You can learn more about the Kaluga Region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 21 online exhibition.

In 2021, the Kaluga Region celebrates several anniversaries at once. And notes in a big way. In aPrele is the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space, in July – 65 years of the city of Obninsk, in August the 650th anniversary of Kaluga itself, and in December – the 125th anniversary of Marshal Zhukov, a native of the Kaluga land. These milestones made it possible to fully deploy the event tourism direction in the region.

You can learn more about the Kaluga Region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 21 online exhibition.

Following the event, other types of tourism are “catching up” to the theme of anniversaries: scientific and educational, cultural and historical, industrial, military and historical. And following the all-Russian trends, the region continues to actively develop ecological and navigation tourism. We will tell you more about several types of tours to the Kaluga Region at once – we are sure that your tourists will be interested in these offers.

Space route

In his autobiography, Gagarin wrote: “Even in space, I decided to definitely visit the ancient Russian city of Kaluga – the cradle of interstellar flights.” Surprisingly, 108 minutes in orbit – and such an earthly thought. Gagarin realized his intention two months after the flight into space – on June 13, 1961, at the same time the first stone was laid in the main space museum of the country.

The space route through the Kaluga region does not require special preparation, it is available to any tourist, it is interesting for both children and those who witnessed Gagarin’s flight. Amusing stories about weightlessness and jet propulsion are combined with the opportunity to taste space food from tubes, evaluate the legendary “listeners” of Tsiolkovsky, try on the space of the Mir orbital station, and then – a space suit in which you can take a photo, and finally – go into outer space in the planetarium. Having mastered the Kaluga space attractions, tourists, as a rule, rush to Borovsk – the homeland of Russian cosmism.

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Historical walk in Kaluga

The first documentary mentions of Kaluga were discovered in 1371 – 650 years ago. Initially, the city was a fortress that protected the capital of Russia from the raids of enemies from the south and west, but gradually the borders of the state expanded, and the military status lost its relevance. Kaluga has become a trade. The local history museum and the preserved architecture of the era of Russian classicism can tell about the merchant past. The architectural appearance of the city is also interesting because Kaluga became one of the first cities of the Russian Empire, which was built up not spontaneously, but according to the regular plan approved by Catherine II. The historical route in Kaluga covers all the key events of the 650-year life of the city. Tourists will see the ancient Roman viaduct in the center of Russia, learn why the Kaluga Trinity Cathedral is better than the St. Petersburg Kazan Cathedral, who lived in the Kaluga palace, what a long-term merchant construction looks like, and much more. And this year, the Ivan Tsipulin motor ship begins to fully operate along the banks of Kaluga, and the new tourist project Summer on the Oka offers excursion walks along the river, which start from the historical center of the city.

Ecological tourism

Kaluga Region is a suitable destination to escape from the stuffy city and enjoy nature to its fullest. Here you can visit a bird park, and then look from an unexpected angle at the burning problem of garbage – in the Art Museum of Garbage. Tourists will be able to see the latest world trends in land art in Nikola-Lenivets and even canoe down the Ugra River.

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Well, there are a lot of options for where to stay. In the Kaluga region, there are large tourist complexes that provide versatile recreation, including wellness. Among them are WELNA Eco Spa resort near Tarusa and the hotel-reserve “Lesnoe” in the Maloyaroslavets district. On the territory of the Ugra National Park, which stretches across the entire region, there are numerous eco-trails of interest to lovers of active tourism. Here you can rent a bicycle or canoe, experienced guides will help you to take a walk through the Galkinsky swamp or look at the parking lot of an ancient man called the Devil’s Settlement.

Tourist potential of Obninsk

There are cities in Russia where the country’s scientific potential is concentrated. They are called science cities. The first science city appeared in the Kaluga region – Obninsk, and in 2021 it will be 65 years old. There are 12 research institutes in the city, but Obninsk became famous for the fact that the world’s first nuclear power plant was built and successfully launched here. So Obninsk is also called the city of peaceful atom, and even the emblem depicts the symbol of the atom framed by a laurel wreath. In 2002, the Obninsk NPP was shut down and became a museum and memorial complex, but it continues to be a secure facility, a tour of which should be organized in advance. Industrial tourism is actively developing in Obninsk – now excursions are conducted by the Fruje confectionery factory and the L’OrĂ©al cosmetics factory. The city is actively promoting its anniversary hashtag – # city of the first.

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Military history tourism

On the Kaluga land, the Great Standing on the Ugra River in 1480 took place, here in 1812 it was possible to deploy the Napoleonic army on its way back – beyond the borders of the Russian Empire. The Great Patriotic War left several heroic places at once: this is the famous Nameless Height “near an unfamiliar village”, and the Ilyinsky border, which keeps the history of the exploits of Podolsk cadets. Many military museums are located along the Warsaw highway.

In the local village of Strelkovka, the future Marshal of Victory Georgy Zhukov was born – now a whole museum complex “The Motherland of Marshal Zhukov” has been created in these places. Near Medyn there is a full-scale stage of the Voenfilm cinema complex, where the Kalashnikov and Podolsk cadets were filmed; nearby there is a museum of military equipment of Vadim Zadorozhny with a unique collection of combat vehicles and aircraft.

The historical and cultural heritage of the Ugra National Park is closely intertwined with the military theme. The landscape military memorial open-air museum “Ugra-Front” tells about the Great Patriotic War through the surviving “war relief” – ecotrails here pass through trenches, dugouts, firing points, field airfields, rocky roads.

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