Five of the best cruise destinations for your next adventure

July 11, 2021
author:Natalia Skroychuk
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Five of the best cruise destinations for your next adventure
Five of the best cruise destinations for your next adventure
Five of the best cruise destinations for your next adventure

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When the pandemic had just begun to manifest itself in full and on the eve of the introduction of a nationwide lockdown, cruises were one of the first recreational activities to stop altogether. As the vaccine continues to unfold and its effects look more promising, cruisers from around the world are eagerly awaiting to be hit by the open waves again. It’s no surprise that cruises are so popular as they seem to combine what other types of vacation have to offer and bring them together.
Not to mention, if you still have adventurous desires, but also love to take time to relax and enjoy the wonderful things in life, what better way than driving one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world? So, with the prospect of cruises looking more and more likely, the question is, where should your next adventure be?
Below are the top 5 cruise destinations to look out for
1. Departure from Venice to the Croatian coast
This cruise departs from Venice, one of Europe’s most popular unique cities, and takes passengers along Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast. Private yachts will take you to beaches, islands and charming cities on a cruise worthy of kings and queens.
Top 5 Cruise Destinations For Your Next Adventure 4
2. Plunge into the sea in Bordeaux
Take a tour of Bordeaux and savor gourmet cuisine set against a backdrop of picturesque gardens and rivers. Also, it would be rude to mention a trip to Bordeaux without touching on some of the best wines France has to offer. Visit the vineyards and get tasting lessons from some of the country’s greatest winemakers, before boarding the ship again and letting the gentle sway of the calm waves take away from how much you’ve eaten and drunk.
3. Play at Monte Carlo Casino
Against the backdrop of the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale, if you try to spin the roulette wheel or play blackjack at Casino Monte Carlo, you are expected to be greeted with a level of glitz and glamor that even F. Scott Fitzgerald would have difficulty expressing. At the same time, maybe gambling is not for you, after all, you can get the same exciting and enjoyable experience. Don’t worry, Monte Carlo is much more than just a place for poker players. With its beaches, restaurants and numerous excursions that immerse yourself in the history and culture of the city, there is something for everyone.
Top 5 Cruise Destinations for Your Next Adventure
4. Enjoy breathtaking scenery in Alaska
This is one of the most scenic spots on the list. With majestic wildlife, wilderness, and glaciers whose magnitude is reflected in the icy water in which they stand, Alaska is truly breathtaking. Watch ice chunks fall into the ocean from your luxurious private cabin on one of the world’s greatest cruise destinations.
5. Southern Japan
If you take a cruise to Japan, you will see and discover a fascinating country of incredible beauty, delicious cuisine and rich culture. In cities like Tokyo, you can experience a fascinating mix of ancient architecture and modern design. Meanwhile, in Shimzu – this modern architecture is accompanied by mountains. Fuji, which lingers beautifully in the background, creating one of the most impressive horizons in the world.

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