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23 Apr 2021

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Many believe that there is absolutely nothing to do in the Maldives. Of course, this is not so, but it should be understood that the islands are not a place of historical sights. If you cannot imagine a vacation without urban legends and constant excursions – a trip to the Maldives is not your option, but if you have long dreamed of relaxing body and soul, but at the same time are not ready to lie on the beach all day, then the islands are already waiting for you!


Water activities

Since holidays in the Maldives are almost always limited to the territory of one island, order suitable excursion can be directly at the hotel. The choice of entertainment depends on your location, but you can almost always book a service, you just need to pay extra for a transfer to another island.


The Maldives are rarely associated with surfing, but in the summer, the islands experience southwest monsoons, which strongly excite the sea, creating ideal waves for this active sport. You can go boarding as part of a one-day lesson, or you can go on a surf safari! Now in the Maldives there are several surf schools and companies that organize tours to the islands so that you can try your hand everywhere.

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If you are traveling with children, snorkeling is ideal fun for the whole family, as even children of three years old can snorkel! Before diving, the instructor will tell you how to breathe and move your legs with fins. Usually, while snorkeling in the Maldives, you can look at the “soft” reefs and small fish, but there are only adults excursionswhen you are taken away to the open sea. During this dive, you can see turtles, dolphins and moray eels.

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Unlike snorkeling, diving is fun for more experienced divers. First, it requires some preparation. Secondly, diving is significantly more expensive due to the equipment required. And thirdly, it is a difficult sport in the literal sense of the word. In addition, if you dream of diving deep enough, you need to have a special certificate with you, which confirms that you have completed the training.

Maldives Tours

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But of course, if you are a big fan of scuba diving, diving in the Maldives will drive you crazy. Coral caves and their inhabitants are well worth the money spent and the excitement before diving.

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If you are going on sea fishing in the Maldives, you should check in advance all the details with the company that organizes excursion… Many companies offer boat trips, during which you may or may not catch fish, because the main purpose of such leisure is not fishing, but sailing on a yacht. If you have long dreamed of catching tuna, caraxus or even barracuda, be sure to find out the fishing method.

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Seaplane flight

It is difficult to surprise those arriving in the Maldives with a seaplane flight, because most of the tourists get to their hotel on it. Yet the beauty of the reef atolls can only be viewed from above! In addition, the price of such an excursion usually also includes lunch on a desert island.


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For those who like quiet rest

Open air cinema

Since you will definitely not find travel agencies on the islands, the hotels themselves offer a lot of entertainment. Recently, more and more often you can find open-air cinemas in hotels. They usually show world classics, but the screen can be booked for private viewing and you can enjoy a movie of your choice. The hotels also often offer various master classes, for example, culinary.

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SPA centers

As we said above, the Maldives is an ideal option for those who are very tired and want to recuperate. Almost every tourist in the Maldives knows that the massage and spa services on the islands always correspond to the highest level. Sometimes in hotels you can find whole programs to recuperate.

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For several years now, you can find yoga and fitness tours in the Maldives. The program includes classes at dawn, water aerobics in the ocean and contemplation of nature on the white and lonely beaches of the reef islands. In the hotels themselves, you can often book an individual lesson with a guru, as well as enroll in a group.

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Going to the Maldives, you should understand that here you will not be able to wander the streets of the capital, listen to the tales of local residents in bars or look at ancient palaces. The Maldives is a place where you leave alone with your self, and how can it be boring with yourself?

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