A fur coat in the closet: 5 ways to survive a cat shedding

Фотоохота: 21 пример, когда кошки дизайну не помеха

In the spring and autumn, the cat owner’s house becomes especially cozy. Still: he is literally covered with the fur of his beloved pet. And while someone cheerfully celebrates the Day of Cats in social networks, a true cat lover arms himself with a mop, tape, vacuum cleaner and waits for a seasonal molt. How to defeat her and save the house from the fate of a woolen sock? Here are our favorite ways.

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1. Save the cat
To begin with, put aside the vacuum cleaner and calmly realize that until you get close to the source of wool, any effort to clean the house when the cat is molting will be pointless. So stop empathizing with yourself and empathizing with the cat. It is not so easy to change a fur coat twice a year. If you help your pet with this activity, molting will be faster and easier. So, the cat sheds a lot: what to do?

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Combing out
Daily combing of wool will noticeably reduce its amount in the house, and it will help the pet to update the fur coat faster. That being said, the type of comb is not as important as many people think. It will be a slicker, a rubber mitten or a regular men’s comb – GBest of all, it works just for your cat and successfully removes both dead guard hair and undercoat. For cats with a thick undercoat, the most effective solution today is the furminator. special trimmer tool designed by professional groomers.

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Advice to kitten owners: Up to seven or nine months, kittens do not shed, but this is not a reason to forget about a comb. Perform simple massage movements with the comb, and the animal will get used to the procedure of brushing calmly from childhood. Otherwise, you run the risk of raising a pet that will very energetically repel attempts on its own person.

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Garden in a Bag: Cat Grass

Take care of your health
In any case, the cat will diligently lick its fur. How much wool will enter her stomach, lIt is easy to imagine seeing huge tangles after combing out Barsik. Therefore, during the molting period, do not forget to feed your pet with malt paste and green grass. they will help to remove hairballs from the gastrointestinal tract without harm to the health of the pet.

In some cases, vitamin complexes containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help to facilitate and shorten the shedding time. If the shedding lasts more than two months, and the coat looks dull and untidy, there is a reason to seriously take care of the pet’s health and contact the veterinarian.

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2. Save the house
Vacuum cleaner in hand. Although after a while you will probably think about what is worth purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. This is a wonderful assistant, which, among other things, will also entertain the pet. When choosing a model, pay attention to the footage of the future area, the PET prefix in the name and the length of the hair that he will have to deal with. Almost any robot vacuum cleaner is able to remove short hair today, but long-haired pets will require a more careful choice of model, so that expensive equipment does not have to be carried for repairs soon.

A classic mop with a rubber roller clip will also help to cope with wool. It will easily pick up debris from smooth surfaces and even upholstered furniture.

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But for cleaning sofas, cat houses, bedding and playgrounds, a damp rubber glove is perfect.

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Another knight’s move: do you remember this funny habit of felines to get comfortable on your T-shirt, bag, or just sit with a happy look in a circle of duct tape?

Take advantage of this strange fondness of cats for objects with clear boundaries and get a lounger for your pet. Two or three sun loungers. After all, it is easier to clean a small bedding of wool than the entire sofa.

Anti-Cinderella: How To Create An Interior That Is Easy To Clean

Betty’s Room, LLC

3. Save the clothes
A cat lover buying himself a black sweater? One of three: either he has a black cat, or a bald sphinx, or this person is an adventurer in life. If you do not belong to these three groups, then you have already stocked up with sticky rollers for cleaning clothes.

Pillow (46×33 cm) Photo Phrases DG-D-PL466

And for nothing, never let your pet imagine that your wardrobe was created especially for him (although any decent cat will count this way all his life).

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4. Save the tech
Slowly but surely, any technique that has a fan inside draws pet hair through its vents. To avoid her premature death, do not be lazy to regularly vacuum the grilles of laptops and system units during cleaning.

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To clean the keyboard, so beloved by felines, cans with compressed air, a hairdryer in the “cold” air mode or a vacuum cleaner “blow out” are suitable.

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5. Save yourself
In the minutes when, instead of a cat, you begin to see a fur rug moving at a breakneck speed around the house, it is recommended to exhale, urgently find a cat free zone and quietly list all the advantages of molting for yourself.

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  • You have probably become unusually clean and put your seasonal clothes in covers on time.
  • All familiar cats sniff you with interest and love you in absentia.
  • If not you, then at least your pet changes its fur coat twice a year (handsome!).
  • After a while, you will be able to open a wool spinning factory named after your Vasya.

And finally, the main thing with such a wonderful cat it will always be warm in your house.


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Tell us what to do to keep the cat from shedding. Share your tips in the comments!

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