You can learn more about the Krasnoyarsk Territory at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

The Krasnoyarsk Territory is a place of unique natural phenomena, a place of power for the most daring and strong-minded tourists. There are a lot of unusual routes in the region – here everyone will find something to their liking. Extreme and active recreation, ecotourism or acquaintance with the history of the ethnic group in its habitats. We will list the top 3 activities that will not leave anyone indifferent, as well as introduce you to the main attractions of the region.

You can learn more about the Krasnoyarsk Territory at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Do your tourists know where the center of Russia is? Not in Moscow, no. The geographic center of the country is the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a huge region, the second largest in the country. It is here that the natural border passes, where Siberia is divided into Eastern and Western, this border is one of the greatest rivers of the planet Earth – the Yenisei. Here are 3 reasons why your tourists should definitely visit this region.

See the northern lights

Tourists will be able to see the brightest northern lights starting in September: at this time it is not very cold yet, so a trip to the Krasnoyarsk Territory will be comfortable. We are sure they will be surprised when they find out that the northern lights can also be heard. Scientists say it is accompanied by a pop-like sound. To be convinced of this, advise them to go to the very heart of Taimyr – Khatanga. Here, the probability of seeing this unique natural phenomenon is even higher than in Iceland.

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Touch the UNESCO World Heritage Site

If your tourists aspire to a place where there are no roads or people, then they will appreciate a trip to the Putorana plateau – a lost, inaccessible world, which is under the protection of UNESCO. This is an area with flat tops and low clouds, with fjord lakes and waterfalls, and according to the Evenks, even the Fiery God lives here. A trip here will be appreciated not only by a beginner, but also by an experienced traveler. And also Putorana is a paradise for fishermen. It is simply impossible to leave there without trying the dishes from northern pike with a special creamy taste and without learning to distinguish its taste from the most beautiful fish in Siberia – arctic char. From this region, you can take away one of the many stones mined here – agates, amethysts and rock crystal. And from here it is convenient to get to the geographical center of Russia – Lake Vivi.

Find yourself in the endless field of blooming fry

Ergaki Natural Park is truly the pearl of Siberia and a place of attraction for all travelers: beautiful crystal lakes, clean rivers, rich Siberian taiga and breathtaking rocks. If tourists come here in June, they will witness a massive bloom of fry, or bathers. This is a great time for memorable photos from the trip: everything around is simply dotted with this bright, like the sun, flower. This flower therapy definitely contributes to a reboot from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What else to see

The sights of the Krasnoyarsk Territory can be enumerated for a long time. We will name the main ones so that your tourists have no doubts that it is definitely worth going here.

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You can go in for active rest, rock climbing and see animals listed in the Red Book in the Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park, where monumental stone statues rise in the middle of the fir taiga. And it is in the Krasnoyarsk Territory that you can visit the largest conglomerate cave in the world – the Big Oreshnaya Cave, the length of which is 58 thousand meters.But tourists should not go here without special escort: it is easy to get lost here, and collapses also occur.

There is an opportunity to admire rare animals, birds and fish in the Roev Ruchey Zoo and in the Great Arctic Reserve, where polar bears, walruses and ermines live. The Tunguska Nature Reserve has also become home to dozens of animal species, the protected zone of which alone totals 20 thousand hectares.

You can be impressed by the power of the water element at the legendary Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station. And those who are not indifferent to history should visit the ethnographic museum “Shushenskoye”. Here, on 16 hectares, a real Russian village of the 19th – 20th centuries has been recreated. Moreover, some of the buildings are originals. Another place that preserves cultural traditions, despite the recent opening (2016), is the cultural and historical center “Uspensky”. Here you can get to know more about folk art – at lectures, seminars and master classes.

To learn more

Tourist Information Center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory:

Krasnoyarsk region, city of Krasnoyarsk, st. Lenin, 120;
+7 (391) 215-00-02;
[email protected];;

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