Hi there, I am Silke. I am a Berlin blogger and travel writer (I am writing travel guides about Andalusia and Malta), a book author (sharing hacks to make travelling with children easier), and a translator for the travel industry.

I was born in Germany, a country right in the middle of Europe. The travel bug bit me early and didn’t let go. Before I had finished highschool I had already visited a dozen countries, from Croatia and Spain to Morocco and Turkey, England, the Czech Republic, and many more. After a short stint in Northern England I moved in with my husband and spent the first years of my adult life in Berlin. We had a great time there, but when the opportunity arose to move to Sydney, Australia, we packed our bags and set up life on the other side of the globe.

We ended up staying there for just about thirteen years. At that time, Happiness and Things was born, a travel blog to document our time in Sydney and to share our worldwide explorations from there. We visited many places in Australia and New Zealand, the South Pacific, Indonesia as well as the cruise ports around the Mediterranean.

Life in Sydney was kind to us. We bought a house, we raised our children, spent our weekends on the beach. But after a while we realised that this was not enough for us. We needed to see more of this world.

Since Australia is so awfully far away from everything, we packed our bags again and moved the family to the South of Spain. In Andalusia, we experimented with life abroad, with getting to know a new culture and with learning a new language.

After 14 years abroad, we have now returned to Berlin which is one of our most favourite places in the world.

Happiness and Things today is a travel blog which focuses on those things that I love most about travel. I would like to share with you the most amazing landscapes, vibrant cities, and unforgettable moments that you can have anywhere in the world. I want to look deeper into a destination, to find out what it’s all about. Inspire my readers to explore the world and appreciate our differences.

Ready? Start here!

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