Hide wisely: Where to find a place to store things, if there is none

Быть или не быть: Антресоли в квартире

Just a week ago, clients approached me with a request to finalize someone else’s design project. Looking at the sketches, I was slightly surprised: in my opinion, the exterior looked very good. But it turned out that there was nowhere to store things. It turned out like in the tutorial about the mistakes of designers: beautiful, but not functional.

One might think that the designer was inexperienced (an experienced designer would suggest and insist on a sufficient number of storage systems). Or maybe the clients themselves declared that “we have few things” and got what they got. It makes no sense to find out who should think more about the practicality of the interior project. Another thing is curious – many people face the problem “the interior is overflowing with things, and it’s too early to make repairs”.

So what are the best storage methods for a small apartment? I will tell you what to do with the things that are a pity to throw away, but there is simply no room for a new cabinet. I’ll tell you where to look for “unused” storage areas in each of the rooms. And also how to use square meters as practical as possible without destroying the existing image of the interior.

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1. Entrance hall, corridor, hall

  • Replace the hanger. Replace your traditional hanger (row of hooks and hat rack) – replace it with multiple hooks or mini hangers at different heights. This will avoid the traditional clump of clothing on the wall.

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Kylie sargent

  • Find a larger shoe rack. When the family is large and there are a lot of shoes, there is a forced crowd at the front door. In this case, a shoe rack of increased height may be the way out: ordinary shelves have only two, but we decided that standard solutions do not suit you.

With an idea of ​​ u200b u200bHow to organize storage in a small hallway


  • Don’t let the space under the seat go to waste. Even for a small hallway, you can find the option of a small bench or ottoman with a folding seat. Inside you can fit slippers for the whole family and guests and all sorts of little things like shoe care products, brushes and horns.


  • Consider the space under the stairs. If you live in a two-story house or townhouse, under the stairs is a great storage option. That is, the height difference of the steps can be used very profitably by arranging several compartments: for example, in the higher one you can place seasonal clothes and equipment, in the lower ones – shoes and children’s toys, umbrellas.
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  • Hang up the shelf. Depending on the height of the attachment, it will replace both a shoe rack, a console, and even a spacious mezzanine for storing boxes with seasonal shoes and things. Checked: If you place the shelves along the long wall of a narrow hallway, you have a chance to free up space that would be occupied by a double wardrobe.

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2. Living room and bedroom

  • Use the space under your bed. Many modern models of furniture for the bedroom and living room imply in their design not only the usual internal drawers for linen, but also convenient roll-out boxes on the rails. If you bought a traditional model of a bed with legs, choose your own pull-out boxes (always with a lid) or drawers on wheels. They can even store books.


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  • Open shelves and niches in the wall instead of wall cabinets. Echoes of Soviet times, bulky “giant” cabinets along the wall are still actively sold and used in interiors for storing all sorts of little things, dishes, photographs. Say no to them and place shallow shelves on the walls: such storage systems will take up much less space and will look much more aesthetically pleasing. The depth of one book is the ideal size.


  • Two in one. If you have a choice – buy a traditional sofa or with a box under the seat (a container in the armrest) – be sure to buy a multifunctional one. Books, magazines and other small items are conveniently stored in modular drawers and drawers.


The photo is a great example of a coffee table with a space inside where you can put books and magazines and TV remotes.

Carpentry workshop of the Kobelevs “Dvor”

  • Chests and stylized drawers instead of a coffee table. Old antique chests or suitcases, as well as their modern stylized counterparts, will be more than relevant in the corresponding interiors of bedrooms and living rooms – vintage, decorated in rustic or country style. Such objects are not only convenient for storing books, textiles and clothes, but also form a particularly attractive atmosphere. They are also loved, in addition, for the fact that they become additional seats in the event of a house party.

Austin Maynard Architects

3. Children’s

  • Raise the floor – build a podium. As a rule, it is arranged in the nursery in the form of an elevation on the floor or a base for built-in furniture. The podium can accommodate several compartments for storing toys, books and other children’s items. In the project in the photo, the floor in the nursery was raised over the entire area of ​​the room, and access to the compartments for storing toys (they are swept into compartments) is organized through removable covers – fragments of the floor covering.
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Architectural studio Ruetemple

  • If possible, order custom-made built-in furniture. This rule applies to any room, not just a nursery – if the storage system is cut exactly to the size of your room, takes into account the filling you need, then you can always lay a couple of boxes “for the future.” The example in the photo – a room divider – was born from the idea of ​​drawers with containers for storing toys on the steps as an alternative to the traditional closet or dresser for toys.

Houzz tour: Apartment with a convertible living room and a hammock in the nursery

elena del bucchia DESIGN

  • A picture shelf instead of a regular shelf. Eye-catching children’s book covers can be great wall décor in and of themselves – hang a few Moseland Ikea shelves above your dresser so you don’t need to buy a traditional bookcase. The same shelves are suitable for storing children’s collectible toys.

  • Side furniture. No space for shelves and shelving? Buy an outdoor magazine rack. Just find a place for her that is guaranteed not to be knocked over.
  • Wardrobe trunks, baskets, chests. Such containers can be filled with almost anything and placed anywhere in the nursery. Lightweight functional boxes are also useful for the same purposes.

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4. Kitchen and dining room

  • Place under the countertop. As such a storage system, both a laconic narrow section with drawers and a narrow cabinet under the bar can be used. Thus, there is enough space both to comfortably stretch out your legs and for the dishes.
  • Place under the sink (also handy for the bathroom). Place the bottles of detergent in one box, and put the rags and sponges in another. Plastic containers, which can be purchased at any hardware store, are also great for these purposes. You just need to make sure that the sponges are clean and dry, otherwise they can exude an extremely unpleasant odor.
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Olga Shangina | Photography

  • Roof rails (racks-holders), patch pockets. Such devices are placed on any surface: on an apron, a door, a side wall of a cabinet, a back of a chair. The rails are sold ready-made in stores, but patch pockets are easier, perhaps, to make yourself. They will provide the hostess with order, save space and allow you to find the right thing at any time.
  • Wardrobe on the ceiling. In a small studio apartment, usually the kitchen does not differ in an impressive area. Therefore, it is very important to make the most of the available space by carefully considering the placement of the kitchen cabinets. One of the best options is to place a full-fledged kitchen set in the middle of the room and fix additional cabinets on the ceiling. In addition, this technique will help to correctly zone the room, which is especially important in a combined kitchen-dining room.


5. Bathroom and dressing room

  • Through the looking glass. Instead of a regular mirror in your bathroom or dressing room, use a mirrored door from a shallow wall cabinet. It can be hinged or sliding, and behind it there is enough space to place unaesthetic tubes of paste, toothbrushes, jars of cream and combs in the bathroom, and small items and jewelry in the dressing room.
  • The space under the bathroom. It is clear that it can be taken, but the traditional “Soviet” variants of compartment doors have set the teeth on edge – there are a lot of modern solutions on sale, including folding screens for the bathtub with convenient built-in sections for storing small and large items, household chemicals, paper supplies, and more.

Atypical Type A

  • Hanging organizers. They can be used both in the bathroom and in dressing rooms, attached to the swing doors of cabinets, interior doors – they are completely flat, but each little thing can be attached to a separate compartment-pocket.

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De Meza + Architecture

  • Sliding storage system. In another way, it is called “media library” and is an indispensable solution where you need to always have a lot of things at hand, and there is not enough space for a separate storage like a dressing room. The media library sections are arranged in several rows and can be easily shifted along special rails.
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