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В гостях: Как изменилась за неделю съёмная квартира


The owner of an apartment or house – it is his tastes and lifestyle that designers are guided by, developing a layout and choosing a decor. But what if the apartment is intended for rent, and the age and tastes of the tenants are unknown? Marina Novikova and Olga Luis decided to come up with their image. And we created a bright interior for creative employees of a digital agency who love contemporary art.

about the project
A place: Moscow, LCD Water
The size: 43 sq.m
Who lives here: The apartment is intended for rent
Budget: 1 800 000 rubles, including all materials, works, furniture and decor
Authors of the project: Olga Luis, Marina Novikova, UD BÀSE


“We usually have long conversations with customers about habits and hobbies, but this was not possible here. The owner gave us carte blanche for any decisions within the budget, and we ourselves came up with the future owners and introduced color and geometry into the interior, ”says Marina Novikova.


The developer has rented out an open-plan apartment. Presenting the lifestyle of future tenants, the designers divided the space into a kitchen-living room and a bedroom with an isolated dressing room.

“”A two-bedroom apartment is easier to rent than a studio, – explains Olga Luis. – Therefore, a separate bedroom has become one of the mandatory requirements. It is assumed that residents will have breakfast and dinner at the bar in the evenings. And in case guests drop by, a folding table and chairs are hidden in the dressing room.


In the photo: background wallpaper Borastapeter; porcelain stoneware Atlas Concorde


Problem and solution: The kitchen was highlighted with a color block, and a laconic geometric pattern appeared on the accent wall. The kitchen-living room has an elongated shape and a small area, and the colors break the perception of space. For the accent wall, we developed a layout and printed it on photo wallpaper. The background walls were decorated with neutral wallpapers that resemble linen in structure, – says Marina.

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For the finishing of the floor we used aluminum-like porcelain stoneware and light laminate – materials that reliably imitate natural textures.


In the photo: turquoise sofa, online store divan.ru, price 19,000 rubles; wall posters, Etsy.com

The designers chose all the elements of furniture and decor in mass-market stores, but tried to use not the most recognizable models. There is nothing more expensive here than IKEA, Hoff and Zara Home.


The renovation was done in four months, but the most difficult thing was switch off interior perfectionism. We often find ourselves enjoying a chandelier that costs half the budget. And they refused such decisions. The main attention was paid to details that cannot be changed quickly and painlessly – the quality of the finish, layout, coatings.– says Olga.


In the photo: wallpaper Erismann; Favorite lamps

For the decoration of the bedroom, non-woven wallpaper was used, which is easy to wash. Instead of traditional sconces, they hung denim lamps.


Ceilings throughout the apartment were painted with washable DALI paint from the factory Rogneda“. According to the designers, this is a worthy alternative to well-known paints. We always work with the same team of builders, because skillful hands are half the success in renovation. So, our builders asked in the future to purchase this particular paint for budget objects, since the material fits well on the surface, – note the designers.


In the photo: Kerama Marazzi tiles

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Together with geometric tiles, the designers used a colored grout, and the tiles themselves were laid only in wet areas and supplemented with painting.

In order not to cut unnecessary tiles, Olga and Marina came up with an interesting layout.


The object was handed over on December 30, and the owner of the apartment was very pleased with such a gift for the New Year. A movie poster The Diamond Armhanging in the corridor decided to take it for himself. True, he promised to find a replacement for future tenants.

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