How to make money while traveling?

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If you come to your hated work every morning, spend 8 working hours in hellish torment and live only with thoughts of the weekend – it’s time to change something in this life. And for those who spend all their free time reading blogs about travel and dreams of other cities and countries, we have great news! In the XXI century, you can make money not only within the office walls, but also anywhere in the world! Just imagine .. Blue sky, azure ocean, white sand and you .. No, not on vacation .. But in the midst of a working day. We will tell you how to make this dream come true in this article.

Possible ways to make money while traveling can be roughly divided into 3 types:

– Work “remotely”, freelance;

– Work at the place of stay;

– Own business, business.

The most common way for wanderers to make money is, by far, freelancing. This word was first used by the famous Sir Walter Scott in the novel “Ivanhoe”. Then he used it to refer to civilian soldiers. Today, freelancers are fighting mainly for orders. The number of freelancers is constantly growing. You can join them if you are familiar with such areas of activity as programming, design, copywriting. Also, the doors of freelancing are wide open for translators, online sellers and smm specialists. If today all of the above industries are for you – “Dark Forest” – do not worry, you can learn any business. Most freelancers are people who once decided to learn a new profession and have mastered a new profession from scratch. Ready? Go for it! But above all, remember that freelancers are paid solely for “utility”. If in the office you will receive your legal salary at the end of the month, regardless of the degree of workload, then when working on a freelance basis, you will receive money only for high-quality work performed.

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If you want to forget about the computer and other means of communication altogether, and you need to earn money, you can always find a part-time job in the country where you are. It will not be difficult for you to get a job as a “barker” at numerous restaurants and shops, a seller of vegetables, fruits or souvenirs, a waiter, a loader, etc. The scope for searches is limited only by your desires, physical capabilities and knowledge of the language.


And if you have photo or video equipment and a little talent – you are a real lucky one! An unlimited number of orders from young fashionistas, club party-goers, couples in love and happy families are waiting for you. And the more successful filming you make, the faster your professional popularity will grow and, as a result, the more people who want to use your services will be.

A separate line of earnings for photographers and videographers is working with travel agencies and real estate agencies. We always need high-quality shooting of real estate objects, unique places and attractions.

And, finally, the methods for the most independent and independent. If you want to be solely responsible for yourself and your earnings, you will have to work hard. Today, travelers make a lot of money on their own travel blogs, advertising both individual products and entire cities and countries. Alternatively, you can use the good old buy and sell method. For example, in our latitudes, cosmetics from Greece, jewelry from India or handmade souvenirs from African countries are very popular. All you need is to create an online store on one of the possible sites – and organize the delivery of the product you like.

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And when you become a truly experienced traveler, you can make money on this too! Many people today prefer individual tours to the usual package deals of tour operators. So, having developed your own recreation program, you will allow people to look at the country in a new way, for which you will receive a decent financial reward. And in what direction to develop further – it’s up to you!

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