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In our country, the word “hitchhiking”, unfortunately, is associated with danger. Hitchhiking has gained a very bad reputation, and this stereotype, although gradually collapsing, is very, very slow. It’s a pity. After all, this is a great way to travel cheaply, make new acquaintances and explore the life and culture of another country. In addition, hitchhiking you do not depend on the schedule of public transport and specific routes. This fact ensures maximum mobility and freedom of movement.

If you do not depend on public opinion, are not afraid to break stereotypes and, most importantly, you want and love to travel – this article is for you.

In order for hitchhiking to be safe and comfortable, some rules must be followed. So, to stop a passing car, you should use a characteristic gesture. They are different, but the main one is, of course, a hand extended to the side with a raised thumb. Seeing a person with this sign on the side of the road, the driver understands that you want to hitchhike. But when you stop the car, do not rush to immediately get into the passenger seat. Be sure to ask if they can take you to your destination and if you are expected to pay for help.

By the way, it is also necessary to choose a place for “voting” wisely. For example, standing on a bridge, on a narrow road without a shoulder or in a place where stopping is simply prohibited, you will waste several hours of your precious time in vain, but you will not achieve your goal. Traffic rules, visibility and location convenience should be taken into account.

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Many aspiring hitchhikers make one funny mistake. Fearing the dangers and attracting the attention of “maniacs”, they try to look as untidy and unattractive as possible. But after all, on the other side of the windshield, there are the same people with the same fear of putting an unscrupulous passenger in their car. Therefore, you should look neat and tidy. But not in any way defiant! (for obvious reasons).

The number of travelers should also be taken into account. So, a single traveler has the most chances to stop a ride, almost the same – a couple. But if there are three of you, or, even more so, four, then you have to wait for the passage of a half-empty minivan. And this, as you know, is a very, very unlikely luck. If you nevertheless decide to travel in a large company, then divide into groups. Or go to Asian countries and travel in the bodies of pick-up trucks that are common here.

It so happens that the car has stopped, but you do not like the company that is in the car at all. In this case, do not panic. Ask the driver where he is going and, having heard the answer, with a distressed look, say that, unfortunately, you are not on the way with him. And immediately try to catch another car.

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Before you go on a trip, take care of the route. It is necessary to select the purpose of the trip in advance and at least roughly study the road map of the area along which you will need to follow. And don’t forget to think about places to stay, sleep, food, etc.

Finally, remember! Hitchhiking is free, but not free! You will have to pay for the trip with the most valuable thing that you have – a good mood and an exciting conversation with the driver. It is interesting communication with new people that often becomes the motivation that drives car owners when deciding to stop.

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