Houzz Tour: Spirit of Asia in a Youth Apartment

Houzz Беларусь: Квартира в сталинке для молодой семьи

How to arrange an apartment in order to lease it profitably? Usually choose “indestructible materials” and neutral design. But this is too boring, the landlady of the apartment on the Red Gate decided. She asked designer Daria Nazarenko for an apartment with a bright oriental flavor within a modest budget.

about the project
A place: Moscow, Krasnye Vorota
The size: 43 sq.m
Who lives here: The apartment is intended for rent
Project author: Daria Nazarenko
Photo: Evgeny Kulibaba

Daria Nazarenko

Buying practically killeda one-room apartment in “stalinka”, the owner was ready for any interior twists and turns. According to the idea of ​​designer Daria Nazarenko, an apartment with a narrow corridor and a small kitchen was turned into a studio with a sleeping place in an open but zoned block.

It was assumed that one person or a young couple would settle here, for whom such a layout would be optimal. The hostess herself brought most of the decor from Asian countries: this collection determined the style of the future interior. modern but with exotic accents.

Daria Nazarenko

A neutral background allows you to experiment with bright colors and accessories. The floor was tiled with porcelain stoneware and laminate in a smoky gray shade; the walls are painted in monochrome or decorated with decorative bricks.

We wanted to keep the old masonry, but when we got to it, we realized that the brick was in poor condition, says Daria Nazarenko. To restore the masonry is quite expensive, but my task was to create a relatively budgetary project

Daria Nazarenko

In a single space, there is a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom in a box, which NSpainted dark on the outside and trimmed with wood on the inside. The headboard was decorated with geometric fabric and jute rope, reflecting Asian motives even in the details of the decoration.

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The black color of the cube echoes other interior elements from lamps above the bar to the TV area in the living room, under which there is a decorative candle fireplace with mirrored inserts.

Daria Nazarenko

There are not many color accents in the studio, but they create the mood. For example, the upholstery for the ESTETICA sofa was chosen in an oriental style to make the fabric look like a patchwork quilt. The hostess brought three paintings with dancing figures from a trip to Indonesia.

Daria Nazarenko

Daria Nazarenko

Problem and solution: in a one-room apartment there was nowhere to fit a full-fledged dressing room, so storage issues were solved using point techniques. Opposite the sofa, a built-in wardrobe stretches across the wall, and even in the hallway in a narrow wall placed a small mezzanine: here you can store things that are used irregularly.

Pebble handle for cabinet fronts another contribution of the hostess to the creation of the interior: she found these accessories at a flea market in London.

Daria Nazarenko

Daria Nazarenko

The role of the dining table is played by a counter with built-in side shelves. Rack length 240 cm, she zoned the studio, so I wanted to emphasize it with a beam, says Daria Nazarenko. In addition, the apartment has high ceilings, and we lacked the length of the wire from the lamps: thanks to a beam covered with microcement, we managed to lower them lower

Daria Nazarenko

Daria Nazarenko

On the facades of kitchen furniture, two types of wood have been combined. Despite the modest size of the corner kitchen, it has good ergonomics: the necessary equipment fits here, and storage boxes largely due to the fact that the top cabinets stretch all the way to the ceiling.

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The tiles with a geometric pattern stylistically unite the kitchen and the living quarters of the studio, and the tabletop, like the window sills, is made of quartz stone.

Daria Nazarenko

Between the living space and the bathroom, a barn door was mounted to match the walls: according to the designer, both the canvas and the fasteners are now easy to order in Moscow.

Interesting fact: For some reason, in a small apartment there were two front doors, the second one fell just on the bathroom area. Now a shower cabin has been installed in this place, and the door is locked; on the site of the former corridor, it was possible to organize a bedroom in a cube.

Daria Nazarenko

The interior of the bathroom with pebble finish and wooden facades refers to oriental motives. The fronts of the vanity unit, like the built-in wardrobes in the room, resemble shutters. In Asia, due to humidity, they do not make blind flaps, and we took note of this technique.“, notes Daria Nazarenko.

The bathroom design is complemented by black volumetric mosaic tiles and a mirror in a custom-made oriental engraved frame.

Evgeniya Nazarova

Layout of a studio apartment

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