Google searches show pent-up travel demand leading to adventure travel

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Google searches show pent-up travel demand leading to adventure travel
Google searches show pent-up travel demand leading to adventure travel
Google searches show pent-up travel demand leading to adventure travel

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Unsurprisingly, after a year and a half of travel restrictions, most travelers are forced to stay at home. But the latest Google data just shows how big that demand is and what travelers want most in this new era.
Search demand for travel is growing
Recent Google research shows that after a year of quarantine, the urge to travel is stronger than ever. The company says search travel demand in May is up 270% compared to May 2020, and that 57% of people want to travel when the pandemic is over.
Searches like “can I travel” have grown by over 800%, while “travel to” and “hotel booking app” searches have grown by more than 100%!
What are the trends in travel?
With the ever-changing travel restrictions, flexibility has become a key factor in decision making. 57% of travelers expect travel reservations to be flexible and they rely on brands to offer flexible booking, change and cancellation options. Travel companies are seeing an increase in pre-bookings at the end of the year, but as destinations reopen, travelers are quickly seizing on the opportunity to travel.
For example, the latest data from Skyscanner shows a sharp increase in search volumes for greenlisted destinations this week.
Following the announcement, requests to Palma de Mallorca increased by 690% in 24 hours, requests to Ibiza increased by 845% and requests to Madeira increased by 1749%.
It is millennials and Gen Z, or NextGen, who most want to travel again. These types account for more than half of the inhabitants of developed countries with a purchasing power of US $ 350 billion.
These adventurers see travel as vital and value unique and authentic experiences that reflect the region.
Google Searches Show Pent-Up Travel Demand Leading To 4 Adventure Travel
Outdoor Adventure and Travel Leading to Success
Given the growing interest in nature, as people seek wide, open spaces where they can feel safe and relieve stress from news related to Covid-19, the pandemic has triggered a shift in preference for outdoors rather than in densely populated cities.
Skyscanner data shows that searches for the word “beach vacation” have grown steadily in 2020, but “city vacations” are not yet recovering from their 2019 levels.
Interest in outdoor activities is also gaining momentum. Nearby rentals have seen global growth of 100 percent over last year, with travelers showing an interest in things like kayaks, bicycles and boats.
In the summer of 2021, the number of kayak rowers increased by almost 250 percent compared to the summer of 2020, which owner Justin Buzzi attributed to a renewed interest in “wildlife therapy” to combat the pandemic blues.
Popular tour operator Intrepid Travel has reported a 33 percent increase in residents’ bookings since March, with the most popular trips including trekking to animals, glaciers and active volcanoes.
“Go to the volcano, hike in the jungle of Malaysia, the experience is likely to increase because the danger is now relative,” says Nuno F. Ribeiro, Senior Lecturer and Head of Tourism and Hospitality Research Cluster at RMIT University in Vietnam.
“But people want to be sure, whether it’s risky or not, that they can return home with confidence.”
For example, Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall, south of Reykjavik, erupted in March and began receiving more than 6,000 visitors every other day, despite the associated danger, quickly becoming one of the country’s top attractions for 2021.

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