You can learn more about the Chechen Republic at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Probably, there are no tourists indifferent to delicious juicy shish kebab. And in the Chechen Republic they not only love to eat and cook it – there is an annual festival in honor of this dish, which attracts gourmets from many countries. Meat is great, but your tourists’ tour of Chechnya does not end there. There are many more tasty things here. Let’s tell you more!

You can learn more about the Chechen Republic at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Reason number 1: “Shish kebab-mashlyk”

This is not just the name of the dish – it is the most delicious and juicy holiday of the year. Here tourists will find the largest portion of the national dish jizhig-galnash, invited world-famous chefs, popular bloggers and even sports competitions.

The holiday begins with a grand opening and greetings from the Minister of the Chechen Republic for Tourism. Guests and chefs from all over Russia gather for the kebab festival. Some prepare for the competition for months. Each culinary specialist has his own recipe. Someone fries only the pulp, someone – meat with bone, others choose to cook meat with vegetables. Well, lamb kidneys from local masters are a truly exquisite dish.

The main condition of the competition is that you need to cook your dish on the grill. At the same time, not only taste is important to the jury, but also presentation with a story about a delicacy.

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Within the framework of the festival, there is also an exhibition of artisans, which demonstrates the national flavor and tourist potential of the Chechen Republic. Also, in addition to famous chefs, representatives of the regions of the Chechen Republic take part in competitions. And while the chefs are busy with their own business, guests can have fun and participate in various competitions. For example, tug-of-war, juggling a ball, lifting a kettlebell. By the way, “Shashlyk-mashlyk” will be held this year 22nd of May.

Reason number 2: “Honk-Fest”

This unusual gastronomic festival gathered 20 thousand people last year. And this year, not only Russians, but also foreigners came to the Honk-Fest – 32 thousand people have already gathered at the site. The event was conceived and organized to preserve the traditions of cooking and serving one of the most beloved elements of the national cuisine of the Chechen people – wild garlic. Here tourists can taste it not only in its traditional form, but also as part of non-standard dishes, drinks, desserts and even ice cream.

One of the key events of the festival is the competition for the best wild garlic dish. Guests of the holiday will enjoy free tastings of dishes, master classes from eminent chefs, an incendiary concert program with national music and dances, a fair of craftsmen and artisans.

Reason # 3: “Coffee-Fest”

Chechens love coffee so much that they are happy to organize an annual festival in his honor – “Coffee-Fest”. At this meeting of coffee lovers in Grozny, every tourist will be able to find their ideal drink and discover new taste sensations.

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Visitors to the event will not only be offered coffee of various varieties, but will also be taught how to brew it correctly and even draw on foam. Here tourists will taste other signature drinks – lemonades, cocoa and smoothies.

From here, you can take away a cool gift – grains from the best Russian roasters and accessories for brewing. When the drink is finished, it’s time to watch the barista competition.

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