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Deciding to move out from her parents, Tatyana was looking for a rented apartment in fair condition and with a minimum of furniture. in a word, not my grandmother’s option. But the main thing is that the owners agree to redecoration, with which a friend promised to help. designer Olga Koscheeva. A suitable apartment was found in the green area of ​​Fili close to the center, home and two airports. Plus a good view from the window: you can watch fireworks on Poklonnaya without leaving your home. You only have to climb to the fifth floor on foot, but this also has positive aspects., laughs Tatiana.

about the project
A place:
Moscow, Fili
The size: two-room Khrushchev
Who lives here: financier Tatiana Stroeva
Project author: Olga Koscheeva
Photo: Maria Simonova

Olga Koscheeva

The owners of the apartment used to make repairs for themselves, so the whole space looked decent. True, the palette was rather peculiar: the walls of the living room were painted in peach, the bedroom – in light purple. And the composition was completed by matching curtains. But the apartment bribed with the redevelopment: the entrance to the kitchen was organized from the living room, and in the long and narrow bedroom, a dressing room was equipped behind a sliding door. So the owners not only solved storage issues, but also refined the geometry of the room.

Evgeniya Nazarova

Before signing the lease, Tatiana found out the most important nuance: is it possible to repaint the walls. The owners easily agreed, and the designer Olga Koscheeva undertook to arrange everything in a week.

Many do not dare to renovate rented apartments, but Tatiana was definitely in favor of: I was initially looking for an apartment that would be comfortable to be in. And nplanned to shoot it for a long time. Therefore, it had to look like my home, and not like a temporary home., – says the hostess.

The planned budget for the renovation was 70 thousand rubles, and we almost met it: this money was spent on painting the walls and furniture. A separate small amount was spent on the purchase of decor.

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Olga Koscheeva

In the photo: the painting in black and yellow was painted by the artist Nika Chernyaeva: this is a kind of interior in the interior, since the work shows a room in a Paris hotel. Tatiana brought a yellow figurine of Tin-Tin, a comic book character from Belgium

But first, Tatiana and Olga decided that they would definitely not change. This list includes a bathroom and a kitchen: firstly, they were in good condition, and secondly, these areas are the most expensive to repair. If Tatyana decided to update them, the budget would have to be increased several times.

Photo “Before”

The master’s doors and painted parquet remained in their places – not new, but still quite suitable for life (its condition is better seen in the previous photo).

“It seems to me that the herringbone parquet could have survived here since the construction of the house. There is even some charm in this, ”says Olga Koscheeva.

Evgeniya Nazarova

The walls were painted with white paint over the previous finish – again, in order to meet in a short time and save money. We did not go with a fan of shades and did not apply it to the walls – we took the most ordinary white that was in the hardware store. We spent about eight thousand on paint, about 15 thousand rubles on work– says Olga.

By the way, in this photo you can see what the walls were in the original: the color remained on the battery, which they decided not to touch.

Olga Koscheeva

The peculiarity of the apartment is the view from the windows: they overlook a green park and neighborhoods built in the second half of the last century. This is not old, but exactly Soviet Moscow – and the hostess wanted to preserve this atmosphere in the interior.

Most of the furniture was bought from IKEA, but diluted with vintage finds. For example, a chair for a desk was picked up on the street, next to a trash can: with the start of the renovation, in anticipation of the move, local residents began to throw out old furniture. Ahead of the chair is restoration and hauling, but for now it was simply cleaned with high quality.

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Evgeniya Nazarova

Many art objects in the interior are gifts from friends. Resistenza art object (Resistance), where the drawn man tries to go beyond the wooden box – the work of an Italian artist Cristiano Righi; picture with modern Venuswritten by Nika Chernyaeva.

In order not to force the entire apartment with shelves, old magazines were used as a stand for books, which will not be revised anyway. The books, in turn, became the lamp holder.

Photo “Before”

Idea with photo: Pay attention to the mobile tabletop. From this photo, it seems that there is no table in the kitchen, but it is hiding under the main work surface (you can see two photos below).

Evgeniya Nazarova

The former tenants left marks on the plastic apron of the kitchen that were poorly wiped off. Therefore, Olga came up with an unusual apron that hid this little imperfection – ceramic plates from industrial designer Sofia Solomko. It is safe (ceramics do not suffer from the proximity of fire), and the dishes can be washed in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning easier.

Olga Koscheeva

Almost all the lamps in the apartment are vintage and look organic in Khrushchev.

“At that time I was finishing a course on antiques and became very interested in Soviet subjects. It was interesting to look for them, but there was no place to put them at home, so she suggested that Tanya choose several lamps for the new apartment. A 1970s pumpkin fits into the kitchen interior, and the living room has table lamps with metallic gray and plastic white shades – they date from roughly the same period, – says the designer.

Photo “Before”

In the photo: the original state of the bedroom. There was no furniture in it, I had to spend money on a mattress with a bed.

Olga Koscheeva

Considering the modest size of the bedroom, the bed took up almost all of it. The remaining space was used to put up a hanger for everyday items.

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The window is covered only by a light translucent curtain: there is no scorching sun in the room, as tall trees grow nearby. With such a curtain, the interior looks lighter, more spacious and airy.
The lilac color was removed – white with a shade adds “air” to the room.

Olga Koscheeva

The evening lighting is complemented by a vintage floor lamp and a garland, which has long since turned from a New Year’s into an all-season trend. The garland was hung on hooks – they were already in the apartment and, apparently, they used to hold frames with photographs.

The poster with the queen, which was placed right on the floor, was brought by Tatiana from Copenhagen – more precisely, from the Christiania hippie colony. Under it is a poster from the Teatro alla Scala, and I sometimes change their places, adds the hostess.

Olga Koscheeva

In the photo: the oval painting was painted by the artist Nika Chernyaeva. A round mirror in a yellow frame disguises the socket from the TV – it is not in the bedroom

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