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Фотоохота: Новогодняя подсветка загородного дома и сада — 26 идей

Christmas and New Year are celebrated differently in each country. But no matter how you meet them, we want to wish everyone happy holidays. We asked our users to share how they celebrate the winter holidays in their own home.

Lisa Atkinson Photographer

Christmas on the beach in Mornington Peninsula, Australia
Since Mardi and Brett Manson have a two-year-old son Max and they are expecting a second baby, they prefer to enjoy Christmas with their family in a simple and calm atmosphere. The family moved to their dream home by the sea in 2013. For the holiday, they dressed the space overlooking the beach with branches nailed by the ocean and sea shells.

Lisa Atkinson Photographer

A handmade Christmas tree from branches found on the shore hangs over the fireplace. This is not only a simple and original decoration, but also a great option for a family with a small child – Max cannot reach the tree and decorations. “Max is old enough this year to enjoy Christmas. It’s great that we celebrate the holiday together in such a measured and calm manner. “

Peculiarities: Bare feet, a tree blown out by the waves, Pavlova cakes

Houzz Australia: Christmas at the Beach Cottage

Corynne pless

Corynne pless

Sparkling Christmas decorations in Los Angeles, USA
Chris and Amber Earl love to decorate the Christmas tree and fireplace with gold and silver ornaments and sparkling lanterns. “From the wedding, we still have silver-plated glass jewelry. I take them out every year because they feel like ‘Christmas’ to me, ”says Amber.

The brass Santa Claus heirloom used to belong to Chris’s grandmother. “We found it fun to include it in the set,” explains Amber. Decorated with handmade paper snowflakes and pom-pom garlands.

Peculiarities: Family heirlooms, Christmas stockings, pom-pom garlands

Colorful Christmas in Sweden
Evilina and Pat Utterberg and their five children (Embla, Elton, Elona, ​​Enya and Eliza) moved into their large house in the village two and a half years ago. “Pat grew up in this house, and when his parents decided to live in a smaller house, we moved here,” explains Evilina.

The family loves the location of the house: it is located near Skölde, in central Sweden, but there are forests and cows grazing around the corner. “We live in a real village. It’s awful that we can spend a lot of time with children in nature, ”says Evelina.

Children eat lussecatt, a sweet saffron and raisin bun served only on Saint Lucia’s Day on December 13th.

The family loves to make their Christmas decorations by hand, and this bricks-and-mortar house is a more durable version of the gingerbread house. “We love Hama and usually we don’t need instructions to assemble something,” explains Evilina. “But here we used a recipe for decorating a gingerbread house, which worked great with the designer.”

Christmas decorations are made in the same vibrant colors that the entire house is decorated in: yellow, pink, red and blue. The family found the chairs around the table at various garage sales, and Evelina painted them. “If
take a closer look, you can see that they are not perfect, but when you have five children, it doesn’t really matter, ”she says.

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Peculiarities: Candles, constructor Hama, buns with raisins


Houzz Sweden: A family with five children celebrates Christmas outside the city

Chris snook

Chris snook

Traditional Christmas charm in an old house in Kent, UK
In preparation for Christmas, Shane and Ian Ross transformed their 16th century home into a shabby chic wonderland full of charm.

From the very entrance, the house is adorned with decorations made from natural materials, including a wreath of branches and cones that hangs on the front door. Luminous lanterns and glass decorations illuminate the whole house with Christmas light.

Chris snook

Garlands of spruce branches and winter berries adorn the fireplace in the dining room, creating a rustic atmosphere in the room. “Our house is very close to Christmas,” says Sheina.

Peculiarities: Holly, magic lanterns, cocoa

Houzz Britain: The Spirit of Christmas in a 16th Century Cottage

Alfredo Arias photo

Christmas songs and fun in Madrid, Spain
Christmas in the Baena family is a traditional, sweet and inclusive holiday where the whole family comes together, including grandparents, brothers, sisters and nephews. Eva, the mistress of the house, adds the last
finishing touches by decorating the table with flowers, stars and candles, while children help set the table while listening to Christmas songs.

“Children are involved in everything,” says Eva. – They are the real heroes of the evening. After lunch (December 24), we sing Christmas carols and wait for Santa Claus to appear after midnight (although in the most unexpected way he appears every year).

