• New items and trends 2021
  • Photorealism and trompe l’oeil
  • Gradient
  • Murals by artists
  • Watercolor waves
  • Emphasis on texture
  • Geometry and 3D graphics
  • “Metallic”
  • Tropics
  • Animalistics
  • Flower patterns

New items and trends 2020

Wallpaper remains a key trend in interior design, and at the peak of its popularity is a mix from the directions of the 50-80s of the XX century. Let’s take a look at what new wall wallpaper products are being offered by leading companies in 2020.

Wallpaper from the NID D'OISEEAU collection by Élitis

Inspired by the decorative art of this period, designers give priority to complex combinations of shades: olive and green, “eggplant”, as well as colors with a predominance of terracotta, mustard, pale pink, blue, green tones.

Especially in demand are now wide formats, from 0.7 meters, giving a minimum number of joints. Seamless coverings, large panels or frescoes, which are glued to the wall in a single sheet, are also popular.

The basis for wallpaper today is increasingly non-woven or an improved paper backing. And already on top, a decorative layer is applied – made of vinyl, acrylic, textile or fiberglass.

Let’s see which decors are currently the most relevant.

Photorealism and trompe l’oeil

Among the new fashion trends in wallpaper for walls, it is worth noting large-scale panels depicting nature. Unlike the once popular photo wallpaper, these images are created by the artist’s hand. The paintings convey the atmosphere prevailing in the landscape and fill the interior with it, and modern technologies allow them to be embodied at any scale and to the size of a particular wall. Panoramic panels allow you to visually expand the boundaries of space thanks to the volumetric pattern that creates the effect of presence.

Wallpaper from the collection Nuvola Glamora

A more intimate alternative is the image of natural textures and textures. Often enlarged. So, you can find wallpaper with imitation of wood texture, which includes a wide variety of options, from processed lining and freshly sawn boards to natural oak and exotic wenge.

Wallpaper Alnwick Logs, Sanderson, Embleton Bay Collection

PLUME ECRU wallpaper by AGENA


Subtle gradations of color from saturated to a more delicate shade do not go out of style. Variations can be different: a smooth transition from one shade to another, the effect of flowing ink, delicate watercolor stains. Color transitions can be located vertically or horizontally, but it is preferable to use them as a color accent on one of the walls. Gradient wallpapers will perfectly fit into minimalistic interiors, adding bright colors using unusual combinations: for example, a smooth transition of a peach shade to deep green or bright orange to gray-blue. In living rooms, these colors are best used with care and only as an accent.

Ray wallpaper, Calico Wallpaper, Aurora collection, by Specht Architects

Murals by artists

Still lifes, landscapes, figured compositions and sketches seem to have come out of the hands of artists Matisse, Picasso and Miró. It is no longer necessary to purchase a reproduction of the canvas of your favorite painter. Compositions in the spirit of art posters are now available on wallpaper. The size of the compositions varies – from a chamber panel to an entire wall. There are a lot of format options.

MONACO wallpaper by Élitis

Wallpaper from the collection tigre-et-dragon by Elitis

Wallpaper algues by Elitis

Mutamenti wallpaper by Wall & Deco

Watercolor waves

Another curious trend is the drawing in the form of waves, painted in watercolor technique. It seems as if the artist took a brush in his hands and made some light strokes on paper. Such wallpapers are now incredibly popular: they look unusual due to the textured surface and, moreover, perfectly decorate the interior of a living room or bedroom. With color variations and metallic effects, you can create an incredibly sophisticated space. True, this solution requires caution, since it is applicable to decorate only one of the walls, as shown in the photo.

Affresco Wallpaper, Fine Art Collection

Flutti wallpaper by Glamora

Jannelli Volpi HID Wallpaper

Emphasis on texture

There is nothing more beautiful than natural materials that can create a special comfort. But when their use is impossible, then you can turn to other solutions: for example, decorate surfaces with wallpaper with a natural texture. To create these canvases, natural fibers are used – the bark of a banana tree, a coconut tree, rattan, which is applied to the surface. Talented artists create amazing patterns that highlight the uniqueness and natural imperfections of each plant. The color palette combines a rich selection of natural shades inherent in vegetation. Sometimes the surface of the wallpaper is decorated with a light metallized layer and bright colors.

Wallpaper from the blanche-neige line by Elitis

Wallpaper from the blanche-neige line by Elitis

Wallpaper SRA4721, Omexco, Seraya collection

Geometry and 3D graphics

At the peak of popularity – wallpaper with geometric patterns. There are a lot of options based on geometry – these are bright abstract compositions in the spirit of Memphis, and subtle graphic drawings and volumetric 3D decors.

Everyone is free to choose decors according to their taste and in accordance with the style of their interior. Another thing is that too active drawings will dominate the space, and it will not work to create a calm atmosphere of relaxation. A possible option is to decorate with wallpaper only one accent wall. It is appropriate to duplicate a stylish pattern in upholstery or textiles.

Mustache floating wallpaper

Wall & decò wall-paper from the OPTOMETRIEK series

Wallpaper Sumi, Harlequin, Momentum Collection 3


Undeservedly forgotten wallpapers with metallic decor are back in fashion, almost all collections of 2020 contain a similar design. Color matters: it should be black, graphite or gray. It is believed that such wallpapers perfectly “dilute” the asceticism of a minimalist living room or bedroom and fit perfectly into the “high-tech” style. If you choose just such wallpapers, then the same rule works here: you should not decorate the whole room with them completely, although a combination of glossy and matte surfaces of the same color takes place. Embossed metal wallpaper looks interesting, and the rougher the texture looks, the better.

Wallpaper from the FASTE collection by Élitis

Wallpaper Sapphire Geometric Metallic, Henderson Interiors


Prints with large leaves of spreading palm trees, exotic flowers and vines are still in fashion. True, in 2020 they embody these motifs in muted colors and a monochrome palette interspersed with ocher, copper, and gold. Images of nature are transferred to trendy wallpapers, creating an atmosphere of wild jungle or terraces, decorated with blooming bouquets in vases or pots. These plots are often panels consisting of three or more fragments. Such decor will help to distract from the gray everyday life and bring exotic notes to the interior.

Wallpaper Palm House, Osborne & Little, Mansfield Park collection


Prancing horses, graceful tigers, lions and all sorts of fantastic creatures burst into the interiors of trendy living rooms. For those who are not ready for such radical experiments, designers offer quieter plots – fashionable wallpaper for walls with prints in the form of beautiful butterflies, fish and graceful birds. These decors can be used as an accent on one of the walls in a room and draw attention to a specific area. Graphic wild animals with crisp silhouettes help create a 60s vibe this year.

Wallpaper Lost World, Clarke & Clarke, Wilderie Collection

Wallpapers from the GROOVERS collection by Wall & decò

Flower patterns

Wallpaper classics are English roses, exotic and garden flowers. Today, designers continue to draw ideas from the past, but interpret them in a new way. Extremely fashionable – large floral patterns created using modern graphic techniques. The drawing can be flat or volumetric, with the overlap of several motives on top of each other. A large drawing allows you to create accents in a room and divide it into functional areas – for reading, relaxing, etc. Combining them with plain wallpaper, you can visually change the geometry of the space and hide imperfections such as low ceilings or disproportionate shapes.

Wallpaper elizabeth by inkiostro-bianco

Wallpaper fantasia by Glamora