How to stay beautiful while traveling

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All travelers on trips often face the problem of how to stay beautiful and attractive on the road. After all, it happens that during long journeys, the manicure is damaged, and there is nowhere to wash your head at all. To keep your nails, hands, hair and skin looking attractive, follow these guidelines.

Do not use colored varnish

Get a good manicure and colorless nail polish before you travel. So the nails will remain strong, they will not break, and the colorless varnish, even if it is erased, will not be visible.
    If you are making a coating with gel or shellac, then warn your master about the upcoming journey – the master will take all measures in order to give maximum strength to your nails and will not use easily perishable decorations on the surface of the nail.

      Choose a shampoo without additives

      For travel, choose the most natural shampoos that do not contain any protein additives or silicones. These substances themselves weigh down the hair and also attract dust. This will keep your hair clean for longer.
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        Do not use balms and rinses

        You say, “What is this strange advice? My hair cannot be combed without it! ” And yet, if you want your hair to shine and not get dirty, give up this wonderful balm during your vacation. You will see how much lighter your hair will feel, it will feel free! Balms contain heavy substances that fill the space between the hair scales and make it heavier. Hair from this quickly becomes oily.

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          Use a hair dryer less

          Let yourself be natural. A hairdryer dries out the hair greatly, making it fluffy and unruly. After shampooing, let your hair dry naturally – it will look more beautiful.
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            Do your hair!

            Suddenly it happened that the hair is not entirely clean, and it is not possible to wash it: for example, you are traveling by bus, and there is barely enough time to wash and have a snack. Use this situation correctly – do your hairstyles: ponytails, crotches, braids! After all, the best hairstyles come from unwashed hair! The hairstyle will not fall apart and will beautify you all day long!

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