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Let’s dive into our upcoming journey a bit! Listen to our advice, and you will surely find out what you never knew before!

Consider “tall” and “Low season”… In the tourism business, there are concepts such as “high” and “low” season. This means that at certain times of the year the influx of tourists to any country increases tenfold. This period is called the “high season”. This is the “hottest” time for trade in tourism – prices for hotel accommodation and plane tickets are the highest. Traders in the city ask the maximum price for their goods in the hope of selling them at a higher price.

The holiday season strongly influences the number of tourists in the country. Sometimes it happens that a large influx of guests is associated with certain events. For example, holding world-class conferences, football matches, film festivals. Before planning a trip for certain dates, be sure to “Google” information on the Internet and find out when the country is in “high season” and if there are any grandiose festivals planned for your dates.


If you really want to travel abroad cheap, opt for a trip “Low season” or the very end “High season”, as well as a period without mass events. You can easily find inexpensive accommodation, prices in cafes and restaurants will be adequate and the cost of services and entertainment is quite acceptable.

Book guest houses or private accommodation. Accommodation usually spends a significant part of the budget allocated for a trip to the country of dreams. If you want to save money, do not go to “star” hotels. Guest houses and private small hotels are no worse than their “star” brethren. They differ in warmth and comfort. You will feel right at home here. Usually the owners of small hotels abroad are very welcoming and friendly. They themselves meet guests at the reception and organize a transfer from the station or airport.

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A good option to save money would be to rent a private accommodation in the country of your holiday. Just like us, there are agencies for the delivery of apartments and private houses for rent. It is even possible to rent only a room in the owner’s house. But you should not do the search upon arrival, but it is better to do it in advance. There are good services on the Internet for booking private accommodation abroad without intermediaries, for example, “Airbnb”

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