Check-in for a flight in non-trivial ways, updated aircraft cabin design, high entertainment and a generous bonus program – we are talking about the most exotic airline from Germany.

Few facts

The large German airline Condor, the second largest carrier in Germany, dates back to 1959 and is part of the Thomas Cook Group airlines, which fly passengers to the most beautiful and exotic destinations on the planet.

Whether you’re heading to Asia or North America, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, take a look at Condor – this is where it operates more than 200 of its regular flights departing from 15 cities in Germany. For passengers from Russia, the main hubs are Frankfurt and Munich airports.

According to OneTwoTrip statistics, Condor’s most popular destinations are London, Cape Town, Sao Paulo, Edinburgh and New York.


The journey begins even before boarding the plane – with check-in for the flight.

Condor not only has exotic flight destinations, but also check-in methods. For example, because in some cases it does not require a personal presence at all – it can be entrusted to someone else, even someone who is not going to fly. For this, the late night check-in service is suitable. It is available to those who have planned a flight without a ticket, want to check in their baggage and receive a boarding pass the night before departure. On the day of departure, after arriving at the airport and passing security, you can go directly to the boarding gate.

If you want to feel the power of technology and drive in front of everyone, you should first find out if a special kiosk is installed at the departure airport where you can check in for a flight just an hour before departure. But the luggage still has to be lit in the old fashioned way at the drop-off counter.

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Conservative passengers can still check-in in one of two standard ways: online, while still at home, or at the check-in counter at the airport.

Service classes

For the convenience of its passengers, Condor has significantly updated the design of aircraft cabins, introduced LED and dynamic lighting, and installed ergonomic seats with additional space between the seats. All passengers, without exception, have access to a selection of films, TV series, radio stations and music of various genres.

Economy class

Economy class cabins are equipped with seats with built-in 9-inch screens and headrests that improve blood circulation. Pillows and blankets are available on long-haul flights, and headphones are available at an additional cost.

If the flight is operated for more than 5 hours and 30 minutes, passengers will be offered a free hot lunch or dinner with a choice of two main courses, and soft drinks are available without restrictions.

Photo: Condor Airlines

Photo: Condor Airlines

Photo: Condor Airlines

Premium Economy Class

In addition to Economy Class features, Premium Economy Class passengers can look forward to priority boarding and exiting, free seat selection when booking a ticket, a seat with USB port and footrest, and an extra 15cm seat spacing, premium meals and free alcoholic beverages.

Before the flight, passengers of premium economy class will be given a cosmetic kit, headphones, a blanket and a pillow, a welcome cocktail, magazines and newspapers.

Baggage allowance depends on the distance of the chosen route (from 25 kg to 32 kg, special conditions for flights to Brazil).

Photo: Condor Airlines

Photo: Condor Airlines

Photo: Condor Airlines

Business Class

Business class passengers will be provided with maximum comfort during the flight with comfortable seats with individual dividers, lighting, adjustable headrests, a power supply for connecting a laptop and USB. The seats can be folded 170 degrees. You can watch movies on a 15-inch-enlarged screen built into the back of the front chair.

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Before the flight, passengers will be given a cosmetic kit and hot towels, a welcome glass of champagne, magazines and newspapers.

In-flight meals include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a five-course menu with a choice of three options for hot dishes served on porcelain dishes. Desserts and liqueurs are served separately.

The baggage allowance depends on the distance of the chosen route (from 30 kg to 2×32 kg).

Photo: Condor Airlines

Photo: Condor Airlines

bonus program

When flying with Condor is a basic requirement, welcome to the Miles & More program to earn miles! The airline generously charges them for each ticket, but the number depends on the class of service and the duration of the flight – from 125 miles in economy class on short and medium-haul flights to 2500 miles in business class.

Earned miles can be spent on booking the next flight or upgrading the service class of the current one, as well as on any other offers of the airline.

Canary Islands, Madeira or Anchorage – where will you go next?

Photo: Condor Airlines

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