How to update the interior without renovation

How to update the interior without renovation

How to update the interior without renovation


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  • Colonial motives for summer

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  • Repainting walls and old furniture

Anyone, even the most thoughtful interior, can get bored. And this is not a reason to make repairs, start redevelopment or buy new furniture. We will tell you how to refresh the interior with minimal investment in order to breathe new life into the familiar environment.

Smile gentlemen

A sense of humor and self-irony are one of the key trends in object and interior design. Animal-shaped poufs, comic lamps or textiles with provocative prints will enliven a neutral space, evoking a smile and encouraging a simpler approach to life.

Such details will especially delight children, although they are also appropriate in spaces for adults: each of us has a child who wants to play pranks from time to time.

Maral Combi pouf from the Hoff range

More Scandinavia

Scandinavian style is the perfect balance of comfort, coziness and simplicity (no wonder it’s so popular). There is no place for chaos and excessive expression in it; instead, minimalism and order reign in space. At the same time, minimalism does not mean rejection of all things, but concentration on the most important. Leroy Merlin stylist Alena Vayner talks about ways to renovate the interior in a Scandinavian style.

  • If your interior was originally designed in a “Scandinavian” palette – shades of white, gray, beige or olive – you can add bright, colorful details. Sun-yellow chairs, blue-blue pillows, bed linen with bright accents combined with a neutral background will give the desired “Scandinavian” effect.

Spaceo Kub metal basket, Largo jacquard blanket, Rainbow turquoise pillow, Shaggi Trend gray carpet.  Products of the company

  • You can hang an interesting hexagonal mirror or a painting with an abstract geometric pattern on the wall. Simple pots made of clay, stone and other natural materials will be beautifully combined with interiors in both light and dark colors.

Largo and Presto jacquard throws, Rainbow pillow.  Products of the company

Organization of storage

Anything that has been stored on a dresser or washing machine for a long time, creating chaos around, can be easily hidden in boxes, baskets, wall shelves or hanging sections. Modern storage accessories look so elegant that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from interior decor items. A pair of large wicker baskets or frame textile bags with bright prints, where toys, yarn or household items will hide, is one of the options for coping with the clutter and at the same time updating the old interior.

Compact storage systems from Ikea

Colonial motives for summer

Exotic travels will not return to our lives as soon as we would like, but you can create an atmosphere of a tropical holiday in the interior at no special cost. Rattan poufs, sisal rugs and wicker accessories have been in the top interior trends for several seasons, which means they are presented in all interior stores from economy to premium segment – picking up a few items in the colonial island style will not be difficult. A home bungalow is a suitable option for a summer renovation of a country house or summer cottage, because it is effective and relatively budgetary.

Tropical decor from the Ikea range


Decorative pillows and blankets, bed linen and curtains – by updating even one of this list, you can bring your interior in line with world design trends. Bed linen with oriental patterns will add an exotic touch to the space, and color-matched pillows will create the atmosphere of a cozy boudoir. To update the interior cheaply, it is not necessary to buy finished products – you can choose a fabric in the store and sew bed linen or covers with your own hands.

Blankets and throw pillows from the Ikea range


It is a pleasure to use ceramics in the interior: numerous artisan workshops create magnificent examples of ceramic decor in different styles at affordable prices. Ideas can also be found in the interior lines of world brands: Ikea, Zara Home and H&M Home always accompany their assortment with excellent interior photo sessions with ready-made compositions for different interior styles.

Decorative ceramic vases from the Zara Home range


If you are thinking about how to inexpensively update your kitchen interior, try mastering the art of serving. Let the dishes that are gathering dust in the cupboards return to use, tablecloths, table runners and tea towels appear, and there will be indoor flowers or vases with seasonal compositions on the table. The table setting will become the main character of the interior, always different, and the tradition of gathering at a beautifully set table will go down in family chronicles.

Crockery and table textiles from the new collection SOMMARLIV from Ikea

Bathroom VS Bathroom

A bathroom is often an underestimated space, the design of which is approached on a leftover basis. If you treat this area not as a “plumbing unit”, but as a Bathroom, then you can spend time in it not only with benefit, but also with pleasure.

To quickly update the bathroom interior, you do not need to rearrange the tiles and change the plumbing – just change the curtains and the rug, put in an aesthetic laundry basket, purchase soap accessories, and if there is a window, put several pots with moisture-loving plants.

Bathroom accessories from the H&M Home range

Repainting walls and old furniture

Budget interior renovation – not necessarily buying new items. Try to rethink the old ones! Chests of drawers and cabinets of the 50-70s, pre-revolutionary Viennese chairs – you should not immediately get rid of obsolete furniture. Soviet chests of drawers with legs were created, albeit not very skillfully, but under the inspiration of the best examples of Scandinavian and German design of the middle of the century. Today, it is this kind of furniture that forms the basis of all fashionable interiors in the mid-century style.

If its wooden shades evoke unpleasant associations with Soviet interiors, the furniture can be repainted. Most paint brands (including the popular Dulux and Tikkurila) research color trends every year and, based on this, present Color of the Year with an accompanying seasonal palette. You just have to choose from the proposed combinations what you like more. And the house will sparkle with new colors. Rethinking the interior palette is a great way to get a practically new interior without additional investment.

Tranquil Dawn - Dulux Color of the Year 2020

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