Everything you need for the beach: how to get ready for your summer holidays

July 18, 2021
author:David Safir
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Everything you need for the beach: how to get ready for your summer holidays
Everything you need for the beach: how to get ready for your summer holidays
Everything you need for the beach: how to get ready for your summer holidays

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Summer is the time for summer vacations, beach walks and open-air parties. This is also the time when you need to pack your suitcase for all these activities. Planning ahead is the key to success! You don’t want to get stuck without an important piece of clothing or accessories when you need them. So what’s the most important thing? What should you take with you and not forget? We’ve compiled a list of things we think will come in handy on any summer trip, and you can read more for quality tips!

Bring a well-fitting bathing suit, flip flops and a hat
Swimwear is an obvious accessory, but it is often easiest to forget during the packaging phase. You should bring a suit that fits you well and you feel comfortable in. Swimwear is the best accessory on the beach! Bring flip flops with you for comfort when walking on hot sand or climbing water. Also, remember to bring a hat with or without wide brims to protect your head from harsh sunlight. Even if you don’t have these accessories at home, they can be found at fairly affordable prices in places like online stores. Just pick your style and you’re done!
The beach can be an ideal holiday destination with many different activities available for visitors looking to spend time at the beach on their vacation itinerary. If you’re looking for relaxation, beach reading materials such as books, newspapers, magazines are essential items along with sunscreen lotion for UV protection (the number one reason people get skin cancer). It also never hurts to stash some money in a beach bag in case you need to buy something.
Bring an inflatable mattress or swimming circle with you
If you want to have fun on the beach, air mattresses and circles are perfect. Especially if you are traveling with the whole family. They are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to inflate, and provide hours of fun! Make sure that when you take it with you on vacation, it is not too small so that everyone can fit inside without touching the sand with their feet.
Mattresses and circles can also be used in resort hotel pools, so you won’t regret taking them with you for sure!
Also, if a hole appears in your inflatable raft while you play with your friends and family, you can just fix it so you don’t have to worry.
Everything you need for the beach: how to get ready for your summer holidays 4
Bring your sunglasses and sunscreen
Taking care of your wellness is one of the most important things you can do on vacation. Sun protection is important for safe travel and beach enjoyment, so bring sunglasses that won’t break while swimming or while packing your sunscreen to protect against these rays.
Sunglasses are absolutely essential when you spend any amount of time outdoors because they protect your eyes (and more importantly, your skin) from harmful UV radiation that causes premature aging and wrinkles around them. When choosing sunglasses, look with 100% UVA, UVB protection. Roller lenses can also help prevent glare from water surfaces or TV screens by blocking light waves that oscillate perpendicular to their axis of polarization.
Sunscreen is also necessary because it protects your skin from harmful UV radiation that can cause sunburn, premature aging, and wrinkles. When choosing the best sunscreen for your beach holiday, look for those that have an SPF 30 or higher (SPF 50-70 is even better), a PA rating of at least 15, broad spectrum UVA, UVB protection and waterproof so they are not easy remove by sweat or sea water.
Bring an extra pair of clothing in case your bags get lost
Bring extra clothing in case your bags get lost. Even if you don’t know what to take with you, take a few extra shirts and trousers with you on vacation. This way, you will have clothes that suit you, even if there is no washing machine nearby.
Luggage can be lost at the airport in hotels and while on vacation. It can also be stolen, so never take it with you or leave any truly valuable items.
Everything you need for the beach: how to get ready for your summer holidays 5
Make sure you have all the necessary toiletries and medications
No one can predict what might happen on vacation, so it’s best to prepare. Before you travel, be sure to make a list of the medications you need for the next few weeks. Ask yourself:
– What medications do I take regularly?
– Do I have prescriptions from a doctor or dentist?
– Do I need to replenish anything at this time?
There are many things we all forget at home when traveling abroad. These items range from toothpaste and antibiotic sunburn cream to prescription drugs and even toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner. It is always best not to leave them, because there will certainly come a point when it will be difficult to find what you are looking for in another country (or region).
Pack a small bag of snacks
Take food to the beach for sure. The main thing here is to pack small snacks like sliced ​​fruit and muesli bars that don’t need refrigeration or cooking. Also, fill the cooler with a few water bottles to freshen up without leaving sand for long!
If you are not one of those who like to bring food, you can always buy it right on the beach. Most of the popular tourist beaches have food vendors, so this is not a problem. Packing a lot of things is not a good idea. Overpacking is a real problem for many people. Probably fearing that they will not have enough, people tend to collect a huge amount of things for a short vacation.
Moreover, it will be difficult to find anything, you have no room in your suitcase for souvenirs from the trip, and this leads to wasted time when you try to get out of there at the end of the vacation.
Lightweight packaging is key so that everything goes well on the way home and back. This way, you don’t have to struggle with bulky and heavy bags.

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