Good question: What is the cost of a small apartment project?

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Anxious attitude to your home, as well as the desire to make it “the most-most”, does not depend on the number of square meters. Especially in cities and countries where small apartments are the norm rather than the exception. People resort to the help of professionals not only when they become the happy owners of hundreds of “squares” or several floors. “There are projects that have turned out to be at times unsurpassed masterpieces of interior design. For example, the 1997 “Airplane Apartment” by Kozyr and Chuvelev. Until now, there was nothing like this in our interior design. But it was made in a small typical apartment in a panel house, ”emphasizes the architect and designer Elena Gordin.

We found out from the experts what the cost of a design project for a small apartment consists of, and we tell you about it.

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Meters matter
But not what you might think: a project for a small apartment can cost more than for a large one, especially in terms of the price per square meter. Usually this is due to a qualitatively different level of complexity of the tasks that you set for the performer. For example, to fit the functionality of a five-room apartment into a standard two-room apartment, to write in everything that customers need, to come up with effective planning solutions, etc.

“In our studio, a small apartment project is more expensive, because we calculate the cost based on the number of square meters, and a volume discount begins for a large apartment project,” says the interior designer Alexander Butylin

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How much does the project cost
As our survey of practicing designers has shown, the cost of full-fledged projects (layout + materials and furnishings) on average starts from 500-1500 rubles per square meter. Some bureaus calculate the price not by the area of ​​the apartment, but based on the cost of finishing and furnishings: usually in such cases it is 10% of the final budget.

“A design project for a small apartment costs the same as a design project for a huge apartment. After all, a designer invests the same amount of labor, effort and time and his talent in both large and small projects. Or, if you have an apartment of 50 meters, can it be done carelessly? Sometimes small projects take more energy and attention than large ones, because it is much more difficult to sort out the layout of a small space and fit everything and everyone, ”says designer Katya Avrutskaya.

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“The cost of a design project depends on the prices of the design office and the terms of reference drawn up by the customer. If the level of complexity of design work is very high – redevelopment with changes in the design, placement of an aquarium weighing several tons, design and manufacture of complex joinery, arrangement of a “smart home” – all this increases the cost of design “, – considers Irina Motorina, dcompany decorator English Interiors” and academic artist

Thus, the price of an apartment design project usually consists of several main parameters:type of work and (well-known) name of the designer; the composition of the project, the style of the future interior, the number of rooms, the complexity of the tasks. Remember that it is not only you who are evaluating, but also you: “The cost of a project always depends on the complexity and the human factor. Those people who are pleasant and easy to work with can always make concessions, ”says the designer Artyom Gorenechev.

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Name, sister!
Perhaps not the most obvious point, but the human factor has not been canceled. A common principle works here: the closer to the capital and the “louder” the name of the artist, the more expensive the design project will cost. However, it is worth keeping in mind the other extreme – in addition to the “premium for the name”, you can face a lack of experience. This will lead to the loss of precious time and the need to start all over again: it is good if you do not have to pay for “correcting mistakes”.

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Houzz tour: Green wardrobe and solar cabinet in a Moscow apartment

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“Often, owners of small apartments want to accommodate a lot of functions and things and hire a designer to correctly allocate zones and allocate a sufficient number of storage spaces. They want a separate kitchen, a full bedroom, and a children’s area. At the same time, they hardly compromise, believing that the designer knows how to “push the walls”. Careful design, the use of every centimeter of the room, the transformation of features into advantages, the competent use of colors really visually “pushes the walls”. But for this, the designer must be experienced, and not a beginner, ”says designer Yulia Parshihina.

Therefore, it is so important to approach the choice of the authors of your design project wisely. The best way to find “your” designer is to get acquainted with the portfolio, find out the price and, if it doesn’t suit you, continue your search.

Find your designer on Houzz – read customer reviews of their work

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The Blueprint Case
A design project can include working drawings, detail drawings, 3D pictures, visualizations, and many other documents. The price directly depends on how much they are needed. As practice shows, you can refuse from some items in this list – it all depends on the complexity of the tasks. For example, many designers fundamentally do not order three-dimensional renderings, but for some it is almost the main working tool.

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Good question: Why are there so many 3D renderings in the design portfolio?

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In what style are we renovating?
Let’s say right away – the classics will cost more: “When the decorativeness of the interior is given increased importance, this entails a detailed study of the walls with the placement of decorative elements or the development of individual interior items. All this increases the cost ”, – notes the designer Natalia Maksimenko.

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In addition to the classic historical styles, the complex also includes art deco, modern and other directions, implying a “total” design and a large number of non-serial details, some of which will probably have to be developed specifically for the interior and made to order.

Houzz Tour: Moscow Classicism as a Backdrop for Life

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Advice: If the classics are nicer for you than other styles and the budget allows it, use individual elements in your interior – classic colors and ornaments, some architectural details (for example, a ceiling plinth with stucco molding), etc. Such a space will retain a strict spirit, but will not be oversaturated with details. The latter is always striking in small apartments and does not benefit them.

Our everything: Classic design in a small apartment!

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“There are styles that are“ difficult ”to perform, and the cost of work on them is much higher. Although, in my opinion, such do not take root in a small apartment. It is best to focus on a modern style with different elements, ”designer Svetlana Lapina is convinced.

The loft style belongs to the more budgetary options – which is why it is so often recommended for small apartments and studios.

Houzz tour: Apartment for business trips in the center of St. Petersburg

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More rooms – higher price
“It happens that 50 square meters is occupied by one room – it will cost less than if two or three rooms are located on the same area. Such a project, accordingly, will cost more, ”says designer Konstantin Miloslavsky.

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The same principle works here: the smaller the area of ​​a particular room, the more difficult it is to work with it. The more – the higher the level of freedom of action.

Houzz tour: Tiny studio in “stalinka” with an elongated layout

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Harder but more interesting
The number of wishes and the level of customer expectations affect the cost much more than the floor space. All practicing designers and architects are unanimous: working with a small space is sometimes much more difficult. But more interesting.

“If the level of complexity of design work is very high – for example, it implies redevelopment with changes in the design, placing an aquarium weighing several tons, designing and manufacturing complex joinery, arranging a“ smart home ”- all this increases the cost,” says decorator Irina Motorina …

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Who repairs, who supervises repairs?
The cost of the project will also be increased by the availability of the option of architectural supervision of the execution, when the designer monitors directly on the site, so that the builders exactly completed what he intended in the project.

It is also important whose builders will carry out the repairs – yours or the designer’s. As a rule, the designer “holds on” to his team, and the price may or may not be higher than the market average. But at the same time, a high-quality result is guaranteed.


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How to save money without losing it?
“If this is an economy class project, but you need to add a lot of functions, it is better to order a layout (redevelopment) from a professional than to pay for a complete project from a non-professional. Anyone can pick and choose the wallpaper (without reference to the design). But competently planning the space is a task for a person with experience, ”advises Tatiana Leitan.

Sometimes the layman does not even know about the space saving possibilities that are in the arsenal of a practicing interior designer. And the more he practices, the more such “moves” he is ready to offer.


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Are you ready to order a small apartment project to a designer? Does your decision depend on the area of ​​the interior? From the estimated budget of the project? Share with us in the comments section below the article!
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