Bright and Fresh: Setting a Scandinavian Christmas Table

Фотоохота: Новогодняя подсветка загородного дома и сада — 26 идей

The more varied the holiday menu, the more options for how the Christmas table will look. And in one opinion they agree: the New Year and Christmas table should look bright and festive. Designer from Deco & Living Estela Lopez has designed a fresh and modern Scandinavian table setting for Houzz.

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Lopez aimed to create a modern table for dining with friends. She chose the Scandinavian style – light, fresh and solemn. Even if you don’t have the items that Lopez chose in her store at your fingertips, her ideas will still help you set a beautiful holiday table.

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It is very important to decide on the color scheme. Lopez chose traditional European Christmas colors: red, green and gold, which contrast with
round pink napkins for cutlery.

Do you feel like pink and red don’t go well? Not at all! This is a rather daring, but very successful combination. In addition, the rest of the range is dominated by light shades and white. This allows you to experiment a bit with color and add vibrant detail.

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A textile decoration in the form of a red and white candy can become a highlight on the table – it can be presented to guests (and with a loop it will also become a decoration for a Christmas tree). You can put various festive trinkets on the table so that guests can take them home and then fondly remember this pleasant evening.

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On holidays, you can afford a little more; for example, Lopez brought an element of theatricality with decorative bird cages. It is important to arrange them at different levels, otherwise the decor may turn out to be too massive.

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If the table is not against the wall, the decor can become the main focus of attention, but take care that objects are not too high and do not block guests from each other. Alternatively, you can put beautiful saucers next to each guest, or put a flower or candle next to a plate.

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Place a Christmas wreath in the middle of the table – a composition of four candlesticks with Christmas balls and a classic green wreath with candles.

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Why not use piglet figurines in your Christmas decor? There is always room for small details on an already laid table – the nicer if there is something on the table that will make guests smile.

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When laying the Christmas table, don’t forget about the rest of the room. A small sideboard or chest of drawers near the table can be part of the decor. Lopez chose two white nutcrackers as her decoration, and the turquoise vase visually echoes the dishes on the table. And, of course, don’t forget about the tree! An interesting option is a small Christmas tree made of wooden bars.

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And what is the Scandinavian-style interior without deer? Lopez graced it
cute Christmas decorations.

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Make sure there are enough chairs at the table before guests arrive. In the photo, for example, chairs in two versions: white and natural wood shade – they dilute the colorful Christmas decor.

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Have you already figured out how to decorate the New Year’s table? Share your ideas in the comments section!

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