In 2007, Aeroexpress express routes connected three stations with the main Moscow airports:

  • Paveletsky railway station – Domodedovo airport;
  • Kievsky railway station – Vnukovo airport;
  • Belorussky railway station – Sheremetyevo airport.

Aeroexpress is one of those types of transport that tourists who are not ready for experiments choose. Aeroexpress is a more convenient and reliable alternative to road transport, which saves you from being late for your flight, ensures peace of mind for passengers, and allows you to start your vacation or business trip pleasantly right at the airport entrance.

Punctuality and predetermined travel times

In 2018, the accuracy of Aeroexpress trains was 99.8%. This means that passengers are always sure that they will get to Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo airports in 35 minutes, and to Domodedovo airport in 45 minutes. The exact travel time is known in advance, and does not come as a surprise, as in the case of a trip from the city center, for example, by taxi on a busy highway. In addition, in 2018, intermediate stops appeared at the Okruzhnaya platforms of the Sheremetyevo direction and the Verkhniye Kotly platforms of the Domodedovo direction, which saves time and relieves travelers from nearby areas from having to go to the center to the starting station. Thanks to the integration of Aeroexpress into the Moscow transport complex, at these stations it is possible to transfer to the MCC, metro or city surface transport.

Maximum ride comfort

Photo: Business class
Photo: Business class cars

All electric trains have ordinary carriages with soft chairs with fabric upholstery, arranged according to the 2 + 3 scheme, cars for people with disabilities, as well as business class cars, which are equipped with soft leather seats, arranged according to the 2 + 2 scheme. In addition, all carriages have luggage racks, environmentally friendly vacuum toilets, and air conditioners.

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Photo: Business class
Photo: Business class cars
Photo: Business class
Photo: Business class cars
Photo: Standard class cars
Photo: Standard class cars

In October 2017, 11 double-deck electric trains manufactured by the Swiss company Stadler began to run on Vnukovsky and Domodedovsky directions.

Photo: Aeroexpress

Such trains can reach speeds of up to 160 km / h, each carriage has several screens, sockets, a free Wi-Fi network, comfortable convertible chairs, and there are areas with bristles for cleaning shoes near the entrances. The air conditioning system has an additional air disinfection function. Toilets are equipped with changing tables with automatic disinfection with ultraviolet lamps.

Favorable group rates

Photo: Couple

Passengers can choose the most suitable fare for travel on Aeroexpress. For example, at the “Paired” tariff, one trip for two people in a standard carriage costs 850 rubles, at the “Paired.” Round trip “(1 trip to the airport, 1 trip from the airport) – 1450 rubles.

Photo: Group

At the “Group” tariff for a company of up to four people, the cost of a ticket for one trip is 950 rubles, at the “Group. Round trip “(1 trip to the airport, 1 trip from the airport) – 1700 rubles.

Many payment methods

Photo: Terminal

You can buy a ticket for Aeroexpress as usual at the cashier or at the machine before departure, as well as in advance on the website. You can pay for a ticket on the website with a Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR bank card; in the mobile application – from a mobile account Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Tele2, from an electronic wallet PayPal, using mobile services Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR; directly at the turnstiles – by contactless cards of payment systems MasterCard, Mir, Union Pay, Visa; using mobile services Apple Pay, Huawei Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay.

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Photo: Turnstile

Free service “Personal Assistant”

A free Personal Assistant service is available on all Aeroexpress routes, which must be pre-ordered on the website, by calling the hotline or at information desks. The service includes the organization of escorting people with limited mobility – passengers, passengers with children and pregnant women.

Photo: Lift