Design Heals: How to Make Yourself Comfortable When You Are on Sick

Есть проблема: беспорядок на кухонной столешнице

If you prepare the house in advance, in the future “bed rest” can be while away with the maximum (as far as possible) comfort. Some items in the house can help a lot with this.

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1. Comfortable bed
Bed rest is a classic medical prescription. It is possible to carry the disease on your feet, as many do, but not worth it. Viral diseases are terrible for their cardiovascular complications. And even a harmless trip from the bed to the bathroom will be considered a load on the vessels. You stand up, the blood supply has increased – the virus has moved further through the body. Don’t give him another chance: go to bed, drink, and take prescribed medications.

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Advice: If the current mattress has been serving for a long time (and is a little squeezed) or the sofa bed is too hard, “composite”, the berth can be supplemented with a topper. This is a budget-friendly way to improve your sleep quality without replacing your mattress or purchasing a new sofa.

How to: Choose a bed topper

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2. Serving tray
Practice shows: if on the first day of illness all steps are taken correctly (several liters of warm drink are poured in, peace and quality sleep are provided), then the person is more likely to recover.

Serving trays help organize a place for a teapot and cups next to the bed. They are usually part of the category of optional home accessories bought in a burst of inspiration after a vacation in a hotel with good service. For some reason, they forget about them at home, although they can be used to arrange a comfortable place in bed without waiting for the cold season.

Irina Krivtsova Design

Important: The requirements for the tray are as follows – high sides, comfortable sturdy handles (a teapot with tea is usually heavy) and a sufficient area so that all items enter without toppling over when carrying.

In the photo: serving trolley “Roskug from IKEA

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Alas – serving tray
convenient to put on the bedside table in the bedroom. And it is completely inconvenient – on the floor by the couch (where there are usually no bedside tables). In this case, it is wise to have a compact serving cart “in reserve”.

► high sides of the shelves (example in the photo);
►wheels. In general, any mobile thing greatly simplifies life in a home where someone is ill. It is important to avoid any effort: move the coffee table to the sofa or a special narrow table – it is easier to the bed if they are on wheels.

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3. Thermopot
Sometimes the body aches so much that any movement is unpleasant. And in this case, you need to be treated intensively – that is, drink 2-3 liters of warm liquid prescribed by the doctor (and actively sweat). If you fill an ordinary kettle to the top, you will have to boil the full volume each time (and pour just a mug). It is wiser to brew a warm drink in a thermos or put a thermo pot by the bed (a kettle that maintains the required water temperature). Then you can crawl out to the kitchen only once every couple of hours: fill the kettle, throw out the used napkins and come back.


4. Container for used handkerchiefs
In normal life, in an ordinary apartment, we have only one bin – a trash one in the kitchen. It is unlikely that anyone will like the idea of ​​bringing him closer to the bed during illness.

Therefore, we look around – we are looking for any plastic container, basket, baking container with high sides, a saucepan, etc. in the apartment. Criteria: high side, the container is easy to clean (you can pour boiling water over it) or cover it with a bag from the inside.

We put it near the bed (or on the lower tier of a serving trolley), use it as a container for used handkerchiefs.

5. Mobile workplace
No one dreams of working on sick leave, but in reality – alas – this is exactly what happens. Business does not wait, many are forced to open the computer even on sick leave. Keep all the accessories you need close at hand – exactly how we detailed in the article at the link below.

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How to organize [дополнительное] workplace at home

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6. Additional light
Separately take care of the extra light near the bed. Eyes in a state of illness should not strain. That is, if there is a need to work with a screen, let the contrast between its luminous surface and the environment be minimal.

► a shade that gently diffuses light and does not hit the eyes.
► plastic and textiles are preferable to a glass shade – if you accidentally brush it on the floor, it will not break;
► can be fixed with a clip on the headboard or furniture in the neighborhood.

Masha Mamonova | Secret Feng Shui

Advice: Install the justgetflux application on your computer, which automatically changes the intensity of the monitor’s glow depending on the light in the room: the load on your eyes is reduced, and they get less tired.

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7. Pillows
A certain amount of high pillows will be needed to maintain a reclining position. Therefore, even if you always sleep on flat and thin pillows, keep a larger pair just in order to place them under your back.

Question: Which pillow to choose

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8. Blankets
Another indispensable accessory for convalescents. The only recommendation is to choose fleece or any other hypoallergenic materials, as colds exacerbate allergies. Therefore, woolen blankets can be advised only to those who know for sure that a runny nose will not become even worse from them. And it will not be easy even for a doctor to distinguish where there is actually a cold, and where is an allergic reaction to wool or medications.

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9. Temperature control
Strictly speaking, it would be nice to put this item in the title. If for some reason you do not have temperature controls on heating radiators, install them as soon as possible. It is impossible to maintain a temperature of + 18 ° C without them, even if you regularly ventilate the room.

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Air conditioners do not really help in the cold season, and besides, they often generate a noticeable draft. And it is really necessary to monitor the correct temperature regime in the room where you are.

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10. Vitamins for the eyes
Modern medicine is no longer so zealous about additional vitaminization during the recovery period. But visual vitamins (that is, cleanliness and beauty around) are unanimously recommended by all psychologists.

Actually, since the time of the ancient Greeks, there is nothing new in this council. Beauty and health are connected, beautiful means healthy. That is, for us this means a certain effort to create an “island” that will be pleasant to look at. A small bouquet at a distance on the window (but not near the bed), a bowl of fruit (even if you don’t feel like eating), a couple of albums that I wanted to revise for a long time. And don’t get carried away with surfing the virtual network. Use this respite to look out the window. The state of peace and tranquility will not keep you waiting.

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In a nutshell

  1. In advance, without waiting for illness, check the condition of the mattress or bed, if necessary, buy a topper.
  2. Check if there are enough pillows to work half-sitting in bed, if there are blankets.
  3. For a hot drink by the bed, you will need a thermos / thermo pot and a serving tray.
  4. If there is no tray, it is better to purchase either one or a serving trolley with high sides on wheels.
  5. Consider whether it is possible to bring a table lamp, a container for used scarves from other rooms.

Be healthy!

► This is archival material. First published in 2016 and updated in 2020

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