 travel products that will bring maximum value and take up the least space in your luggage


Collapsible bottle

A good option for an airplane. Even in economy class tickets, in most cases food and drinks are provided that can be poured into such a bottle. In addition, coolers are installed in the passenger area at many airports, which means you can safely draw water.

When folded, such a bottle takes up little space, and also does not raise suspicions at inspection, because ordinary containers cannot be carried on the plane in hand luggage.

Portable water filter

With this filter, you can quickly purify water. This device is especially useful if you are planning an active vacation or are not sure about the quality of water in the country you are flying to. Manufacturers claim that the filter removes more than 95% of bacteria and impurities, making the water safe to drink.

Portable food container

Compared to conventional containers, it takes up negligible space and is also easily carried in hand luggage on board the aircraft. The silicone from which the container is made is easy to clean and is suitable for food storage.

Laundry bags

Despite the fact that washing on the road is an infrequent activity, bags for washing should be in your luggage without fail due to their versatility. Folding baby things or small souvenirs? Easily! To pack dirty things after rest? Easy! Laundry bags take up little space, which means they can be thrown into the bag even if it seems that there is no more space in it.

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Vacuum bags

Perhaps, in terms of their usefulness, they could be put at the top of the list. Items folded in such bags take up 30% less space. This saves invaluable space in the suitcase, which becomes catastrophically small by the end of the holiday.


They allow you to organize things, avoiding chaos in the suitcase, especially in the case of a personal search. In addition, they can be used to store things made of delicate materials without fear of damage or spoilage.

Inflatable hangers

One of the biggest problems in transportation is where to put your outerwear. Hooks are not always provided, and ordinary hangers are too bulky. Inflatable counterparts have the same advantage as a collapsible bottle or food container – they take up minimal space and maximize practicality.

Insect repellents

Ultrasonic scarers will come in handy during the warm season on hikes, as well as when traveling to warm countries. Ultrasound works equally well for all insects, which means you can forget about mosquitoes.

Traveling versions work from USB, take up a minimum of space, but are inferior to stationary ones in power.

Mini iron

This is one of the most useful things on vacation. No matter how ironed things are, after the suitcases and bags they need to be ironed again, and in hotels there is either no iron, or it is provided for a fee.

The small and compact iron is USB powered and weighs very little.

Charging cube adapter

Most hotels have only one outlet, which means that you won’t be able to charge two gadgets at the same time. In order not to lug a full-fledged extension cord with you, use a miniature cube. This is especially useful when traveling, since each country has its own socket format, and the cube can also be used as an adapter.

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Wi-Fi repeater

Do not underestimate the usefulness of a portable router, as well as the technical equipment of the hotel in which you plan to stay. The signal in hotels and restaurants, divided between visitors, is usually weak, and the repeater will strengthen it. True, this will only work in the area of ​​its action.

Mini alarm

A good option in order to protect yourself at the hotel. The clip is placed between the door and the door jamb, and when the door is opened, the device emits a loud, sharp sound.

Stash for money and plastic cards

Not putting all your eggs in one basket is a wise decision. With a small stash for clothes and underwear, it’s also convenient. It is not visible under the clothes, and also the “pocket” does not arouse suspicion during the inspection at the airport and passing the frame, ensuring the safety of reserve funds.

Suitcase holder

A simple device will help you to attach another piece of luggage to the suitcase, which means that even on the tape, all things will be in one place. You can attach any bag to your suitcase – from carry-on luggage to a bag with a laptop.

Luggage scales

An irreplaceable thing at the end of the holiday, because you will have to pay for the overweight, and the amount depends not only on the number of kilograms, but also on the airline’s policy. Mini scales will help you to hedge your bets and detect an overweight in time, which means they will save both time and money.

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