You can learn more about the Chechen Republic at stand of the region as part of the online exhibition “Know Ours: Summer 2021”.

Mosques and skyscrapers, mountains and lakes, ancient auls and new resorts – all this is the Chechen Republic, oh which everyone heard, but few people are familiar with her for real. Most tourists coming to Chechnya are limited to a tour of Grozny. This city, without a doubt, deserves to be here. But we want to tell and about others, not less interesting and beautiful, places of the republic.

You can learn more about the Chechen Republic at stand of the region as part of the online exhibition “Know Ours: Summer 2021”.

Grozny and “Heart of Chechnya”

The mosque was not built so long ago, but has already received the status of one of the best architectural monuments of the country. The building stands in the very center of Grozny and has a great religious and cultural significance. BUT the name of the mosque perfectly conveys the meaning laid down by the architects.

If your tourists are heading to the capital of the republic on a few days, advise them visit high-rise “Grozny-City”, wander around local museums, dine at cozy cafes with local cuisine.

The village of Itum-Kali

Any of those who were lucky enough to once visit Itum-Kali, not forget the stories about interesting past of this village. Tourists here with will gladly introduce customs and the way of life of local residents. Travelers can rest assured – is not just a mark on map of the Russian Federation, and a real paradise for lovers of fabulous nature.

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Lake Kezenoy-Am

If Chechens want to show guests their republic with the best side, then after the tour of Grozny them will definitely be taken to mountains, to the shores of the beautiful and mysterious lake Kezenoy-Am, surrounded by ancient watchtowers, abandoned and new auls, fields of sunflowers and vineyards. There are many legends about him and not even written one literary work in genre of fiction. Locals claim that on its bottom lies submerged in punishment for the sins of the inhabitants of the village, but ice water and a hundred-meter depth make it difficult to check this version.

Nihaloy waterfalls

If by road out Grozny to Choi-Pede u the village of Shatoy, turn left, tourists will find themselves in picturesque mountain gorge and see one of natural wonders of Chechnya – Nihaloy waterfalls. They are beautiful in any time of the year.

Ushkalo towers

By road out Grozny in Itum-Kali travelers will meet one of the the most famous historical sights of Chechnya: over the stormy waters of the Argun River, near the village of Ushkaloi k two stone towers are pressed against a high rock. IN their people called “Twin Towers”.

What to eat?

Zhizhig-Galnash is called the king of Chechen cuisine. Zhizhig in translated from Chechen means “meat”, and Galnash – dumplings. Usually in cooking uses lamb or beef boiled before to such an extent that the meat moves away from bones. Dumplings are prepared from corn or wheat flour and usually served with garlic sauce.

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