Away: Rented apartment with an experimental approach for the designer

В гостях: Как изменилась за неделю съёмная квартира

Arrangement of a rented apartment – problematic question for any tenant: someone prefers not to alter anything, knowing that they will soon move out, others are renovating their homes and buying furniture at their own peril and risk. In fact, you can do without fear and without risk: purchased furniture is easy to take with you when you move or sell. It is also appropriate to look at the situation in a positive way and turn temporary housing into a field for experiments. This is exactly what designer Denis Furmanov did with a rented three-room apartment in Zhulebin.

Denis Furmanov

about the project
A place:
Moscow, Zhulebino
The size: 45 sq.m
Who lives here: Designer Denis Furmanov
Project author: Apartment tenant
History: Designer Denis Furmanov rented an apartment in a new house for living and working, and at the same time decided to experiment with finishing in order to check for himself which solutions should be offered to future customers, and which should be taboo

This bright one-bedroom apartment is located in a new building, next to the metro station Zhulebino… A distinctive feature of the complex winter garden, which connects the adjacent buildings of the building, and adjoins the apartments, forming additional rooms.

Denis Furmanov

The apartment was rented with white walls seemingly the dream of an architect. At first, I really felt comfortable in a clean space, it was easier to breathe. But over time, I realized that I lack personality, the strokes in which I will see myself, says Denis. I did not plan the decoration initially, everything happened spontaneously: I wanted to paint the walls bought paint the next day and dyed it, found an interesting fabric sewed a tablecloth

Denis Furmanov

Denis started from the fact that he could not fundamentally change the finish. I was myself wondering how much you can change the interior without resorting to a large budget, – the designer notes. Studying the practice of American specialists, I realized that they start from their own home and clearly follow their style.

Here I would like to express that I love to mix natural materials in a metropolis, to combine European-style laconic design solutions with personal features that can be expressed through decor and textiles

Denis Furmanov

In terms of style, the image of the interior turned out to be rather Mediterranean. In the hallway, it was decided to leave the walls white and even emphasize this feature: In my opinion, the first impression of the interior should be light. Although I wanted to make an abstraction in the style of the Porter Teleo brand, – NSDenis confesses. I didn’t want to put a wardrobe in the corridor: I limited myself to shelves for shoes and books from IKEA. I only need a mirror for decoration, and I love strange frames, so I found a small model in Indian style at Zara Home

Denis Furmanov

The role of the dressing room was taken over by the room with the winter garden, so there are no bulky closets in the apartment – this is where the corridor from the entrance area leads.

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The apartment already had a kitchen from the factory Mariaas well as a glass dining table and chairs from IKEA. I introduced a bit of irony here and began to use the hood as a shelf for decor and books, and
ginger facades supported in graphics on the wall, notes Denis.

Denis Furmanov

The kitchen has an attached balcony with a bar counter around the perimeter: here you can eat and do a little work to change the setting.

Denis Furmanov

The glass sliding table seemed to the designer cold and uncomfortable, moreover, he was pressed tightly against the wall. In my opinion, when the table is located against the wall, it emphasizes the tightness of the room. I AM decided to divert attention from this situation with active graphics on the wall based on the wallpaper from the Viceroy Santa Monica hotel by Kelly Wearstler. This is very easy to do with masking tape., says the designer.

Colorful budget fabric for tablecloths found in the store Trekhgorka: The juicy images of vegetables on the fabric are very appetizing.

Denis Furmanov

A fawn made of iron on an accent wall was purchased from the gallery Interiors of the Maharajah, and
miniature paintings at the Izmailovsky market. Chairs IKEA Denis were quite satisfied: they diluted the ascetic repair with natural wood.

Denis Furmanov

Denis designed one of the living rooms as a living room and visually divided the guest and work areas with a large rack from IKEA it has successfully accommodated books and samples of finishing materials.

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In this room, Denis set up a color experiment, painting the walls in beige and cold gray-blue. I tried to try on myself what colors look good in life, notes the author of the project. Beige really turned out to be dirty at any time of the year and irritated the look. Blue-gray looked interesting and deep during the day, but in the evening he behaved boring: the shade, according to the designer, still needs more light.

Denis Furmanov

Here am I I work and invite friends to visit. I did not place a folding sofa and preferred an orthopedic mattress on the basis: it is convenient to lay out books, magazines and meditate on it, – is talking the author of the project. The main element for me here is the linen bedspread: I bought it in Belarus and it smells like a haystack. Folklore motif supports a round bamboo table

In the working area a good niche for the length of the working surface, which is assembled from bars.

Denis Furmanov

Conclusions were made about floor coverings. There was an almost black laminate in the living room. many fear that dust will be strongly visible on the coating. I lived near the metro and there really was dust, but it gathered mainly around the perimeter, so the coating seemed to me quite practical, and it looked spectacular, says Denis.

The dark tiles in the hallway behaved in a completely different way: in the cold and rainy seasons, noticeable prints did remain on it.

Denis Furmanov

An interesting story accompanies the decorative element for which there was a place above the chest of drawers. In fact, this is a vintage necklace that belonged to a friend of the designer, but over time it turned yellow, and the girl parted with the jewelry without regret.

I had a sample of a kitchen facade and combined two different elements into one art object, shares Denis. There are samples of materials on the shelves next to the dresser: it is convenient to look at them in perspective, near and from a distance, to the right and to the left, in order to understand how the materials behave.

Denis Furmanov

Lamp: Zara Home

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Another room serves as a bedroom, in which the bed consists of a mattress on an orthopedic base. The author of the project made the wall decor with his own hands made of wooden rods interspersed with metal Indian balls.

The designer loves bright pillows, and to add accents to the bedroom interior, he selected fabrics from the Kado company. FFrench curtains on the windows are made of fine linen.

Denis Furmanov

The bathroom was already tiled with fine mosaics, and Denis decided to play with the space with accessories. There are no special opportunities for transformation in the bathroom, but you can make the space neat and cozy with the help of textures, textiles, curtains, – considers designer. Against all laws of harmony, I decided to put tiles on tiles. Ornamented element above the installation from the salon of English materials Rosbri. This tile was brought in a very limited collection, but I was so captivated by the original ornament that I decided to turn it into an art object.

Denis Furmanov

In this project, I wanted to show that you should not forget about comfort, even if you are renting a house. a pleasant interior can be created with a small budget. Although sometimes it seems that all this is temporary, and you don’t want to spend money, in a metropolis it is important to surround yourself with comfort, – says Denis.

However, the designer has already moved out of this apartment. Now he is busy arranging a new interior, so ahead new discoveries and experiments.

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