Anyone who has ever planned a trip knows that airfare prices change frequently. To some, they may remind the jumping exchange rate, the value of which is impossible to predict. In fact, many factors affect the price: the number of airlines flying to the desired city, the number of days before the trip, the day of departure, the exchange rate, and much more. What if you have no time to understand these intricacies, but you want to save money? We have the answer: sign up for the lowest price search!

How to subscribe to the lowest price

Search for the desired flight on as usual. If you did not immediately find an option that is profitable for you, pay attention to the upper right corner, there is a button labeled “Track price”.

Click on it and enter your e-mail address in the field, then the “Continue” button – and we will immediately begin to track the change in prices for flights in the direction you are interested in.

As soon as the minimum price changes – both down and up – we will send you a letter about it. Then you just have to wait and catch the best price. We recommend that you subscribe to the price at least a couple of months before the trip so as not to miss interesting offers and have time to buy tickets.

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, at the end of each letter there is a link of the same name.

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Is it possible to make the price even lower?

We are looking for the most profitable flight options for you and, if possible, always offer special reduced fares both in the mobile application and on the OneTwoTrip website. You can save even more by subscribing to our accounts on social networks: Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram. There we regularly announce promotions and run raffles for discounts, promotional codes, or even free air tickets or hotels.

In general, start dreaming! Where do you want to fly this year? Go to, select a city and approximate travel dates, and sign up for price tracking.