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12 Feb 2021

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The azure of the ocean, beach bungalows and tall palm trees, exotic cuisine that combines Indian and Arab traditions, an amazing underwater world and crimson sunsets – the Maldives resembles Paradise on earth. We talk about the rules for entering the Maldives in 2021, about average housing prices and what you can do on the islands of your dreams. We promise you will not leave your annual salary there.


Entry rules

You will need:

1) Passport valid for at least 6 months;
2) Negative PCR test in English, done 96 hours before arrival (during transit, the test results are valid only for a day, after that you need to take a second test at the transit airport);
3) Confirmed hotel reservation that has received a tourist safety certificate;
4) Medical declaration completed 24 hours before arrival on the website of the Maldives Immigration Service (IMUGA). The same declaration will need to be completed one day before departure;
5) Medical insurance;
6) Migration card (usually issued at passport control or on the plane).
If you plan to stay in the Maldives for up to 30 days, a visa will be issued upon arrival.

I want to go to the Maldives in February!


How to get there?

Non-stop planes to Male fly only from Moscow. If you buy air tickets a few months before the trip, you can save a lot: Aeroflot offers direct flights from 20 thousand rubles. one way. You can also get to the Maldives with transfers in Istanbul or Dubai (Emirats, Qatar Airways, etc.). The cost of tickets for direct flights and for flights with transfers is almost the same, but in the second case, the flight will take longer.

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Where to stay?

The Maldives is a “coral state” located on 1192 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The islands have a large selection of accommodation: resorts and five-star hotels, cozy guest houses, yachts and bungalows. In low season, bungalows will cost $ 130 per person per night; Typically, Maldivian bungalows are rated four or five stars and are located directly above the water – sometimes you can even observe marine life through the transparent floor. Guest houses rented to travelers by locals are much cheaper: $ 30-50 per person. The most budget option is Maafushi Island: there are many inexpensive hotels and guest houses, moreover, the island is close to the airport. We calculated: a day in the Maldives will cost a traveler $ 175.

I want to go to the Maldives in March!


Maldives Tours

All Dagestan in 5 days – All inclusive!
Jeep tour
Dagestan, Caucasus, Russia

5 days (02 – 06 August and 13 more dates)




35 000 ₽

7 000 ₽

TOUR TO KAMCHATKA – “with Comfort” 2021
Sightseeing tour
3 seats
Kamchatka, Russia

11 days (19 – 29 July and 3 more dates)




110 500 ₽

(130,000 ₽)

10 045 ₽

(11 818 ₽)

Dagestan – full immersion
Sightseeing tour
Dagestan, Russia

6 days (03 – 08 August and 5 more dates)




30 000 ₽

5 000 ₽

When to go?

In the Maldives, there is no rainy season as such: the air temperature is around + 27- + 32 degrees Celsius all year round. The period from May to November is considered low due to the southwestern monsoon (Hulhangu): there can be storms and intermittent rains, while in the low season housing prices are the best. Between December and April, the southwest monsoon gives way to the northeast (Iruwai), and the Maldives is at its peak. In fact, the division into high and low seasons is rather arbitrary: the Maldives are good all year round. The water temperature ranges from +27 (October) to +30 (April-May).

I want to go to the Maldives in April!

Things to do?

1) Look at the ocean of a thousand stars

The Indian Ocean is home to the light-emitting phytoplankton Lingulodinium polyedra – and with the onset of dusk, coastal waters begin to glow, dotted with hundreds of bluish stars. Everyone should swim in water with plankton at least once in their life – cutting through the warm sparkling water with their fingers is an unforgettable experience. If you are afraid to swim in the dark, you can watch the “starry” ocean from the shore. Typically, this phenomenon can be seen near Vaadhoo Island from August to December. The phenomenon is akin to the northern lights: you never know if you will find it – however, travelers who have seen an ocean of thousands of stars claim that this is perhaps the most beautiful and mesmerizing sight in the whole world.

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IMG_1388 (2) .jpg
Photo: poeu.ru

2) Get to know the local cuisine

The Maldives will surely delight fans of gastronomic tourism: the cuisine here is unusual and amazes with its richness of flavors. Tuna dishes are especially popular on the islands – for example, gula ria, fish balls with curry paste and coconut milk, or mas huni – a mixture of fish, chili peppers, onions and coconut flakes. Sweet lovers will love the addu bondi – coconut sticks with pink or jasmine water in dried banana leaves.

Photo: liveinternet.ru

3) Hand feed the stingrays

Feeding stingrays is one of the most common and exotic activities in the Maldives. The stingrays here are almost tame – at sunset they themselves swim to the shore, and vacationers feed them with pre-cut fish. In some hotels, it is allowed to feed sharks too – though not from the hands, but from the bridge.

Photo: thebeach.com

If you want to get to the edge of eternal summer, relax on the ocean shore, feed stingrays or try national cuisine – Welcome to Paradise.

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