For Russians, the conditions of entry are almost classically difficult: they need a visa. On March 1, 2021, visas to the States for students and transit (types F1 and C1 / D) began to be issued in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. In Yekaterinburg, you can also get a B1 / B2 tourist visa – but only if you do not need an interview. In addition, you can apply for a visa in other countries where there is a US embassy – for example, in Kazakhstan or Lithuania. If you have a visa, then you just need to pass the COVID test no earlier than 72 hours before departure, and welcome to the United States – the borders are open. new-york-668616_1920.jpg It seems to us that the best format for traveling around the States is by car or in a motorhome. It is stylish, inexpensive and beautiful – you have time to admire the changing landscapes outside the window. In the case of a mobile home, the situation is absolutely wonderful: you do not need to worry about where you will sleep, you just need to stop by the campsite. rv-rental-landscape-photography_2- (1) .jpgPhoto:

Where to begin?

We have selected seven locations from which to begin acquaintance with the world outside the usual cities:

one. The most heavenly – Hawaii

We start with the most pleasant – from the volcanic islands, where the green of the jungle, blackening lava and the beating of the waves of the Pacific Ocean combine. Chips: volcanoes – a lonely shield volcano Mauna Kea and a whole national park with two active volcanoes and several obsolete craters; black and red volcanic beaches and lost waterfalls Things to do? Surfing, jungle trekking, eating exotic fruits Season: the islands are summer all year round. The minimum precipitation occurs in April-October. Restrictions: pass the NAAT test for covid 72 hours before arrival, register with the state. kalalau-1614969145272-6192.jpgPhoto:

2. Most photographed – Monument Valley

This point united natural attractions that can surpass the Grand Canyon in beauty: this is Antelope Canyon and the bends of the Colorado River. You’ve probably seen these giant blocks in one of the Westerns: withered grass, scorching heat, a cowboy on a wild horse … Chips: red striped rocks forming overhead vaults; endless expanses and the smell of freedom Things to do? Walk among the walls and stairs of the canyon, saddle a horse or get lost in a car among weathered sandstone monoliths with a Navajo guide. Season: the most gorgeous photos are taken at dawn or in the “golden hour” before sunset, it will be most comfortable in May-October. pexels-pixabay-161820.jpg

3. The most bearish – Alaska

This state has to live in isolation from others: it is separated from Russia by the thin Bering Strait, and from the rest of the states by Canada. Chips: grizzly bears, volcanoes, deer and seals – everything is very similar to Kamchatka, but with an American rhythm of life. Things to do? In the summer – visit one of the national parks – Katmai or Dinali. In winter, go downhill skiing, catch the northern lights and pet deer. Season: for the first meeting, it is preferable to go in the summer – from May to September. aurora-1185464_1920.jpg

4. The most volcanically active is Yellowstone National Park

The huge caldera, formed after the explosion of an ancient volcano, now covers an area of ​​about 9 thousand square meters. m – and is one of those places where it is easiest to see the geyser and enjoy the volcanic landscapes. Features: wild and free nature in one of the most geologically unusual places in the USA Things to do? Drive through the park by car, see bears and bison, catch an erupting geyser in the shot.

5. The noisiest – Niagara Falls

It is worth flying to the Canadian border to see the most powerful waterfall in North America. Spoiler alert: there are actually three waterfalls. Chips: noise, splashes and a lot of water. Walk to the rapids – the river boils there too. Things to do? Take a boat ride, fly a helicopter over a waterfall, or climb to that observation deck, where the spray is flying right in your face. Season: May-October niagarskiy-vodopad.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Ob2O_evlvW.jpgPhoto:

6. The most huggable – Sequoia National Park

Features: The largest trees on the planet, growing in a national park – hiking is held in high esteem. The sequoias are so large that tunnels and dwellings were even cut down in them. Things to do? Go inside one of the trees, hug another – perhaps not alone, and climb Moro Rock and descend into the Crystal Cave. Season: July-September, early October nacionalnyj-park-sekvoya.jpgPhoto:

7. The Whitest – Death Valley

Chips: the lowest point in the country – Badwater Basin – located below sea level, the highest temperature in the United States – a record +56.7 ° C, the wildest hiking place. Things to do? Find the Devil’s Golf Course, view the Valley from above, and walk along the salt marsh. Season: March, April or October, November. pexels-abby-kihano-226367.jpg USA requires mobility and thoughtfulness, therefore it is easier book an author’s tour… They are different: for those who are just discovering this country, and for those who have been living in the States for a long time. How much does the author’s tour cost? On average, $ 200-250 per day. For this money, you get an organized trip with a fun company, unfamiliar locations and cool photos for Instagram.