The skiing and snowboarding season has already begun, and many are wondering how to combine business with pleasure: skiing on well-equipped slopes, but not overpaying for tickets and hotels. OneTwoTrip has selected several ski resorts for you in Russia and abroad, which are optimal in terms of price and quality of skiing. Go ahead, pack your equipment and pack your bags! If you want to get to the place comfortably and ride this season, we recommend buying tickets and booking hotels now.

Abzakovo, Ural
The ski resort, which combines good prices and slopes for both amateurs and professionals, is located 60 km from Magnitogorsk. The inhabitants of this city have long chosen Abzakovo, and a few years ago a modern ski complex was built here, and skiers and snowboarders from all over Russia reached the Urals. The season runs from late November to early May.

Training and recovery camps of the Russian biathlon and alpine skiing teams are regularly held in Abzakovo, and stages of the Russian Cup are held. There are 13 tracks in Abzakovo in total, the total length is 18 km. There are no black ones, 4 red ones, the rest are blue and green. 8 tracks are equipped with snow cannons, so it will snow in any weather. Night skiing is organized every day during high season.
In addition to the ski slopes, guests will find a snowmobile track, an ice rink, a biathlon shooting range, a winter fan park and the Aquarium water park.

Flight to Magnitogorsk from Moscow: from 8 653 ₽ for one
Train from Magnitogorsk to Novoabzakovo station: from $ 6 per one way
Residence: from 6 600 ₽ for one person for 7 nights
Lift pass for 6 days: 6 400 ₽



“Prielbrusye”, Caucasus
This is one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Russia, which will delight skiers and snowboarders not only with quality tracks, but also with pleasant prices. Both beginners and riders with many years of riding experience come here. The ski complex includes two mountain slopes – Elbrus and Cheget. The skiing season here lasts from November to May, and in some areas there is snow all year round.

Elbrus has mostly wide and gentle blue slopes with short red sections. It is better for beginners to go to the Azau glade, where a high-quality green track has been prepared. Officially, “Elbrus Azau” has 7 tracks with a total length of 11 km, but in reality it is one continuous track on the slope of Mount Elbrus, on which skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels ride.

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Cheget is a place for extreme lovers and professionals. The long and steep track is considered one of the hardest in the world. There are great opportunities for freeride and backcountry here. The slopes run through a pine forest. On the northern slope are the Cheget hillocks – natural formations, skiing on which helps to develop balance and improve ski control. Snowboarders are recommended to ride on the southern slope of Cheget, where the slopes are wider, but no less steep. In total, Cheget has 15 tracks with elevation differences from 2100 to 3050 meters.

Flight to Nalchik from Moscow: from 4 282 ₽ for one
Taxi from the airport: from $ 35 one way
Residence: from 13 800 ₽ for one person for 7 nights
Lift pass for 6 days: 9 100 ₽

“Bansko”, Bulgaria
In Bulgaria, you can not only relax on the beach in summer, but also go skiing in winter. In the south-west of the country, in the Balkans, ski tourism is well developed. The most prestigious and oldest ski resort here is Bansko.

It was Bansko in 2016 that was named by the English portal AOL as the most budgetary resort in the world. It is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, 12 km from the small town after which the resort is named. The skiing season in Bansko is open from December to May. There are quite a lot of trails – 16, the total length is 70 km. Both beginners are expected here – 4 green tracks are open for them – and professionals (7 red, 2 black tracks). The height difference is 1810 m.

There are many instructors in Bansko who are ready to put anyone on skis or snowboards; there are also excellent ski schools here. You can safely go here with those who do not like alpine skiing at all – a spa complex is open for them. There is a kindergarten for children.

In addition to Bansko, pay attention to other resorts in Bulgaria: Borovets, Pamporovo, Vitosha.
Advice: for a trip to Bulgarian resorts, choose February or March, in the rest of the months there may be problems with snow.

