Bedroom colors: 10 ideas to keep both spouses happy

Фотоохота: Кровать зажата между шкафами — и красиво

When it comes to home improvement, the decision is often made by a woman. Often it is she who decides what color the bedroom should be. However, I do not like it when the interior of the bedroom for a couple is too girlish. As a designer, I design a bedroom for both a man and a woman – the reaction of both is important to me.

How and what color to choose for the bedroom? – I’m talking about how I find it in projects for my own customers.

Irina Krasheninnikova

Thicken the “feminine”
The color of the bedroom is discussed more actively by married couples than the ornament of wallpaper or other design components. Usually she likes one shade, he likes another – how to find a compromise is not clear.

I usually give an example with lace: it is considered unambiguously feminine, but if you make the lace black, a man may also like it. Need to decide what color to make the bedroom so that both spouses like it? – Take your favorite “female” color and thicken it, make it darker than usual. It might work.

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Alexey Ivanov and Pavel Gerasimov | Geometrium design

Dilute the “masculine”
We do the same with our favorite “masculine” shades – whiskey color, dark skin: whitewashed, as in this photo they look light and even “feminine.”

Gridley + Graves Photographers

Use black strokes
A few thin lines of dark wood are enough to make the “feminine” pastel palette seem too soft.

Advice: Draw the outlines of the light objects. Follow the advice of Johannes Itten, one of the authors of the Bauhaus curriculum and theorist of the new art: “Light colors on a light background can be enhanced by enclosing them in a black frame.”

Groundswell Design Group Inc.

Take colors from ads
The combination of orange and blue is most often used by marketers to attract a male audience: here in the USA these are the colors of the New York Mets baseball team, subconsciously men consider this combination to be “theirs”. I am sure that designers in any country know such color codes – they work unobtrusively and quickly give the desired result.

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FLIK – Construction Bureau

Scheme 1: Gray as the main color
Choosing what color to make the matrimonial bedroom, pay attention to gray – it will add sophistication to the interior. In this room, smoky gray sets the tone for the bedroom, while other colors fill it with energy.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

If you prefer a discreet classic style, butyou know what color to paint the walls in the bedroom – try dark gray tint. It is he who does not allow to call the bedroom too feminine.

Pay attention to how subtly the designer applied the technique of “thickening the colors” – for the pillows with classic ornaments, they took textiles of a rich wine color. And the snow-white bedding adds the right touch of “feminine” to this composition.

Laurent cathalinat

Fact: white linens will suit any interior – no matter what color you decide to make the bedroom.

Bedroom in a modern style – 453 photos

Credit ceramica

Scheme 2: gray and beige
The two most popular shades when it comes to what colors to make your bedroom in. Use both! Gray and beige combine perfectly. And they also make up spectacular color compositions with rich shades (about them in the article at the link below).

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Four schemes: What to combine with beige and gray shades

Oleg Mikhailov architect-designer

Scheme 3: gray and complex shades
A fashionable alternative to beige is complex pastel shades with a gray undertone: they look rich, go well with the anthracite shade of any intensity. Please note that here saturated gray was introduced as the color of bedding (you don’t like it, you can always replace it).

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Scheme 4: coffee, blue, orange
Wondering which wall color to choose for your bedroom? – Pay attention to this interior. His design scheme is based on colors that men like, but with an interpretation that will appeal to women.

The unobtrusive transition from blue and orange to blue and coral can be a delight to women’s eyes. Pick an artistic mix of expressive designs and tie them in charcoal gray. You get an option that suits both.


Scheme 5: around white
When couples cannot find a compromise and argue which color is best for the bedroom, I suggest white. Shades can be entered neatly using curtains, bedspreads, carpet.

Bedroom in white tones (38894 photos)

Erica George Dines Photography

Scheme 6: green and blue colors for the bedroom
Many people like the combination of green and blue. Soft pastel walls feminine, but a massive wooden headboard something definitely masculine. The balance is right.

Natalya Vershinina | Photography

Advice: Choose rich colors for your bedroom to contrast with pastels. “Saturation” refers to the degree of purity or intensity of a color. A rich color does not contain impurities of white or black, with the help of which delicate or, conversely, deep shades are obtained.

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►876 beautiful bedroom interiors

FLATS DESIGN / Evgeniya Matveenko

Figure 7: Universal Yellow
If you have read this far, but have not yet decided what color to make the bedroom in – take yellow! This versatile, gender neutral color saves most couples with different styles. By the way, black will add an expressive contrast to yellow.

► Another 345 photos of yellow bedrooms

ND Studio

In the photo: choose one of thousands of shades of green and no longer think about what color to make the bedroom

Scheme 8: green and its shades
Green is always the best solution for those who do not want to give a design a distinct gender character.


9. Brown and cream
Favorite classic color combination. If he and she are fans of the classics, this combination will appeal to both.

► 433 more photos of bedrooms in brown tones

Rachel Reider Interiors

Figure 10: dark wood and shades of blue
Blue is statistically the most popular and favorite color. But to keep the balance, these colors need to be diluted and shaded.
The dark brown headboard in this bedroom plays the role of such an expressive accent. This room is an example of the golden mean: not too masculine and not too feminine.

► This is archival material. First published 2015. Updated in 2021


What colors do you think are suitable for the bedroom of the spouses? Write in the comments!

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