How to survive with a man in “odnushka”

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At first he just comes to visit – and your “odnushka” is illuminated by the light of his smile. You are happy together, you even move around the room, clinging to each other like koalas. You hug and chew on strawberries. Embracing, watch a movie. You fall asleep like you’re really racing somewhere on an earthly ball, and “we must embrace, so as not to fall down, and if we fall, we must fall together.” Wrapping yourself in his hand, you think: “I wish it were always like this.” Dreams tend to come true, and one day a loved one comes to you forever. With things.

Nina Frolova

Maxim Samsonov

“It’s just shirts, jeans, sweaters, T-shirts, jackets, sportswear and shoes,” he squeezes five huge plaid bags into your hallway. – I’ll go for the suits tomorrow. Then, while you say: “Wow, how many things you have. I didn’t know you had so many things. Hmm, just look at how many things you have! ”He carries a box of gadgets, a box of books, an electric grill, dumbbells, two umbrellas, a subwoofer, a collection of beer mugs and a bicycle. Your cozy nest, which previously had enough space for a decorative screen, scented candles and stands for pots, suddenly begins to look like a set for the movie “Darling, I Reduced the Apartment”.

“Can I put my razor here? And deodorants? And lotions? And gels? And a beard clipper? ”Shouts the new tenant from the bathroom, where he used to take only half a toothbrush cup. “I’ll just watch the replay of the biathlon,” he warns, connecting fifteen sports TV channels. “I’ll take a half hour nap, don’t make a noise yet,” he asks, falling asleep all weekend.

Nina Frolova

And suddenly you start to notice that he snores. That just when you need to work at the computer, he needs to talk on the phone. That in the morning he bangs a spoon on a cup – as if he was not stirring sugar, but beating the alarm, warning of a fire. That barricades himself in the bathroom for an hour and a half and cuts his nails thoughtfully. And most importantly, he destroys all your claims with counterarguments like: “Whose long hair is this in my comb?”, “Why is my razor dull? What did you shave with it? ” Or even sets up a ringtone with your snoring – and finds it funny.

Roman Spiridonov

American writer Dave Barry, in his book Marriage and / or Sex, argues that the secret to a happy marriage is in private bathrooms: “Give two people space to lay out their toiletries, and you have a lasting family. Make them, year after year, make their toilet in a shared tiny bathroom – and who will then remember that at the beginning of the journey they adored each other? Be it even Romeo and Juliet – I give you my word, they will start sprinkling each other with strychnine. “


Oh, those Americans! Also give them separate bathrooms. Don’t you want a Khrushchev, where the buttons on the TV can be switched with your toes without getting up from the couch? And one window, behind which there is an eternal struggle (“Why are you cold, frosty? Immediately unbearable stuffiness! Throw something over yourself!”)? And the kitchen, which has nowhere to put a stupid airfryer, except perhaps under the table – if there had not already been a chest with his sets of wrenches? Yes, in such a territory, even swearing is inconvenient: it is difficult after a quarrel to pretend to be strangers in a one-room apartment.

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And how – no quarrels? A rare couple is able to withstand the heavy psychological burden of constant communication and these endless “Stand up, please, I have to go through.” Such overcrowding, as scientists have found, deprives even mice of the opportunity to satisfy their “zoosocial needs”: unfortunate mice, finding themselves in a cramped cage, begin to rush at each other, bite and generally become “overly stressed and aggressive.” What can we say about people who, as you know, have long ago been spoiled by the housing issue. If we are cramped, we are also able to bite a neighbor. We, too, become “overly stressed.”

Gonchar & Lobyntseva

Therefore, it is so necessary for a person to retire from time to time, immerse himself in his inner world, reflect on “the benefits and futility of all that exists” – or just pick his nose without witnesses. But what to do when there are no “extra” meters for this? We have to persuade ourselves: “The Semyonovs don’t live like that!” and learn to distance yourself slightly from each other. That is why in harmonious families, everyone has a territory where “outsiders are not allowed”. Even if it’s just a desk, a corner of the loggia (“Don’t go there, there are my fishing tackle!”), A bedside table with handicrafts or a favorite chair.

You can also achieve some privacy with the help of simple devices: earplugs, headphones, a separate blanket, a sleep mask, cucumbers on closed eyelids. You can slightly clear the area using only the most necessary, built-in and transforming furniture. You can replace ordinary doors with sliding doors, install a shower cabin instead of a bulky bathtub, or move the sleeping place to the ceiling if the height of the walls allows. My friends even refused the kitchen as such – they, creative people, have enough microwave and coffee maker, but the extra room came in handy. In general, there are ways.


Yes, and annoying habits can also be dealt with if you regularly ask yourself the question: “What is more important to me: to be happy or to keep the right to bang a spoon on a cup at seven in the morning?” Some couples play this game: each makes a register of the partner’s most annoying habits, then the lists are exchanged, everyone giggles nervously and mentally draws conclusions. They say it helps. In order not to die of resentment, you can list the advantages of living together with a sweetheart in a hut. For example: “A small area is easier to clean.” Or: “We are always in sight of each other: if suddenly one chokes, the second will immediately perform the Heimlich technique to save him.” Or: “If somewhere we cannot miss each other, then we will just hug. Like koalas. “

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