February Calendar: How to Create a Love Mood at Home

Есть проблема: беспорядок на кухонной столешнице

Holidays do not end – they only change their face. Instead of Santa Claus, there is a meeting with Saint Valentine and the Defender of the Fatherland ahead!

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The two main themes of February – Valentine’s Day and the men’s holiday – Defender of the Fatherland Day – can be combined into one in the interior: the theme of love. The main thing is that the holiday does not end – it will be easier to maintain an excellent mood in the cold and not rich in colors winter month.

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1. Make bright heart-shaped mats
The easiest and fastest way to change your mood at home transform the exposure on the wall. Hang up valentines with confessions everywhere, and on boring photos and posters, make temporary holiday mats in the shape of hearts.

If the frame is difficult to disassemble, stick on top of the glass directly on the glass overhead mat made of bright corrugated paper on double-sided tape. Glue, pressing it not very tightly, after all, it has yet to be removed from the glass when the holiday is over!

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2. Fold a heart out of your joint photos
Another easy way to express your love for a loved one is to take apart the latest photos from the past holidays and winter holidays, print them and paste them – of course, in the shape of hearts!

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If your couple has a long history – collect a selection of the most vivid moments of your love, captured in the photo. Surprise this romantic action. Work like Banksy — fast and discreet, and under cover of night.

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3. Bet on bright underwear
Prepare bright linens for the bathroom and bedroom for February: hang red towels, buy new bedding – don’t be afraid of bright colors, at least for a while. It is not necessary to choose red if it seems too aggressive to you: red, rich peach and orange are even more exciting.

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4. Add aphrodisiac scents
By the way, take care of romantic aromas in the house: candles with the smell of berries, cinnamon, unobtrusive vanilla (which is usually difficult to find) or aromatic oils of rose, bergamot, jasmine will help create the right atmosphere. But even ordinary odorless candles will create a romantic mood. who doesn’t appreciate a candlelit dinner?

Moreover, in February we are immediately lucky to arrange a themed holiday: on Sunday 14th and on a holiday on 23rd. Just when placing open fire sources around the house, do not forget about safety precautions: make sure that the candles stand far from paper and flammable fabrics.

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5. Make a postcard with your own hands
If not a valentine, then just a beautifully designed note with the most important words! Prepare in advance a worthy place for her in the house. You will have to devote the day before the holiday to cleaning – remove all unnecessary from horizontal surfaces so that your Valentine card is not lost among other papers and accessories on the dresser.

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6. Arrange fresh flowers
Do not forget to add blossoming flowers for a romantic holiday atmosphere. It is not necessary to arrange cut flowers in vases around the house.

For a couple of weeks from February 14 until the end of the month, the luxurious flowering of amaryllis or hippeastrum (Hippeastrum) – their strong hands with large red or white flowers are easy to find on sale at IKEA. Anturium Is another plant that is strongly associated with men’s holidays. Be careful with the forcing hyacinths and daffodils, of which there are so many on sale – their aroma is so strong that it can cause headaches at night. And it will certainly interrupt all the aphrodisiacs that are subtly and skillfully placed around the house.


If you yourself took care of planting forcing plants a couple of months before February, get the pots out of a cold place: even if the flowers do not have time to open on February 23, they will certainly bloom by March 8.

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7. Have a joint creative session
Engage in joint creativity: arm yourself with paints or pastels and draw together with your loved one a dream landscape, or a still life, or even your pair portrait (even if the similarity is conditional).

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To realize all of the above, you are not given care of the fruits of your love, rushing around the house? Give the kids a roll of paper or wallpaper, a chalkboard, and crayons to create themed masterpieces. And you, left alone for a while, just look carefully into each other’s eyes. And start preparing a romantic dinner together!

Shop of creative gifts “Lost and Found”

8. Choose a useful gift for men
It can be anything – a book, a mug, a blanket. Even a long, Japanese katana-styled shoe spoon. The main thing is that the gift is not just useful, but the thing evokes vivid emotions!

Share your ideas and plans for February and gift ideas for loved ones in the comments section!

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