Good news! From the end of October, Gulf Air introduces daily flights between the capitals of Russia and Bahrain.

Direct flights between our states have existed for 3 years, but earlier Gulf Air flew from Domodedovo only 4 times a week. The changes are due to the fact that the direction turned out to be in great demand for Russians. Due to its geographic location, Bahrain International Airport has become a popular transfer destination. Pilgrims use it on their way to Saudi Arabia, and travelers on their way to Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and other countries.

Gulf Air was founded in 1950 and was one of the first commercial air carriers in the Middle East. Now it connects 42 cities in 25 countries of the world. This means that from the end of October it will become even easier to find convenient connections on the way to Asia. I would like to pay special attention to the new flights from Moscow and the new departure time (on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays), which has become even more convenient and allows you to expand the connecting possibilities along the Airline’s route network.

Photo: Nanny in flight

Gulf Air pays special attention to the comfort of passengers on board:

  • Meals – exclusive cuisine. During the flight, passengers are offered a choice of several dishes, you can also order vegetarian meals. A complete list of options is available on the Airline’s website.
  • On some destinations there is an additional service – an air nanny. The task of this crew member is to make the trip with the child as comfortable as possible. The nanny will help to keep the baby entertained during the flight, teach him to behave correctly during takeoff and landing, and will also provide parents with useful accessories: baby food, hygiene items, coloring books and much more. Babysitting service on board is included in the ticket price and does not require additional payment.
  • If the transfer at Bahrain airport from one Gulf Air flight to another takes more than 8 hours, the tourist can purchase the STPC program (transfer, accommodation and meals).
    The STPC program is priced at $ 55 per adult and $ 30 per child 2-12 years old and can be purchased prior to departure by contacting a Gulf Air representative. It is also available upon arrival, but it will cost $ 80.
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Photo: Bahrain

During a long transfer, you can have time to explore the city: look at the monuments of ancient architecture, one of the largest mosques in the world and visit museums.

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