Keeping the Kitchen Tidy: Good Habits to Maintain It

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Cleaning the kitchen is a thankless job. I did not have time to wash the dishes, they start to get dirty again. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, crumbs, cleaning, dirty cups … and so on in a circle. The only salvation is habits brought to automatism. They will help you easily, quickly and without unnecessary stress to keep the kitchen tidy.

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# 1: start cooking with … cleaning
Yes, yes, before you start cooking – empty the work surface, dishwasher and sink. Do this always.

Make it a rule to clean your work surface before you start cooking. Blockages are easier not to create than to heroically rake them

Fact: The easier a thing is to remove, the higher the chance that it will actually be removed. For this, it is important to correctly think over the storage systems in the kitchen.

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# 2. Clean up as soon as you get dirty
An immutable principle followed by professional chefs and good housewives: do not save up tools and dirty utensils, but wash and put in place everything that is possible immediately, during the cooking process.

Beat the eggs – immediately washed and removed the whisk, cut the vegetables – rinsed the board and knife, and you can use them again. We finished sautéing the vegetables – right there in my frying pan, poured in the cereals – we hide the rest.

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Fact: Pauses are inevitable during cooking. We wait, for example, until a frying pan heats up or, say, onions are browned. Use any free second to wash, wipe, put the thing in place. Of course, in order to maintain a constant order in the kitchen, you have to keep the pace. But this will greatly facilitate the final cleaning.

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# 3. Keep a waste container handy
It is common practice to place your food waste bin under the sink. This is useful if you are cooking on the sink wing (but most of the time you are not).

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Use the photo idea – place the trash can in the drawer under the cooking section. In such a pedro, it is easy to brush off cleaners and crumbs, without spilling anything on the floor and without being distracted by the trip to the trash can. And it will be much easier to put things in order in the kitchen later.

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Advice: If the main trash can is already under the sink (and there is no way to replace the kitchen drawers), organize a mobile mini-trash can. To peel vegetables, eggs in it, throw away packaging, etc. The goal is to reduce the number of “runs” to the main trash can.

You can purchase an option like the one in the photo. Or, you can adapt an ice cream tray, a cut tetrapak, etc. for desktop garbage collection.

Life hacks in the kitchen – storage and not only

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#4. Defend yourself
If you often fry, say, steaks: do not even doubt that both the ceiling and the cabinets around will very soon be covered with a greasy layer, which is very difficult to clean. To maintain order in the kitchen, cover your pans with protective mesh screen covers (there are options on a long handle, a lid according to the diameter of the pan, or like the one in the photo of the mesh on a clip – it is convenient to raise and lower over the pan.

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►In case the stove is gas and it is not easy to wash it, cover the area around the frying pan with foil during frying – it will take some of the greasy splashes. The folding foil screen (pictured) plays the same role.
► Bake anything you can in foil, in a sleeve or on baking paper to keep baking trays, tins and pans less dirty.
►When preparing something solid, cover the work surface with paper. This is often done in pizzerias and where they work with dough. When you’re done, gently fold the paper and discard it. The countertop will remain clean – well, almost.

#5. Eat up
Another problem area is the refrigerator. No matter how hard you try to keep track of its contents, every now and then something is lying around and going out. To prevent this from happening less often, do not put small leftovers in the refrigerator. Sour cream on the bottom, the last piece of sausage, the last spoonful of soup … do not leave it, finish it, otherwise it will be lost.

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# 6. Date
If you freeze food, be sure to mark them with the date. Now you remember that you put the fish in the freezer on Wednesday. And in a week you will forget – such information very quickly flies out of your head. The same goes for canned food.

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# 7. Vacuum … the table
Crumbs may seem to someone a topic unworthy of attention. Meanwhile, in the kitchen I will not save from them. If you remove it from the table, some of it will surely fall to the floor.

The best solution today is a cordless mini-vacuum cleaner, which is convenient to keep close at hand and can be turned on at any time: no need to assemble attachments or get tangled on the wire.

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#eight. Do the dishes before bed.
Make it a rule not to go to bed until you have washed and put all the dishes in their places until the last cup, and generally bring the kitchen to the state in which you will be pleased to find it in the morning. And don’t forget to wash your sink after you! If this difficult habit will firmly enter your life, you can safely consider yourself a good housewife. And the question of how to organize order in the kitchen will no longer bother you.

► This is archival material. First published 2015. Updated in 2021

What good habits do you have to keep your kitchen tidy? Tell us in the comments section!

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