Being late for a plane is perhaps the most annoying thing that can happen to a traveler. And to prevent this from happening, it is worth planning your trip to the airport in advance and approaching it with all responsibility. We will tell you how to get to the Moscow air harbors and what you need to consider in order to avoid force majeure. Choose a convenient way and arrive on time.

By taxi

Will pick you up from anywhere in the city. You can use mobile applications such as Uber, Gett, Yandex.Taxi. These are modern services that promptly respond to a request, and also offer the option to call on time. Situations with no free cars are rare.


The most expensive way. It is necessary to allow for more time on the road, there may be traffic jams (due to weather conditions, in the morning and evening rush hours) and technical problems may cause delays.

Price: 1000 rubles on average. You can get a discount using a personal promo code or a friend’s promo code.

By Aeroexpress

Photo: Aeroexpress
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By train “Aeroexpress” you will arrive directly at the airport. Railway terminals from which trains depart are located at the main stations of Moscow. Aeroexpress trains to Domodedovo depart from Paveletsky (trains leave every 30 minutes), to Sheremetyevo – from Belorussky (departure every 30 minutes), to Vnukovo – from Kievsky (the interval between departures is 30-60 minutes). There are also intermediate stops: MCC stations Verkhniye Kotly in the Domodedovo direction and Okruzhnaya in Sheremetyevsky.


The chances of being late to the airport are reduced to zero. First, the trains are not afraid of traffic jams. Secondly, even if you do not have time to buy a ticket at the box office, on the website, in a mobile application or in a ticket printing machine, you can pay for the fare already at the airport, including directly at the turnstile. And the on-board service and well-equipped coaches will make the trip to the airport as comfortable as possible.

Price: one trip in a standard class carriage costs from 240 rubles. Favorable fares (for example, “Pair” or “Group”) help passengers choose the best cost option for themselves.

On car sharing

Photo: Carsharing

Per-minute car rental is a great option for those who want freedom and independence from schedules. The service is available around the clock. If you plan to travel to the airport at a time of day when there are no traffic jams, this method will be cheaper and more comfortable than a taxi.


To use car sharing, you need to register in advance in the mobile application of the operator providing the service (for example, Delimobil, BelkaCar, Yandex.Drive). After uploading the necessary documents, authorization can take from several hours to two days. You also need to allow for additional time for the beginning (inspection of the car) and the end of the lease. Please check with the selected operator for parking conditions at the airport.

Price: rent of economy class cars is paid at the rate of 5-8 rubles per minute, business class – 10-15 rubles per minute of rental. Sometimes the service provides promotional codes and points to reduce the cost of the trip.

By bus

Photo: Bus

The indisputable advantages of public transport: low price and many points of departure. Thanks to mobile applications such as Yandex.Transport and Smart Transport, you can find out how to get to the airport from your location, as well as the forecast of the bus arrival at the stop you need.


The route and the time it will take to overcome it must be foreseen in advance. Including you need to find out where the stop is and how to get to it. If she is not near you, then the journey to the airport can take a lot.

For example, you can get to Domodedovo airport from the Domodedovskaya metro station by bus # 308, to Sheremetyevo – from the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station at # 851, to Vnukovo – from the metro station
“South-West” at number 611. Choosing this method, you need to take into account not only traffic jams, but also the fact that the bus travels rather slowly, often stops, which means that the travel time increases. Price: 50-150 rubles for one passenger’s journey. Additional baggage items are usually paid separately.

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