Alfredo Arias photo

For all Spaniards, the most amazing night during the Christmas period falls on January 6, when, according to tradition, three wise men come to their home. “We all prepare a little treat for them, as well as water and milk for the caramels,” Eva explains. – When in the morning children scream with joy when they see all the gifts, it is a magical moment for us. For breakfast we eat roscon, a traditional Spanish dessert. “

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Peculiarities: Christmas songs, berry decor, roscon

Olga Shangina | Photography

New Year and Christmas in Russia
In Russia, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th, so the holidays begin at the end of December with the New Year. For Galina Khalukova, the New Year’s Eve is connected primarily with family and traditions: “The whole family gathers at a large table and is waiting for the arrival of Father Frost. Before it appears, we play games: for example, we dress up in different costumes and throw paper snowballs into baskets or try to cut candies suspended on strings with scissors, ”says Galina.

Olga Shangina | Photography

For the New Year and Christmas, Galina decorated the Christmas tree with traditional glass decorations, some of which are related to the marine theme (Galina’s husband is a yachtsman), such as this mermaid.

Peculiarities: Carnival masks, Olivier salad, decorated Christmas tree

Intense Photography

A multigenerational Christmas in Vaitoki, Nova Zealand
This year, Wayne and Irene Vil finally completed a small house on the lot where their daughter and her husband live. Now they can have Christmas in their cozy new country house.

The couple looks forward to the whole family gathering to open gifts, share a wonderful meal, and enjoy the comforts of home.

Intense Photography

Wayne and Irene decided to have a real party and decorated the tree with shiny gold and white ornaments. Since their grandchildren live in a neighboring house, the two families constantly visit each other.

“We have a very open relationship with my daughter and her husband, so we go to each other all the time and enjoy the neighborhood,” says Wayne. Since the families now live very close to each other, everyone decided to decorate the tree this year. “

Peculiarities: Family and friends, lunch outdoors, nature views

Other photos of this house

Anne marie photography

Family party at a modern farm in Austin, USA
Brandi Hines, an event planner and interior designer, created her own December calendar and a special playground where her son Parker and his friends could play while the adults talk during Christmas night. “This keeps everyone in the family close during the holidays,” explains Brandi.

On the evenings before Christmas, the whole family will read notes from the December calendar. Having opened all the gifts, children can occupy themselves and play with the houses placed on the windowsill.

Anne marie photography

Brandi always spends Christmas Eve with her husband’s parents, where all family members exchange gifts and dine together. “A new tradition that we passed down from our parents is to buy holiday pajamas, leave cookies for Santa, and read The Visit of St. Nicholas book at night,” Brandi says. “Then Santa puts the presents on the socks hung by the fireplace and leaves one unpacked present under the tree.”

Brandi Hines Events + Design

“Being able to spend time together is the best part of the holidays. So we always watch movies together, like the Polar Express, go to the Hill County Lights Festival, or go for a walk and dine in San Antonio. “

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In the photo, Brandi Parker’s son excitedly opens the presents. The family finished renovating the house in June 2015. “We are looking forward to Christmas so that we can spend the first time in a renovated home,” admits Brandi.

Peculiarities: Pajamas, cookies, New Year’s movies

Nina Frolova

Family holiday at the dacha in Moscow region, Russia
These New Year’s Holidays Katya Osovtsova from OK Baby! together with her son Leva plans to celebrate with his family: parents, sister, her husband and nephew in the country. “We are not planning anything global, there is no scenario either. – Katya shares, “There will be a festive dinner, a Christmas tree for the children in the yard, and the obligatory exchange of gifts for the chimes (if the children survive). In general, it is difficult to predict how everything will go, taking into account not one, but two kids running around.

On the festive table, we always have red caviar, jellied meat and Olivier salad. The rest of the snacks and cold dishes are changed. For hot dishes, as a rule, a bird or a rabbit. Moreover, every year we try to cook them in different ways. This time we are planning to serve Peking duck. “

Nina Frolova

Celebrating the New Year in a modern and insanely dynamic rhythm of life a real nightmare. We, as a rule, barely have time to buy gifts and prepare a festive dinner, but think about decorating the house – NSit is already an unaffordable luxury. Therefore, we tried to make life easier for busy people. came up with a cool box, which has everything you need for a holiday and a great mood (from balloons and garlands to a piñata clock and a cardboard monkey for New Year’s photo shoots). And we ourselves will use it to quickly decorate the dacha, and we will spend the saved time on communication and fun

Peculiarities: Peking duck, tree in the yard, tocreative garlands

Nina Frolova

Tell us how you plan to celebrate New Year and Christmas. If you have a free minute, share your photos of the interior decorated for the New Year and Christmas by posting them in the comments.
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