You can learn more about the Altai Territory at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

It is impossible not to fall in love with the Altai Territory. Nature itself has collected all the best here: crystal clear air, flowering valleys, coniferous forests, mountain rivers and thousands of lakes. And the main thing here is a special atmosphere of unity with nature. Feel free to recommend a vacation here to your tourists, and we will tell you about the most interesting programs and routes.

You can learn more about the Altai Territory at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Altai circulation

The five-day tour from the Argo company involves visiting the best sights of the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic: tourists will see the Turquoise Katun, Manzherok, Chemal, Belokurikha and Barnaul, they will be able to visit the World Cup in rowing. And the awakening nature of Altai with its turbulent rivers, noisy waterfalls and mountain trails will give travelers a bright spectrum of emotions.

“No tail, no scales”

The tour of the Tsarskaya Psovaya Okhota company has such a funny name. Tourists are offered to be in a quiet, secluded place on the banks of the majestic Ob River, just a few tens of kilometers from Barnaul. Sunrises and sunsets, met during the tour, they will not be able to forget for a long time. Among the possible adventures of the guests of the region, fishing with its subsequent preparation, observation of animals in a petting zoo, accommodation in a real Siberian village and much more awaits the guests of the region. This tour is perfect for family tourists. The package includes a transfer from Barnaul to the accommodation and back (90 km), accommodation in the Shchukar tourist complex. Breakfasts, fishing with a guide, a visit to a bathhouse and even a master class on cheese making. And all this can be done in 3 days.

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“Golden Ring of Altai”

This is an excellent circular tour that allows tourists to see most of the iconic historical sites of Altai and its natural diversity. The guests of the region will have the opportunity to visit the “Denisova Cave”, in which traces of an ancient man were discovered, the resort town of Belokurikha, known throughout Russia for its healing properties of aero-ionized air and radon sources. The trip will not do without an excursion – tourists will explore the city and climb Mount Tserkovka. The Plot travel agency recommends this offer to those who are not indifferent to hiking.

Author of the photo: Stepanyuk V.V.

“Altai Odyssey”

LB TOUR invites tourists to a week-long tour with such a sonorous name. Possible arrival dates are July 5 or 26, 2021. And again the program includes a visit to the most significant natural and cultural and historical sites – Katun, Patmos, Chemal, Chemal hydroelectric power station, the Che-Chkysh Mountain Spirits gorge.

Unique methods of treatment and recovery

To restore health and vitality to tourists is offered a sanatorium Altai Castle price Belokurikha. The facility has developed new health programs for men, women and children. At guests’ service are unique methods of diagnostics and treatment, health and spa programs, which favorably distinguish the Altai Castle from the traditional spa treatment and improve the indicators “before” and “after”.

“Altai Holidays”

This tour is an ideal option for the first acquaintance with Altai, which will take place in an atmosphere of relaxation and contemplation of natural beauty. An early booking promotion is already open for tourists – you should hurry up with your choice. The tour includes sightseeing tours, visits to Belokurikha, meals, accommodation. You can go on such a trip with the Okhota tour operator every Sunday in the summer.

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Author of the photo: Stepanyuk V.V.

Excursions from the tourist center “Gornaya Apteka”

The Gornaya Apteka Center invites tourists on a tour of the Museum of the History of Pharmacy, including tasting Altai herbal tea or sbitnya. There are also walking tours around the old part of the city of Barnaul and a gastronomic excursion “Merchant Tea Party”. At the “Pill of Happiness” master class, guests of the city will feel like real pharmacists, and at “Secrets of Pharmacy Soap Making” they will make decorative soap for themselves or loved ones.

Photo by: Mountain Pharmacy

Russian fun from “Altai Gold”

The tourist complex “Altai Gold” also offers to spend time in Altai with interest and benefit. Tourists will be met from any airport (Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk, Novosibirsk) in the best Russian traditions. Guests will be accommodated in comfortable rooms and treated to natural farm products at the Razgulay refectory. The program includes swimming in antlers and phyto baths.

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