How to save on tickets while traveling

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To keep your shipping costs as low as possible, follow a few simple tips. Perhaps they will help you make the right decision on the road.

Accumulate bonuses and get discounts!

If you travel frequently, then you can very profitably use the privileges of regular passengers, which are provided by almost all airlines, including Russian Railways. There are two ways to accumulate bonuses when buying tickets – directly in the carrier companies and on intermediary sites.

How to get bonuses and discounts directly from airlines

All airlines have loyalty programs for their passengers, which allow them to accumulate bonuses for flights to a bonus card. These bonuses can then be purchased free award ticket in the same airline!

It doesn’t matter in what way you usually buy tickets – on the airline’s website or at the ticket office. It is enough to register in the program once and present the card when purchasing or enter its number when booking tickets on the website.

Such programs, for example, are available in “Austrian Airlines”, “Aeroflot”, “UTair”, “S7”. Russian Railways also has its own loyalty program and offers premium free tickets for bonuses for travel on trains and commuter trains on various routes.

In addition to accumulating bonuses, some airlines offer additional discounts on the next purchase or give an opportunity for a small surcharge upgrade service class… For example, Aeroflot provides promotional codes with 3-5% discounts for your next purchase, if you have already issued a ticket on their website. In addition to the bonus program, Austrian Airlines invites its passengers to participate in the auction and win a ticket upgrade to business class. Often in this way you can upgrade your purchased ticket for an amount of 8,000 to 15,000 rubles instead of the usual cost of a flight in the business lounge for 50,000-80,000 rubles.

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How to get discounts on intermediary websites for booking tickets

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If you often fly abroad, but at the same time use the services of different airlines, then it will be most profitable for you to buy tickets on intermediary sites. There you can choose suitable flights of various airlines at an affordable price, choose the best transfer options, and receive bonus bonuses.

Bonuses on the intermediary website differ from airline bonus programs in that they can be immediately spent on buying a new ticket. You don’t need to accumulate them. Received bonuses can be immediately used in the form of a discount. For example, such a system is practiced by the sites for booking air tickets “KupiBilet”, “”, “OneTwotrip”.

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