How to dress for a tourist abroad


In the modern world, the ability to move between cities, countries and continents does not cause any difficulties. In just a few hours, you can find yourself in a completely different culture with its own rules and laws. And it is important to remember that in a strange monastery with its own charter .. Well, you remember. In order not to turn out to be an outcast in a foreign country, not to catch not oneself condemning glances and, God forbid, not to go to jail, it is first of all important to look in accordance with the norms of the host country. No matter how strange these norms may seem to you. How to dress in different countries of the world? Consider the examples of Turkey, UAE and Japan.


Despite the fact that most of our citizens perceive Turkey as their “home” resort, one should not forget that this is, first of all, a Muslim country. Yes, the main part of the laws of Turkey is based precisely on secular ethics and tourists are treated with indulgence here. In tourist areas, you can freely walk in a swimsuit, open clothes and drink alcohol. But do not forget that when going to a city that is not a tourist, you should wear clothes that cover your arms and legs. Firstly, the sun in Turkey is quite hot and can harm your skin during long walks, and, secondly, a girl in very short and open clothes can be accepted here as slutty and affordable. And you hardly want that, right? At the same time, it is not at all necessary for a woman to dress in long dresses and skirts, you can give preference to trousers. The main thing is that they are not short and, moreover, transparent. If you are planning to visit the mosque, do not forget to bring a kerchief with you to cover your head. At the entrance of most mosques, capes are issued with which you can hide exposed parts of the body.

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The Emirates is a real breakthrough country, a country of the future with a fast-growing and rapidly developing economy. But, like Turkey, the UAE is a Muslim country. Therefore, going here, you should remember a number of rules that should not be broken. Of course, you do not have to completely and completely imitate the locals, but you should always remember where you plan to go and what kind of environment there will be. So, in public places, which include markets, shopping centers and, first of all, streets, you should appear in clothes that cover your shoulders, stomach, chest, legs and back. Otherwise, annoying male looks and condemning female ones are waiting for you. And pay close attention to the inscriptions on your clothes. Sexual and anti-Muslim writing should understandably be avoided.

On the territory of the resort hotel complex, you can afford open clothes. But remember that it is strictly forbidden to appear topless on the beaches of the Emirates.

Evening outings to a bar or restaurant should be done in exquisite attire. Beach jerseys and shorts will surely cause confusion on the part of those around you. But, perhaps, this rule should be observed everywhere, regardless of the host country.

And remember one simple fact: the more modest and simpler you are dressed, the easier and more comfortable it will be for you to conduct a dialogue with the locals.



It would seem that Japan is an oriental country with an ancient culture. And many people think that clothing and appearance are treated with no less awe here than nature, architecture and business negotiations. But everything is exactly the opposite. Here you will not surprise anyone with a mini skirt and bright accessories. Women can easily wear socks with sandals in combination with an extra mini and bright top. A man can easily afford to wear T-shirts and ripped jeans with boots. At the same time, you not only do not shock those around you, but rather you yourself will be shocked by the appearance of the locals. The brighter your style – the more you will be appreciated and the more you will like it.

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Of course, you are free to decide for yourself whether to observe the traditions of the country you are going to, or ignore them. But remember that respect for the culture and traditions of the state will help you to establish contact with local residents, better imbued with their inner foundations and expand your own horizons.

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