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Flight to Sofia from Moscow: from 10 132 ₽ for one
Accommodation in Bansko: from 5 472 ₽ for one person for 7 nights
Lift pass for 6 days: 174 €
Car rental for 7 days: from $ 1 408 per day for a station wagon

Photo: Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic
Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic
The country is known not only for the beautiful Prague and health tours in Karlovy Vary – the mountains are also good here. The slopes in the resorts of the Czech Republic are gentle, the weather is stable, so lovers of not too extreme skiing and families with children come here. At the same time, you can combine pleasure with pleasure – take a car and drive around the country, since it is small.

One of the most famous resorts in the Czech Republic is Spindleruv Mlyn. It is located northeast of Prague at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level and is located in the territory of the Krkonoše Natural Park. The skiing season is from December to April.

There are two large ski slopes on the territory – St. Peter and Medvedin. The first is located on a mountain of the same name, and here you will find 11 tracks for all tastes – adults, children, cross-country and a separate track for snowboarders with ramps and a springboard. The total length is 13 km. If you are tired of skiing, welcome to the sledging. Or you can take cross-country skis – there are more than 70 km of ski tracks in the forest.

The Medvedin ski slope is located 1000 meters above sea level. There are fewer trails here, only 7, of which 1 is black and 5 are red. There is also a track for snowboarders. The total length of the slopes is about 11 km.
A bus runs between St. Peter and Medvedin, which is free for skiers.

Pay attention to other ski resorts in the Czech Republic – Krkonose, Rokytnice nad Iizerou, Ore Mountains, Harrachov, Liberec.

Flight to Prague from Moscow: from 11 860 ₽ for one
Accommodation in Spindleruv Mlyn: from 11 603 ₽ for one person for 7 nights
Lift pass for 6 days: 173 €
Car rental for 7 days: from 1 127 ₽ per day for a station wagon

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Photo: Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
“Kranjska Gora”, Slovenia
Slovenia has the same Alps as Italy and Austria, and that says a lot. In addition, Slovenian resorts are well equipped, here they carefully monitor the quality of the tracks and the level of service, while the prices are much lower than in neighboring countries that are more popular with skiers.

One of the most popular ski resorts in the country is Kranjska Gora. This resort is best suited for beginner skiers and families with children. Kranjska Gora is located just a few kilometers from the Italian and Austrian borders at an altitude of 810 meters above sea level. You can get here directly from Brnik Airport (it is where you arrive when Ljubljana is indicated as your destination), you need to drive only 60 km. The skiing season is from December to mid-March.

The resort includes three ski resorts: Kranjska Gora, Podkoren and Planica. In total, there are 21 tracks with a length of 31 km. Basically, skiers are waiting for blue slopes – there are 13 of them, but there are also 2 black ones. Planica is home to one of the largest ski jumps, which hosts the World Jumping Championships. Night illuminated trails are open until 22:00. If you get tired of alpine skis, you can always change them to cross-country skis – there are 40 km of good ski tracks in the vicinity.

For a bit more extreme skiing, choose Mariborsko Pohorje, Slovenia’s largest ski resort. It is here that the Alpine Skiing World Cup has been held for over 30 years. Here you will also find the longest illuminated trail in Europe – 4.5 km of pure pleasure for skiers and snowboarders.

Pay attention to other Slovenian resorts: Bovec, Rogla and Terme Zreče, Krvavec, Cerkno, Bohinj.
Flight to Ljubljana from Moscow: from 16 848 ₽ for one
Accommodation in Kranjska Gora: from 14 697 ₽ for one person for 7 nights
Accommodation in Maribor: from 5 697 ₽ for one person for 7 nights
Lift pass for 6 days: 155 € (Kranjska Gora), 158 € (Maribor Pohorje)
Car rental for 7 days: from US $ 24 per day for a station wagon

* Prices for flights, accommodation and train tickets are indicated at the time of writing. The cost indicated in the material and the total price may differ.