On July 13, the Profi.Travel portal will host the Kuzbass Day. Two webinars from experts in the field are waiting for you: about summer and winter holidays in the region. What to see in Siberia in summer and winter? Through whom to book a destination? And why should your tourist definitely go here? There are many reasons!

Colleagues who work with the Russian tourist product (that is, everyone) are familiar with the winter Kuzbass – skiing in Sheregesh. But Kuzbass summer, one might say, is an absolute novelty. We offer you to understand the product and dive into a new destination for many of us!

In fact, this direction is no less picturesque and impressive than the neighboring Altai, while it has not yet been explored by a mass tourist. Here you can look into the very heart of the wilderness: breathe in the purest mountain air, see the taiga from a helicopter and swim in the pool overlooking the enchanting peaks. And of course, in Kuzbass real industrial power is felt: to see a real coal enterprise and taste ice cream made from coal – you can get such an experience only here!

At the Kuzbass Day webinars, you will learn: how to get to the region, through whom to book tours here, which hotels will delight with the service, and also how to sell the national branded route “Kuzbass in the Heart”.

July 13, 11:00 (Moscow time)
July 13, 13:00 (Moscow time)
What to see in the Siberian region in summer? New branded route, excursion from TO and MICE
How to book a ski trip profitably? Hotel base, tours with cashback and booking tools
  • What you need to know about Kuzbass to sell tours
  • National branded route “Kuzbass in the Heart”: flight program, program and route features
  • Eco- and ethno-tours to Bolshaya Shoria
  • Active rest in the mountains
  • Interregional excursion tours from local TO
  • Business tourism opportunities in the region
  • Ski complexes of Kuzbass
  • Presentation of tour packages in Sheregesh Group of Companies and programs with cashback from the Shoria travel company
  • Presentation of the Gesh.ru reservation system from the GESH.RU Resort Reservation Center
  • Features of the hotel base Sheregesh from the tour operator “STK-Tour”

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