Become Queen: Make a Household Calendar for March

Есть проблема: беспорядок на кухонной столешнице

Ahead is a holiday in honor of Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg. Thanks to these feminists, women often share tedious household chores with their other half when they return from work. Oh, let the phrase sink into oblivion: Your day is March 8“. Let this pleasant holiday last forever, at least in the soul of every hostess. Down with everything old, boring and not inspiring. March – in order to transform your usual life and transform itself, towards spring.

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1. Make a beautiful room out of the kitchen
Since the hostess still has to spend most of her time at home in the kitchen, let this integral area of ​​the interior and everyday life look like a beautiful room, and not a food factory and a washing shop.

Away with intrusive advertising. Pour your dish soap into beautiful containers (like those sold in the bathroom accessories section). The kitchen should not be associated only with duty. Surround yourself with beautiful things. So all the household will catch up to the process of washing dishes.

12 ways to fall in love … with the kitchen

2. Updates to the kitchen
Spring is the time to renew your wardrobe. March 8th is a great excuse to get a new apron. And together with him check for conviviality the appearance of towels, potholders, tablecloths. Surely the time has come to part with some of them. You may decide to completely update your entire collection»To match the interior of the renovated kitchen.

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3. Take out the flower vases
Prepare flower vases in advance, especially if you are expecting guests on a holiday. Surely at work you will be presented with several bouquets, and your loved ones will not ignore you on March 8th.

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More examples of photo arrangement of flowers in vases

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4. Wash all glass
To sparkle your life with a festive mood, pay attention to the cleanliness of the glass of the kitchen cabinets. And along with the windows – in the kitchen they get dirty from the inside much faster than in the room. Save time and effort – order cleaning and washing of windows in your apartment from a cleaning company. Much more spring sun will enter the house through clean glass.

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5. Arrange a buffet table, not a feast
Now that the kitchen has become the pride of the hostess, it’s time to celebrate the holiday. There is no point in killing yourself with preparing a dinner party on your own international day. Have a buffet to save energy. After all, the main thing is live communication with friends and family, which the hostess usually loses when she is busy changing dishes.

Order pies or pizza, buy more juices and fruit drinks and take out board games to make communication really fun and carefree.

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6. Smoothie, fresh and dessert – for vitaminization and good mood
To combat spring beriberi, take out a juicer and blender – it’s time for fresh juice and smoothies. Stir celery with carrots and apples, and you are provided with a charge of vitamins. A beautiful spring color for a celery and kiwi smoothie mixed with apple juice – an elementary smoothie recipe for those who dream of losing weight.

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However, after winter, the struggle for health and a slim figure is not a reason to give up delicious desserts altogether. Allow yourself to relax once a week – especially after a good walk.

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7. Create the perfect workspace for class
If you decide to spend the holidays in peace and quiet, make sure you have the perfect workplace ready for your favorite hobby. It is advisable that this place belongs only to you – it is easier to avoid conflicts over a free desktop at home and order on it. In the struggle for cleanliness, you should not make it completely sterile.

Hang on the wall (or cork board for notes) the declarations of your family’s love for you – a child’s drawing, your favorite photo, your own result of creativity. Everything you need to do what you love, let it be at hand or within walking distance from your desktop.

More examples of photos of the organization of the workplace

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7. Read for fun
Even in the busiest schedule, be sure to find time to read for your pleasure. Set up a comfortable window seat to read in the daylight on weekends.

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8. Get enough sleep
The struggle for order should not rest on only one fragile shoulders. For endless household chores, do not forget about good sleep. Provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Do not forbid yourself to nap during the weekend if the opportunity arises. Serotonin, hormone of happiness, is produced in the body not only from desserts. Daytime sleep is one of the methods to increase its level. This means you will be more fun, and your loved ones will get more of your love. Let them take care of your sleep.

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9. Time for the foam party
Throw yourself a personal foam party this weekend. Warn your family that the bathroom will be busy for a long time. Better to take them with you. In order not to break any of your favorite bottles during the struggle for dominance over soap bubbles, put everything in a basin in advance and remove it away from the epicenter of the foam battle. If you all have a lack of space in the bathroom, take your family to the water park.

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10. Smile to yourself
Hang or display your best photos where you often do household chores. At the time of vitamin deficiency, you need to be inspired. Add a mirror – look at yourself from time to time, watch your posture and facial expression, even during household chores.

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Do not darken your face with fatigue and discontent, they age. Think about the feedback of a smile and a good mood. Smile at your reflection. And, leaving the house on the street, remember that you are the queen.

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Then you will definitely not leave the admiration of those around you all year round!

Share your home plans for March and March weekend with us!

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